You Should be Talking About Good Food In Gelderland

If you can make me really happy with something, it is a nice plate of food. I love trying new flavors, but with a home-made pizza, a great sandwich or a decent salad, I can just as well be happy. Throughout my visit to Gelderland province, I discovered that this area has a great deal to offer in culinary terms. Look at all the delicious food Gelderland has to sell!

The Master test in Nijmegen

The former Honig complex is located directly along the Waal in Nijmegen. Honig’s popular soups used to be made here and it’s now a cultural hotspot full of fun activities and shops. De Meesterproef, a beautiful room with high windows and an open kitchen, is one of these things. The interior is modern but also warm, which fits perfectly with the whole Honig complex environment. They use as many products as possible from local suppliers at De Meesterproef and everything is freshly prepared. Even the beer comes from a beer brewery located in the Honig complex, too. How funny!

I can have a real surprise lunch here. Three large planks with sandwiches and candy are placed on the table after a delicious bowl of roasted tomato soup with goat cheese. I try a rib-eye sandwich, a salmon mousse sandwich, a fresh piece of sausage and a broccoli snack. The home-made sausage roll and the salmon mousse especially impress. You can know the healthy ingredients are used to make this. The Meesterproef is truly a special situation I’m definitely going back to.

Dining 56 in Arnhem

Do you also enjoy a nice long dinner with interesting ingredients, and eat beautiful dishes? You certainly shouldn’t miss Dining 56 at Arnhem instead! The menu is based on French and Italian cuisine, but they have no fear of being influenced by Asian cuisine, for example. It enables you to try shockingly delicious blends of flavors, which are beautifully designed on your plate.

At Dining 56 I get a surprise menu too. The evening ends with two appetizers, of which the raw tuna appetizer is best enjoyed. Then I enjoy a mackerel starter with beetroot and a spicy mayonnaise to the full. I choose a vegetarian main course and that turns out to be a hit: my autumn risotto is full of fresh and delicious vegetables. The dessert is made of small apple pastries with a bowl

The Taste of Van Gogh at the Waldhoorn in Otterlo

The world-famous Kröller-Müller Museum is located in Gelderland, where the second-largest collection of Van Gogh in the world is available. With this, the municipality of Ede decided to do something more, and that’s how De Smaak van Gogh came in. Under this name nature, community, and food are brought together and several food activities are held throughout the year. Different flavor profiles were drawn up based on the work done by Van Gogh, each profile being influenced by a particular season. A total of 18 ingredients that match with Van Gogh’s life and the seasons have been picked. Such profiles inspire various restaurants and thus establish their own’ Van Gogh menu.’

I joined De Waldhoorn, a historically looked-up restaurant in Otterlo, for De Smaak van Van Gogh. The environment is pleasantly comfortable and the service is very good. I get a well-packed mushroom soup with truffle, ravioli and rustic bread as a starter. Afterward, I enjoy a stew of Veluws with various vegetables and potatoes. The servings are huge and the flavor is just as it should. Pleasant! The dessert is a large piece of tiramisu after which I can’t say porridge anymore.

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Top 5 Global Clothing Brands Export Bangladesh Clothes

The brands of Global Clothing made in Bangladesh are excellent. First-class apparel manufacturing company in the world is collecting its success from Bangladesh. Although they have many bands, they are not all popular and well-established. The numerous clothing styles made in Bangladesh were popular all over the world. Thus different manufacturing comes into being in Bangladesh forms a different area of the world.

World-renowned brands worldwide source appliances from this country. The buyer is satisfied with the quality of the products made in Bangladesh. Clothing and fashion industries are rapidly growing. It plays the most outstanding part in contributing to economic growth in Bangladesh. The exporter earns foreign exchange through the export of clothing appliances and ready-made cloth.

Marks & Spencer

This British multinational company is taking major Bangladesh Global Clothing. We basically work with Bangladesh leed-certified business. M&S is a world-renowned supermarket. It has a strong legacy. Their company is house, shoes, food and more. We ensure the full quality of every single product. This company has an extensive product offering. M & S sells its goods to the world’s 1000 societies. This helps 10 million people live safer, happier lives. Mand s is a till 2025 zero-waste company. This world-famous brand is pleased with the Bangladesh apparatus. We import their planned goods from that country every single year.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of the luxury fashion houses in the USA. It was founded in 1968. They are renowned for watches, perfumery, jewelry, watches, clothing, and other products. Calvin Klein also sells exclusive boots, bras, handbag, home furnishings, and other designs. Calvin Klein takes various types of Bangladesh clothing. The denim wear, your preference is a t-shirt.


Lee is one of the most popular American companies. Denim jeans are the company’s familiar product. It was established in1889 in Kansas and Salina. In theory, the lee is operated by VF Corporation. This is one of the retailers from around the world. They have more than 400 staff in the USA. The company has been well established in Australia since 2007. The company was founded in 1889 by the founder of this business Henry David Lee. It was first established in 1889. They went on to expand in 1920.

We were the leading distributors in the U.S.A. from 1930 to 1940. Lee expanded the 1954 casual wear. They have expanded their business in more than 81 countries in 1960 years. It is a world-renowned brand. It brings in loads of Bangladesh accessories. Bangladesh being a remarkable denim industry, Lee chooses to take that country’s denim type.


It is one of America’s notable labels. It was founded in 1994. The company basically works out the young generation’s commodity. Skateboarding and rock culture are well known for this brand. The company sells a lot of Bangladeshi accessories. They have their planned goods coming from Bangladesh at the lowest price.

American Eagle

American eagle became known as American outfitters for eagle. Nevertheless, it is now known as just an American eagle. This brand is an American clothing retailer and accessories. It is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The collection is familiar to women, men, and children. We are also renowned for women’s Global Clothing for outstanding and aesthetic style.


Armani Exchange

The most famous brand of clothes in New York is the Armani store. It collects accessories for different types of garments from different areas of the country. Specifically, it takes Bangladesh items. They’re superior in collections for men, women, and children. Armani exchange discovers this country’s chic women wear.

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How to Fight Lex Luthor Using Only Best 5 Fashion or Bangladesh

Le Reve is a Fashion or Bangladesh for every event. Synonymous with elegance and effortless style, Le Reve provides fashion appeal for men, women, and children. Le Reve offers a full wardrobe of beautifully made Ethnic Wear, Casuals, Edgy Denims & Accessories influenced in an exciting mix of silhouettes, colors & designs from the most contemporary fashion trends around the globe. Synonymous with elegance and effortless style, Le Reve offers men, women, and kids value fashion.

Kay Kraft

Kay Kraft is a market leader in Bangladesh’s fashion industry. It is a Bangladeshi fashion wear retailer and wholesaler for women, men, and children. Kay Kraft is a Bangladesh based retailer and wholesaler of fashion wear, fashion accessories, home textiles, handcrafted and handloom products. The initiative focused primarily on Dhaka City’s young demographics and became popular among middle-class young professionals and students within a short span of time.


Anjan’s is a well-known fashion house in Bangladesh. So, not only in the making fashion line, but Anjan’s commitment has also arranged the job arena among the poor women in the village. Such prime triggers both the generals and trendy consumers clicking on Anjan’s. In addition to male, female and baby garments, Anjan also makes home textiles and handicrafts that marketing only takes place in the showrooms of Anjan. Anjan’s wing reached over the mass peoples in the line on Bangladesh fashion design.


Rang is another leading Bangladesh fashion house. Patronizing the local hand-loom and handicrafts industry is an exclusive fashion brand. The rang word means illuminates something by color. Their key slogan is to use vibrant painting on clothing to make our cultural heritage noticeable. Rang has a keen interest in doing an experiment using fabrics and colors when designing popular fashion items.

Easy Fashion

Such prime reasons the generals and trendy consumers clicking on EASY’s. Besides young & trendy pieces, EASY makes fashionable products based on college & university students that marketing only runs on the showrooms of EASY. Most famous men in Bangladesh fashion clothes at Easy fashion ltd. Popular Bangladesh fashion-house.


Sadakalo means White and Black. Sadako brand created with the combination of two monochrome colors “Black and White” to offer something different. Sadako has shown the stylish fashion wearer can only be made in two colors. One is white and one is black. Their key slogan is by mixing black and white paint, to create interesting fashion products for consumers. Sadakalo Is A Unique Brand of Clothing


Fashion wear for men, women and Fashion or Bangladesh. Comfortable, affordable, and fashionable designs make us Bangladesh’s No.1 brand. Just like our page to keep up to date on the latest products and deals. Our aim is to spread fashion at an affordable rate to all sectors of Banlgadesh. With the power of Fast Retailing, we set our target to become the number one fashion brand for clothing in Bangladesh, in comparatively efficient production and impressive designs. We have different products with different designs to suit different trends. Our main motto is to provide the best product at the right price to the customers who need the best. Therefore we periodically add new items to our existing line to keep updated


TRENDZ started its journey, bearing in mind the fashion industry’s changing trends. It is the shop that puts the needs of consumers first and keeps pace with the bustling world of fashion. It started its journey on 14th October 2004 with the first outlet in Bashundhara Town. Babylon Group is its mother business. TRENDZ now has 8 branches in Bangladesh. Does he want to stand out? Okay you know where to go now! Trendz range is an absolute stunner with the most happening trends in today’s fashion world, edged by our own traditional style!



Sailor is a Bangladesh-based lifestyle brand and a sister Epyllion Group concern. Fashion or Bangladesh should make men & women’s fashion enthusiastic more vibrant. Men & women of fashion like sailor’s wear.


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Best 5 Fashion or Bangladesh Clothing Brands House

Bangladesh has numerous fashion houses. Here I will present for you the different products of various renowned Bangladesh fashion houses that may be helpful to you. Men in Bangladesh are becoming day by day concern for fashion. Fashion houses do excellent work for the people of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, several designers are opening their fashion houses in person. Most of the fashion houses are based in the city of Dhaka. All the Bangladesh fashion houses, the designers are constantly trying to give the customer a new design. Bangladesh has more than hundreds of small and large boutique homes or fashion houses. List of Most Famous Bangladesh Fashions House or Boutique House.

# Aarong

Aarong is Bangladesh’s top lifestyle retailer operating under BRAC, a non-profit nongovernmental organization. The word Aarong means ‘ village fair’ and has been developed to preserve native culture, traditions, crafts, and styles to inspire rural craftsmen. They usually formed a cooperative community, trained poor villagers, especially women, and gathered their crafts for merchandising. Despite the unique style and design, the price is slightly higher.

# Richman

Men’s wear is common. Lubnan Trade Consortium Ltd is Richman’s mother business. Under Richman’s name, you’ll find various lifestyle items. Our only success story, where we stand, is “Committed to Performance.” Starting with Richman at the shopping mall in Bashundhara City, fashions-forwarded formal & casual menswear also makes us different on the market. Lubnan Trade Consortium Ltd. currently produces all forms of ethnic wear, casual wear, formal wear, ladies wear & kids wear under the brand name LUBNAN, RICHMAN & INFINITY.

# Yellow

Yellow is a fashion brand and clothing retailer based in Bangladesh and owned by Beximco. Yellow is the recent trend among young people, so it’s Bangladesh’s trendiest fashion brand, also differentiated by its true international quality designs and fabrics. Beximco’s sister’s concern.

# Freeland

Freeland came to the fashion scenario in Bangladesh in 2003 giving the young generation a totally new sense of design and style. Freeland’s dream is to set the youth fashions benchmark that communicates individuality, happiness, and passion — with innovative design concepts, color use, and item consistency. As a brand, Freeland has already developed itself as a symbol of youthful enthusiasm that has resonated with the very spirit of the young generation of Bangladesh which is bringing positive changes everywhere. Freeland’s core brand messages are Liberty, Change and Adventure. The Official Freeland Fan Page. Fashion chain retail stores across the world ‘ Bangladesh


#  Dorjibari

Dorjibari is a popular Bangladesh fashion house. It has become one of the leading high fashion apparel & accessories manufacturers & exporters for men, women & kids. All our plants make use of state-of-the-art technology that holds parameters of the highest quality while being environmentally friendly. First to ensure quality & service. We produced fusion between east and west cultures and set a new trend among adolescents. For consumers, we have such a varied range and variations across age groups, times, and types.

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Sajek in Rangamati district of the cloud country is a tourist crowd

Sajek in Rangamati district of the cloud country is a tourist crowd. The jealous look of Sajek will entice anyone. Blue sky and black cloud somewhere. Jhum rains and intense sunshine.

The end of the rain scene is even more fascinating. It seems like the crossing of the clouds over the mountains will make the dense fog around winter. The number of tourists visiting here will be accompanied by clouds.

The tourist destination on a long vacation is now the Sajek Valley, known as the cloud country of Rangamati district, a place of natural beauty. Already a very attractive, fascinating and fascinating place for both domestic and foreign tourists.

The immense potential of the tourism industry-

It is learned that, considering the immense potential of the tourism industry, more than a hundred resorts have already been developed and improved the livelihood and socio-economic system of the people. Every year in November-December, thousands of tourists come to visit the Sazek Valley every day for the holidays after the students’ exams.

Tourist arrivals are much higher than normal, especially on winter holidays. Thousands of tourists have become safer in the current season than in previous years.

Every day, the Sazek Valley tourist spot is marked by the rank of domestic tourist. Due to advance booking, there are no more than one hundred resort rooms located here. Due to the crowded crowd of tourists this gathering has become quite common in Ruilwipara, Sajek tourism area. At the same time, the amount of shopping is increasing in different stores.

Fraternal conflicts between various regional political parties in the Highlands –

Nasir Uddin, a resort businessman in the Szek tourism area, said that in recent years, there have been fierce clashes between different regional political parties in the hill region. The tourists have been joined by the security forces in spite of the possibility of less tourists this year.

Despite the natural disadvantages due to the increased security, the area has become more prosperous overall with the advent of nature lovers and travelers, double the number of tourists.


Apart from this, the Baghaihat market has been opened in the recent times by the initiative of the Baghaihat Zone and locals. This has made the region’s population more commercially and economically dynamic.

Security forces check on security of tourists

Travelers from Mirpur, Dhaka, Ahmed Kabir and Mizan of Gazipur, said that after leaving the Khagrachari after the long route, I went to Sajek. However, if the security checkpoints in those areas are reduced to a certain extent, the tourists could travel more freely to Sazek.

However, the feel of the roller coaster on the high-low hills was quite enjoyable.

On the other hand, Bangladesh Army is constantly working for peace and development activities in the tourist safety area. In addition, construction of a 23 km road from Szek to Bettling is underway by the army in the remote areas of Szek.

The mountainous high-low roads will be one of the most beautiful places for nature-lovers and tourists.

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Traveloka notes, tourist trends to popular culinary

Continuing its initiatives from year to year, Traveloka also closes this year 2019 by releasing the latest travel trends and lifestyles that are user favorites.

Traveloka realizes that people are now increasingly in need of services that can support their travel and lifestyle needs. This is what underlies Traveloka to introduce its newest products and initiatives in 2019, such as Traveloka Xperience for lifestyle needs, Traveloka Protect for insurance needs, multi-city flight services, Villa and Apartment bookings, to rental cars without a driver, with the aim to makes it easy for users to meet their needs.

We also conduct in-depth analysis related to the behavior of our users and target audience before launching a product, to ensure that the products available on our platform are appropriate, “said Dionisius Nathaniel, CMO Traveloka.

Welcoming the end of the year, Traveloka shared some interesting insights related to tourist behavior in planning trips and information about destinations, attractions and culinary favorites during 2019 compiled from internal data. The following notes Traveloka throughout 2019.

Tourist behavior in planning a trip

Trip planning generally starts with the initial planning stage (since the idea arose), preparation (searching for information via the internet or asking recommendations to those closest to, to making a booking). Determine the mode of transportation to be the first stage when arranging travel plans, followed by arranging the agenda, determining lodging, to buying tickets for attractions at the destination.

5 categories of culinary choices for Traveloka Eats users throughout 2019: fast food, Asian food, All You Can Eat, western food complete with dessert, and pizza which are the mainstay menu when holding an event.

The existence of promotional programs or special offers, making users more impulsive in planning a trip. To purchase airplane tickets with international destinations, the average user will order tickets from 2 weeks even up to 3 months before the day of departure. As for domestic destinations, the majority of users book airplane tickets at least 3 days before departure.

Traveloka also detailed a list of destinations, attractions and culinary that most visited by tourists. Here are the details:

The 10 most popular domestic destinations this year are based on aircraft ticket products: Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Denpasar, Yogyakarta, Medan, Balikpapan, Palembang, Semarang, and Batam.

The 10 most popular international destinations this year (based on aircraft ticket product orders): Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, South Korea and the Philippines.

The 10 most popular domestic destinations this year (based on train ticket product reservations): Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Cirebon, Malang, Purwokerto, Solo and Bekasi.

The 10 most popular domestic destinations this year (based on bus ticket reservations): Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Tangerang, Bekasi, Denpasar, Solo and Malang.


In order to strengthen Traveloka’s position in the lifestyle sector, this year Traveloka has introduced Traveloka Xperience in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Equipped with 12 product categories, Traveloka Xperience has more than 15,000 of the best inventory in 60 countries. In addition to Traveloka Xperience, Traveloka also presented Traveloka Eats, which currently partners with more than 6,500 merchants in 38 cities in Indonesia to emphasize its position in the lifestyle sector.

7 most visited international attractions during 2019: Universal Studio Singapore, Gardens by the Bay Singapore, Aquaria KLCC Malaysia, LEGOLAND Malaysia, Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and S.E.A Aquarium Singapore.

Most visited domestic attractions

The most visited domestic attractions during 2019: Jatim Park, Ancol, Snowbay Waterpark, Jakarta Aquarium, Jungleland, Waterbom Bali, and Floating Market Lembang.

Recognizing the development and high demand for financial services, Traveloka also expanded its product lines to the financial services sector, including insurance. Through Traveloka Protect, Traveloka presents a wide selection of insurance product categories, including Travel Insurance, Car Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Property Insurance, and Life Insurance. In addition, Traveloka also completes the user’s transaction experience by introducing Traveloka PayLater Card in collaboration with Bank BRI and Visa, which allows users to manage card management through the Traveloka application for all transactions, both online and offline.

The year 2019 also marked a number of business achievements, including expansion of the Traveloka business in the Australian market for Flight Ticket, Hotel, Xperience, Car Rental and Airport Shuttle products. Since August 2019, Traveloka has also been accessible to users in Europe (Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, and Spain), for airplane ticket, hotel and airport shuttle products.

Users will always be our main focus in developing Traveloka products, features and services, in line with our mission to always provide the best and overall experience that includes travel, lifestyle and financial services, “said Dionisius Nathaniel.



Brain-Computer Interface | How is computer control possible by human brain?

If you were to imagine the future of technology, what kind of images would come to your head? – Changing the TV channel without doing anything (not even remotely)? Play computer games with the help of the mind? Or display the gameplay directly in the head without playing the game on the monitor? Moving into the world of computer games? People’s minds fall? Your imagination seen on a computer screen? – While all these thoughts are insane, it is possible to make them busy with Brain – Computer Interfaces or BCI technology.

Modern computers are getting more and more sophisticated as they try to understand the human brain. And as a result. we can turn our imagination science fiction into a busy one. In this article, I will know how BCI works and discuss the feasibility of this technology. so let’s get started…

Brain’s electric signal

Why do we compare the human brain and computer and why we want to connect two or more? See computer is an electronic device made of plastic, transistors, IC, etc… but the human brain is a living thing. That is, made up of billions of tiny tiny cells called neurons. each nerve cell is connected by dendrites and axons.

Computers and the brain are completely different things. But Brain’s working style is very much like a computer’s. When we talk, act, think, or do anything – neurons work to complete the data. And while doing this, the neuron generates an electric signal that is shared from neuron to neuron. And, you know, electronics also works on electric signals. It is possible to connect the brain to the computer or the computer to the brain, based on this electric signal. Artificial neural networks and mind uploading technology work on this concept.

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However, the electrical signals created by the brain can be read by scientists. that is, the various types of signals that are produced in our brain during different tasks, the scientists can capture that signal and understand what is produced for a task. For example. if you see red or green colors in front of your eyes. now the optic nerve will send a kind of electric signal to your brain.

And the data is zipped between those signals, exactly what color your eyes saw. Now if you can read that signal and send the same signal directly from the camera and send it directly to the brain, your brain will see the same color. thus making it possible for the camera to make the signal back to the blind. Because no matter how blind the eyes of the blind, their ability to recognize the signals in the brain is lost.

Brain-computer interface

Brain-computer interface is a direct connection between the computer and the human brain. This is one of the most recent developments in the Human-Computer Interface or HCI. Mouse, keyboard or other input device is used to provide some input to the computer. but it is possible to input the computer directly from the brain at BCI. You don’t have to write anything, just bring it to the head, and everything on the screen will be typed. even with the mouse, you can move the mouse cursor. BCI has thousands of possibilities and applications. Everything possible between humans and computers can be done by upgrading this technology.

Think about Next Generation Gaming, where you don’t have to game from any keyboard or console. The head may have a wireless chip attached to it. and it will be connected directly to the computer. controlling the game from the direct brain. Think again about patients with disabilities who don’t hear. or don’t see. They can create and send electronic signals directly from the camera and mic to the brain for viewing and listening to them – tell us what could be greater discovery on the human-computer interface?

Moreover, more details about the brain’s activities and neural network will be revealed through BCI, which will enable further improvements and accuracy in artificial neural networks and mind-uploading technologies. Conona can make the computer more like we know the human brain.

Think about it, a social media post where you can post your photos, your memories, memories, and photos after uploading photos and others will feel the same way. In this way, as we begin to understand the brain more and more. the application can be improved. The BCI application system works on a complete brain operation. The input and output of BCI are discussed below.

BCI Input / Output

The basic idea of ​​making this technology work properly has left many researchers in trouble because our brain is not such a simple thing, it contains cortical neurons and generates cortical signals all the time.

The human brain works in the most complex manner. To read the signal from the brain, it is necessary to put something on the head that captures the signals and sends them to the computer. For this purpose, electrodes are used. the device name is Electroencephalograph. And it needs to be applied to the skin of the head. The electrodes can read the electrical signals in the brain, but the problem is that many weak signals come from the brain and most of the signals block the skull.

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Therefore, to get better signal quality. the researchers burst the skull and plant the electrode directly on the gill. [Click here to view the real picture of the electrode planted on the brain (1) (Figure 1 | Image 2). Poor: Pictures of weak-hearted people will be recommanded] By installing electrodes directly on the brain’s surface. the signal quality is much better than ever.

By the way, it is not a matter of having four electrodes placed on the very top floor of the gill with a burst of skull. which requires huge surgery. Once successful surgery is possible. the electrodes begin to capture the electrical signals from the brain since the signals are very weak so the signals are filtered and amplified to work properly. The pattern of these electronic signals is saved through a computer program. just like the audio waveform to see these signal patterns.

The signals are first read in a brain for some purpose, and then the actual reverse signals are generated from the BCI program on the computer and then planted in the neuron of the brain. Suppose your eyes are looking at some object. it must have some kind of signal approaching the brain. understanding the pattern of that signal. after taking a picture from the camera can be made to the same signal and planted in a neuron. but of course, the brain can see it. the visual image will be created in the brain.


Brain-computer interface As I said earlier. the possibility of BCI is not over. A lot of your imagination can be shaped into reality. However, after reading a lot of articles in this regard. I found that this technology is mainly being developed to help the handicapped, although there is much more that can be done. Yet there can be no greater purpose than this. With the camera, it is possible to give back sight energy to the blind. Moreover, this technology will be a blessing for those who have lost their hands or feet due to various accidents. They can be fitted with robotic hands and feet. which will work by receiving signals from the brain. but those whose robotic organs are implanted will need practice to function properly.

Besides, it would also be possible to move a computer cursor by thinking of moving an object in the brain, everything will become mind control. Moreover. it is possible to read the brain in more detail, maybe using the Mind to type something. and there will be the benefit of changing the TV channel without doing anything. It is important to note that once all the processes are done properly, there is no limit to the possibility of a brain-computer interface.

How far are we from BCI?

Having understood all the basics about the brain-computer interface by now, the most important question is now; Brain-computer interface How far is it before our eyesight technology? See the brain-computer interface is no longer science fiction, it’s living science! But it has not yet been possible to make the BCI perfect.

See, our brain is not that simple. our complex is more complex than any other complex machine in the world; It contains billions of neurons that continuously send and receive electric signals with each other. and the electrode has not yet been able to capture the signals so precisely. Moreover, not only the electrical signals in the brain but also the chemical matter there, it is impossible to capture by electrodes.

Moreover, a lot of weaker signals come from the brain. which is like capturing a story with someone standing ten feet away in the fish market. And the biggest problem is that the cable is still used on the Brain-Computer interface. as well as the size of computers. if the portable and wireless technology can be integrated here, then this technology will expand. But I’m sure we can.

The last word

Where it talks about something so extraordinary, it does not intend to pull it off. Even then, the article has to be very long because of this. So what do you think about such amazing technology? -What is the possibility? Can it be improved at all? – Tell us everything below.



Nusa Lembongan – The Paradise Under Bali

I had never heard of Nusa Lembongan before I booked my ticket to Indonesia. But wow, I’m so happy to discover this paradise on the island! This tiny island below Bali has wonderful lovely beaches, lovely nature, friendly people, excellent food and not that touristy compared to neighboring Bali. It’s not for nothing called the 40-year-old Bali. I’d rather keep this little island paradise for myself, but not share it with you is too nice. Enjoy with me the lovely Nusa Lembongan.


Transportation to Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan Island is only a half-hour ride from Bali by ship. We booked our crossing tickets via Rocky Fast Cruise, but there are several organizations that give about the same crossing. At our guesthouse in Ubud, we were neatly picked up and taken to the port in Sanur. Everything had been completely organized once there. All the luggage in the correct ship was neatly marked and carried. Make sure that on the day of departure you wear a dress or shorts, as you first have to walk through the water before you get on the ship. The journey itself went very smoothly and we were on Nusa Lembongan before we knew it. Then we were carried to our house cleanly here.

Stay at Nusa Lembongan

We remained in the lovely Komodo Garden, about which I wrote in my top 5 accommodations previously. We slept in an appealing cottage with a bathroom with open-air and a lovely veranda overlooking the pool. Really a wonderful place for relaxation and an ideal base for exploring the remainder of the island. I certainly suggest staying at Komodo Garden, but there are many more lovely accommodations on the island besides this resort.

Relax on the most beautiful beaches

As far as I’m concerned, without beautiful bounty beaches, a paradise island isn’t complete. To be frank, I was somewhat disappointed by the beaches on Bali (I was very spoiled by Thailand’s lovely beaches), but I could indulge myself on Nusa Lembongan. Only beaches with lovely turquoise water I saw pearly white and tidy. The most striking thing was that everywhere it was so unbelievably silent. We were there in high season, but nearly ourselves we still had many beaches. Dream Beach and Mushroom Beach are my favorite beaches on Lembongan, but definitely worth a visit are Laguna Beach, Tamarind Beach and Song Lambing Beach. Because of the big difference.

Snorkel with the cast of Finding Nemo

We booked a snorkeling trip through Lembongan Water Sports to explore Nusa Lembongan’s underwater environment as well as the neighboring islands. We walked to three distinct points and it was extremely lovely for all three. Because of the light current, much tropical fish and colorful coral were naturally taken along in many locations, after which a ship picked us up again. We were also dropped by a boat that was feeding fish. Of course, the men on the boat thought it was all too much fun to throw the food right next to us, so that fish of more than half a meter came straight at us. Fortunately, they were not dangerous and it produced nice pictures.

Kayak through the mangrove

After snorkeling, we went kayaking through the beautiful mangrove of Nusa Lembongan. I found it very special that such a small island has such a large mangrove. A big advantage was that you could sail around freely in this mangrove and that you did not necessarily have to follow the beaten track, which sometimes left you alone in the middle of the mangrove forests. We really got the feeling that we were in the middle of Expedition Robinson. If you are more adventurous and sporting, you can also discover the mangrove with a stand-up paddleboard.

Visit Devil’s tear

The impressing devil’s tear lies between Dream Beach and Sunset Beach. This natural wonder is known for the enormous waves that hit the rocks at this point. When we were there, the sea was unfortunately very calm, but normally the water here can easily rise a few meters up. Even with a calm sea, however, it is worth going here. Only the bright green cliffs I found very special.

Lunch at Sandy Bay beach club

The nicest lunch spot on the island was the Sandy Bay beach club. Although I love Indonesian cuisine immensely, I couldn’t help myself when finally I could eat nachos and fajitas again and my friend was also very happy with his hamburger and spare ribs. The prices here are somewhat higher than in the rest of Indonesia, but by Western standards, it was still very affordable. And the view that you get with it is truly priceless. Enjoy dining with your feet in the sand while overlooking the blue ocean. I am almost ashamed to say it, but we have eaten there at least five times in total and I had to force myself to test other restaurants. But in this view, you must forgive me. By the way, during your visit to Sandy Bay, you can use the associated infinity pool for free and they also have a free pick-up and drop-off service on the entire island. The portions are very large, so don’t order too much, because believe me, you definitely want to keep enough room for the delicious desserts.


Bonus: view the most beautiful sunsets

Nusa Lembongan is known for the beautiful sunset on the island. Unfortunately, I only have pictures of a fairly cloudy evening, but the sunset was still very impressive. My favorite places for a beautiful sunset on Nusa Lembongan are Mushroom Beach and, what else, Sunset Beach. I can hardly imagine a better end to the day.

Life Style

Málaga City Trip, Worth It Or Not?

You will see the offers passing regularly: up and down to Málaga City Trip for a few dozens! Ryanair stunts this on a regular basis and there is often a very affordable ticket to Málaga outside of the deals. But what can you do in this town in southern Spain? Saskia and I’ve been there for a couple of decades and I’d like to inform you if a town journey to Malaga is worth a visit!

Málaga is a large town with over half a million residents. It is Southern Spain’s biggest town and is regarded as Spain’s sixth city. The town is situated on the famous Costa del Sol, a famous Indonesia holidaymaker region. The climate is almost always beautiful, as the name Costa del Sol indicates. The summers are hot and the winters are mild with about 20 degrees of temperature. All in all this sounds very promising, but of course, the question is whether it’s worth buying a ticket to Málaga City Trip. The answer to this question is: to some extent. If you’re just going to the town itself, I’d say you’d better choose Seville or another large Andalusian town. If you want to

Do it in Málaga

Málaga’s atmospheric downtown is very low. Rome’s center is said to be compact, but compared to Málaga, that’s really nothing. You will be in hideous houses or on a busy highway in no moment wherever you are in the middle. I myself discovered this a great disappointment. Fortunately, in that inner-city, there are a number of locations of concern that are definitely worth seeing.

Malaga Cathedral

The cathedral is the most striking sight in downtown Málaga. Because of its pompous, striking appearance, this can not be missed. Two strikingly protruding half-cylinders are on the front of the cathedral. Inside, the sacred building recalls St. Peter’s in Rome, although it is much bigger, of course. For me, a visit to the Cathedral of Malaga is definitely worthwhile, although I believe it’s a pity that they charge an entrance fee of € 5. This makes everything feel a little commercial.

Gibralfaro Castle

You can’t miss the Castle of Gibralfaro during your visit to Málaga City Trip. It lies on top of the Vuurberg and looks like an impregnable fortress down on the town. You can walk to the castle from the middle, even though we chose the bus for this steep trip. The bus trip itself is fun as well as taking you to Málaga’s housing region. Always beautiful to marvel at beautiful houses you can’t afford. Once at the castle, walking around and enjoying the view over Málaga and the Mediterranean Sea is great. If you like it, there is also a tiny museum to visit, where during Moorish rule you can learn more about the town.

Picasso Museum

This is my favorite place of interest, certainly. I believe Barcelona’s Picasso Museum is fantastic so I really looked forward to this visit. In my view, this museum is less spectacular than Barcelona’s, but still worth it. A must for enthusiasts of art! Don’t you feel like being at the counter in line? You can purchase your ticket to skip the line here.

The food in Málaga

If you can do something good in Málaga, it’s food. With delicious tapas and nice terraces, you will discover the most beautiful tents here. There are also a striking amount of foreign influences besides traditional Spanish restaurants. For instance, in a contemporary breakfast store, we liked a drink in a Moroccan tea house and delicious American pancakes. The food prices in Málaga are very small. For a whole night of eating tapas including beverages, we lost a maximum of € 10 per individual. I’d just go back to Málaga for the food.


During your visit to Málaga, the Alcazaba is a must-see. The Alcazaba is a Moorish fortress in the center of Málaga, linked to Gibralfaro Castle. It’s a lovely Seville-style Alcazar building. You also have an excellent city view from the Alcazaba.

The shopping street of Málaga City Trip

Well, you’re either a female or you’re not… I thought the shopping street in Málaga was a true attraction. Our happiness was radiated by a beautiful wide street with beautiful façades, glossy tiles, and Spanish chain stores. The shopping street area is still very comfortable and there are several beautiful terraces as well. Therefore, spending an afternoon here is suggested.

Cycling in Málaga

Málaga can be called a big town with its nearly 700,000 residents. You are likely to discover the town center and the largest attractions while walking. A bicycle tour is suggested for seeing more of the town. For instance, Baja Bikes provides a tapas tour, an alternative bike tour, and a highlights tour. Cycling is a great way to get a distinct way of getting to understand a town.

Surroundings of Málaga

Málaga City Trip

Within two days, you’ll have seen the above sights. Therefore, Málaga itself is an excellent choice if you just want to leave for a weekend, but if you go longer, you may find it difficult to have fun. We’ve been here for 4 days and chose to go by bus and train. If you want to visit other places on the Costa del Sol, Málaga is an ideal base. It requires just over half an hour to reach Benalmádena’s beach resort. If you go off-season, this coastal town is suggested. We’ve been here in April and it’s been very quiet. You stumble at the (Dutch) visitors in Benalmádena later in the year. Keep this in mind if you don’t expect it.

You can also move a little further into Andalusia, even though you have to count on good travel time (think about 3 hours to Seville). We haven’t done this due to the travel time. Rather we chose the bus to Mijas mountain village, a tourist but picturesque village in the hills south of Málaga. Spending an afternoon wandering among the white houses is definitely suggested.


Cheap And Tasty Food In Bologna

Bologna is not known as’ la grassa’ or the fat town for nothing. If in Tasty Food In Bologna there’s something you can do well, it’s your stomach to eat. You can expect something from a town that initially came from the pasta bolognese. Bologna’s expectations have been more than fulfilled. We had a fantastic dinner here! We are pleased to offer you our tips in Bologna for inexpensive and delicious food.

Mercato di Mezzo

Once the city’s main market hall was the Mercato di Mezzo. Mostly handmade products have been sold here in the Middle Ages and you could find here a goldsmith, butcher and fish shop. Since then, the Mercato di Mezzo has become a contemporary market hall where all sorts of specialty stores and restaurants can be found. It reminded us of the Rotterdam market halls, but then the Italian way. Delicious cheese boards, fresh pasta, richly filled sandwiches and the most lovely little pastries you can imagine can be found in the Mercato di Mezzo. To begin your culinary discovery trip through Bologna, the Mercato di Mezzo is definitely suggested!

Naama Café

Naama Cafè is the location’ for your ultimate break’ as the big sign above the door says. Special kinds of tea, delicious juices and the thickest chocolate milk ever can be found in this adorable Moroccan teahouse. It looked like there was a whole chocolate bar in it, but it was lovely. It’s that when we were there we had just eaten, but all the sweet treats and the various dinner menu items looked delicious as well. Take a seat on the adorable terrace and enjoy a break from the city’s bustle.

La Bottega Dei Portici

In our picture impression of Bologna, we have already briefly informed you about it: the very best pasta we ate in Bologna came from a cardboard container. You can find these holy pasta bowls at La Bottega dei Portici. Our favorites were the ricotta-filled tortelloni with a delicious traditional bolognese sauce and the spinach-filled tortellini and ricotta covered with a traditional butter-sage sauce. When I think back, the water is already in my mouth. By the manner, the chef feels so honored that he himself wished to take a photo of us with pride that we took photos for our blog in his company.

Stucco Agribologna

You will sometimes really crave some fruits and vegetables after all that delicious Italian food. You’ve come to the correct location at Sbuccio Agribologna. Here you can select your own fruit and vegetables, after which in the slow juicer a new juice is squeezed. The juice with carrot, pineapple, and raspberries was one of our favorites. You can operate your next pasta plate inside with confidence after such a vitamin boost.

Ristorante Donatello

One of the oldest restaurants in Bologna, Ristorante Donatello has been around since 1903. Time has been here a little bit and the classic Italian dishes are still on the menu. The interior is very chic, but the food is very affordable, don’t be scared. Mushroom risotto and tortellini packed with sage-butter sauce ricotta were delicious. Go soon or book ahead of time. We came very soon on ourselves, as you can see in the picture, but it was packed with locals in no moment.

Swine food

Do you feel like getting a drink after lunch somewhere? You’re in the correct location at Swine Tasty Food In Bologna. You may be paying a little more for your drink than in an ordinary cafe, but you’re getting some delicious snacks and it’s a good place. You can still sit out on the comfortable terrace under the heat lamps even in the colder months.

Tasty Food In Bologna

Free food !?

You can also eat (legally) totally free in Italy as well as inexpensive Tasty Food In Bologna! It seems almost too good to be true to this Italian tradition, but it really exists. We’re going to inform you more here. We’ve eaten a few more pounds in Bologna, as you can see. Of the freshly made pasta, we couldn’t get enough. I’m already looking for fresh kitchen appliances to copy all delicious pasta meals at home, such as a pasta machine. I’d definitely go back to Bologna for the food alone!