Organic Vegetable Garden – Best Tips

Organic Vegetable Garden – In the event that you choose to purchase vegetables that are developed. As they opposed to utilizing seedlings, the greater part of these come in plastic compartments. Be cautious when you expel them so you abstain from tearing. Then the outside roots particularly if these have become determinedly inside the holder.

When planting vegetables, don’t stay with only one however plant a wide range of sorts since this welcomes creepy crawlies to take up occupant in your yard.

Trust it or not, just 2 percent of the creepy crawlies on the planet are hurtful. This implies the rest are valuable. A few cases of these incorporate ladybugs, fireflies, green lacewings, supplicating mantis, creepy crawlies and wasps since they eat bugs that endeavor to eat your vegetables. Something else they do is fertilize the plants and break down natural issue.

Keep in mind to evacuate weeds that turn out in your garden. You can haul these out by hand or spot splash it with a full quality of family vinegar. The best part is that it is alright for nature.

This will ensure that the dirt is constantly fruitful. When planting the new vegetable, dodge normal profound development as this will harm the roots. Then dry out the dirt, aggravate solid soil creatures and convey weeds to the surface that will soon sprout.

Organic Vegetable Garden

On the off chance that you take after these tips, you will most likely have the capacity to have an effective natural vegetable garden. You can plant and collect them lasting through the year so you don’t need to purchase these merchandise any longer from the general store. That is accepting obviously you have a gigantic package of land to work with.

Practice trim pivot

The most imperative activity is to choose what you need to develop. There are such a large number of vegetables to look over yet remember that specific vegetables can’t be developed on account of the atmosphere. So you should think about that too.

So you need experience considerable difficulties dealing with it. And pick those that are all around adjusted to the dirt, temperature, sun and shade introduction.

Organic Vegetable Garden – Tips where dry

In the event that you live in a zone where dry seasons are visit, ensure you are planting dry spell safe vegetables since it doesn’t gobble up that much water and can withstand dry climate.

You ought to decide how much space you have. This will make it simple for you to plot on a sheet of paper the format of how you need your vegetables to develop.

With natural material

You should mulch your vegetables with natural material. This can be produced using sustenance squander, dead leaves or grass and compost. This enables preserve to water, includes humus and supplements and demoralize weeds from developing.

Best of all, you don’t need to dive profound to place these in on the grounds. And 85% of the underlying basis of that plant is in the 6 best traces of land.

Beside compost, you can likewise utilize normal manures and natural material to enable the vegetables to develop. They additionally empower local worms that are nature’s tillers and soil conditioners.

The greatest danger that could devastate your vegetables are vermin. To dispose of them, you should utilize different creepy crawlies, feathered creatures, frogs. On the off chance that your harvests however have been contaminated, shower tainted stems and leaves with weaken lathery water. And also after that reasonable water that is extremely successful.


Google maps react native

Google added new features to Google Maps in Bangladesh

Google has introduced a number of new features in the Google Map for riders in Bangladesh. The new action was inaugurated at a ceremony at the Lakeshore Hotel in the capital Gulshan on Tuesday.

At this event State Minister for ICT Division Junaid Ahmed Palak was present as the chief guest. Also present on the occasion was Chris Vitaldevara, director of product management for Google Maps. Also Google Maps Senior Program Manager (South Asia) Online Ghosh; Vicky Russell. Also Google’s Business and Operations Lead, and Jessica Byrne, Google’s Business Development and Operations.

Speaking on the occasion, State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Polak said, “We have already been able to make significant progress in the implementation of digital Bangladesh.” Due to the development of our IT sector and the growing growth in this sector. Bangladesh is being regarded as the leader in the IT sector all over the world.

Bangladesh Government has been working relentlessly to create an ecosystem suitable for the development of the IT sector. As a result, domestic and foreign investment in the IT sector has increased significantly.

He said Millions of citizens across the country are now choosing to find destinations, get directions and avoid traffic, a service like Google Maps. This service has already become an integral part of our daily lives.

Technical excellence is reaching by Google

Polok said, “I applaud Google’s relentless effort to map Bangladesh,”. With the introduction of a special motorcycle mode in Google Maps for voice communication services in our native language. Also connecting security systems and developing the country’s Ride-Sharing sector. The benefits of technical excellence are reaching the hands of everyone in the socioeconomic position.


Junaid Ahmed Polak expressed hope that the government and Google will work together. They will develop various services capable of adding a new dimension to the development process of Bangladesh.


Riders will not only know the approximate travel time from now on. They also get the best bike paths. In addition, Google Maps users will be able to hear voice navigation or guidance in Bangla.


Since ride-sharing is so popular now, every traveler will be able to confirm their destination by double-checking. That route is best and can share it with family and friends.


Audible alerts are available to ensure the safety of passengers only when the route is 1.5 km out of the selected route or route.


Director of product management at Google Maps Chris Vitaldevara said. We are committed to providing the best possible experience for the local people on demand.


And so related features like Bangla voice navigation and feature commuter safety to reach and share the destination with the appropriate route. This will make it easier for commuters to travel all over Bangladesh.


Google Maps has introduced a new navigation mode for motorcycle riders. Motorcycle riders also have some specific needs. Motorcycle riders will be able to reach the destination through the narrow lanes of the car with the new features of Google Maps.

Highways in which two-wheeled traffic is prohibited

There are many roads or highways in which two-wheeled traffic does not allow. Because there are many differences in the speed of cars and motorcycles in those streets. Google Maps will also instruct you not to take these roads.


Previously, motorcycle riders calculated the approximate time to arrive at the destination, with a combined probability of walking and driving the car.


But now, with the new machine learning feature of Google Maps. The ride will be more accurate for motorcycle riders, which will have an impact on the speed and route of the motorcycle.


Note that by using the new version of Google Maps all android users in Bangladesh. They will be able to enjoy all the new features. Google Maps said in a news release.



Cyber ​​criminals use technology that hacks accounts

The current cybercriminals are using technology to violate the secrecy of users and also get new technologies and results.

In the year 2017, two billion saved data was merged with cybercriminals. In the first half of 2014, cybercriminals attacked more than 4.5 billion social accounts.

According to the World Economic Forum report, there are cybersecurity issues that increase the trend of growth in the cyber world of 2020 as well as in the year 2019.

Advanced Phishing kits

With this kit, four new malware samples are creating every second. Considering the speeding of phishing at its speed, it is considered as the most successful attacker. Most of the phishing sites are active online for only four to five hours.

Only 17% of users know about the phishing attack to the senior authority. The name ‘phishing’ is a nominal risk name for most users. As a result, today only 65 percent of URLs are trustful.

Remote Access Attack

Remote access attacks are increasing every moment in the development of technology. In 2011, the main type of remote access attack was cryptogenizing, which is the target of cryptoconcenary owners. Cybercriminals hit Smart Home Appliances by remote access.

The primary attack of hackers is on computers, smartphones, Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, and network-connected storage (NAS) devices. Because the common ports of these tools are open and data inputs require external networks.


Smartphone Attack

Smartphones fall prey to the most common attacks because they are not aware of browsing (phishing, spy-fishing, malware) or security concerns. According to RSA, 60 percent of frauds have occurred using mobile platforms. 80 percent of mobile handsets are using instead of mobile applications.


Craft President Jennifer Alam said that most people use smart mobile to manage their financial activities. Altho use their home network to exchange sensitive information, which is a special threat to personal safety.

Users also usually store all their data on their phones and use two-factor authentication on the smartphone for security. This is not a safe way, because if you lose your device, your personal information is in danger.

There is also a special threat nowadays IOT or Internet of Things. Cybercriminals can attack technology Using the Dark Web

Only the awareness and alertness are yours, my, the only tool to protect everyone. Be aware of cybercriminals.


Life Style

The jobs which are liable to lie

The jobs which are liable to lie – I have to admit: I lie. I say a lot. To start or stop any discussion – in two cases, to say that every day. Thousands of minor lies lie to protect others and their feelings from hurt, and above all. To make social and professional life easier.


We can understand if any of our colleagues lie at work. Everybody can not always be good all day, no one is happy every day, or one person can not be satisfied with the promotion of a colleague. But if someone is not concerned about mood if it is a lie, is it the inevitable condition of the job?


Workplace view of liars where liable to lie

In the workplace telling lye at work is negatively seen. If anyone has to resort to lies every time, then there will be questions about his competence. At the same time, in the beliefs and teamwork, the co-worker’s lies create problems.


But what is the case of those who are part of their profession, which are small lies? It is seen in the case of such occupation that the number of placards that can be trusted to tell lies lies in the face, the better.

For example

For example, a salesman or air hostage, people of these professions will smile a little bit of their product. Or if you are in a storm, the air hostage will never tell you without a smile.


An analysis of the data found in a new study found that, in some occupations. The survival will be sustained because of the good reason. Because there are some occupations where workers have to be called a little liar.


A marketing survey found that those who work with customers, say they do not want to buy products that the buyers want to cheat. 500 peoples are studying or working in sales or investment. They told, who are more likely to lie in their view.


Most respondents believe that they can show more hypocrisy or they can say they succeed. For example, 80 percent of respondents wanted to choose people who can lie for big marketing purposes. Again, for the sale of less or smaller things, 75 percent of the people have chosen to choose a decent person.

The jobs liable to lie

What is the main advantage of the lie?

It is normal to say a lie in some cases. Many philosophers can tell how much is hidden in nature. Professional Career Coachrao mentioned that when writing a job application, who did not increase the eligibility of two! And the employers know it well.


However, hold a flight attendant, Bartender or psychologist, they do not give any bad news directly to anyone. The main purpose of what he says is to make sure the questioner is not injured.


Sweet laughs liable to lie

There are some lies that do not harm us, but this is not true either. The survey found that employees have a belief that they can not implement the proposals, and see if colleagues are not able to put them on them.


Again a bad report is actually oncologist or tumor or cancer doctor will tell you not to do it, it is a good report.


What is the reason for social lies?

The main purpose of seeking such social lies or deceit is to help others. One of the reasons behind this is that there is a cultural influence in society in the society. People from different stages and places of the society have often lied about keeping a peace environment in order to keep peace.


As one study found, the large part of the participants who came from South Korea and Greece are more liars. This is because they have come from a collective society, that is why they have to conform to many people.


Again, more than a single family is more hidden in a society such as people from Germany and Australia. Again, many psychologists say that those who have different eyesight, or those whose imaginations are very strong, have a habit of lying. But he is not a serious crime in lieu. Source: BBC.


Life Style

Non-stick frying pan feared fearsome danger

Non-stick frying pan – Bengalis and fried vegetables are allergic, it is difficult to think. Cholesterol is exposed to danger, but the fatigues in Bengali are showing the old finger to him.


The non-stick trunk hanging in the kitchen itself does not know how many times the drafaraf will be in the day.


The hygiene conscious Bengali thinks that non-stick frying pans will be of great help as the oil will be eaten less. But what is the consequence of eating this non-stick gram is probably not our idea. Experts are watching the cloud in our house at Sirindura.


According to the researchers, non-stick utensils were made by the ‘Perfalvoarual Compound (PFC)’. They have identified this compound as the reason for fear.


The US Environment has already identified this compound as ‘carcinogenic’. That is, the use of these compounds increases the risk of death of cancer like cancer. Not only cancer, doctors believe that thyroid, infertility, is also the cause of this PFC. Although nonstick coatings are made, they claim that this compound has not been used for the last ten years.

Non-stick frying pan feared

This is not the end here. Researchers have drawn attention to another danger in a research paper published in ‘Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism’. They report that this danger is coming from non-stick fries pan. They run a survey on 383 students of Italian High School in Italy.


Of these, 212 people have been tested for blood tests, where PFC men are harmful to male hormones. This changed their genital shape. Their reproductive powers have also been affected. Not only the non-stick fries pan, this danger can also happen from the fast food wrapper.


The non-stick fries pan is used all over the world right now. If such a disaster is born from such a habit, then where will it stand? Researchers are skeptical. But there is also easy diagnosis.


To avoid danger, you have to go back to the old habit. Stencils Steel back in the house Ceramic or cast iron can also be used. Pure habit to remain healthy today.


According to the doctors, non-stick is not an excuse for eating low oil, but instead of cooking oil, oil, iron or ceramic food, take a little oil. The body will be healthy in it.



5 tips to keep kidney healthy

Who knows the work of our body? Kidney remove the contaminated substances from urine in the form of urine, kidneys. Simultaneously maintaining the balance of water in the body.

If the kidney is damage, then there are thousands of problems in the body. And you stop the kidneys working. So take care of all those who keep you healthy. Eat fruits, vegetables, so that sodium is low. Do not forget to drink plenty of water.


How to Keep Kidney Good


1. Stay away from soda drink

Soda or carbonated drink is very good to eat but it is very harmful to the body. First of all, there are lots of sugar in it. Which increases blood sugar levels.


Harmful to the kidneys in the same side. So keep the lemon-sugar syrup or coconut water for instant energy. It will be good for kidneys. You also always have fun


2. Salt to eat

Plate of raw salt means that the kidneys have twelve baja. The sodium kidneys contained in the salt. So if you can eat loose salt on the legs. If you can not, put salt in salt shaker. There will be a little salt in the plate.


3. Avoid eating outdoors

Tin filling processed food or dunk food does not only increase obesity, also harm the kidneys. So try to eat cooked foods at home. The food will be easily digested. Kidneys will be good.


4. Drinking plenty of water means healthy kidneys

As much water is consumed, the body’s poison will go out in the form of urine. It will be good both body and kidneys. An infection can not infect kidneys. If you do not like to drink water, you can eat dab water or lemon sugar. In this, the same result will be found.


5. Vegetables, fruits and vegetables

Cabbage, Cauliflower, Blue-berry, Canberri, Onion, Garlic, Moolo, Pineapple, Grapes, Bale Papers contain sodium less. And sodium low-fat fruit, vegetables are good for kidneys. So keep these fruits, vegetables more in the list.


Warning: Consult the doctor before following this article.



Finally, many wanted S-400s in Turkey

S-400s – In spite of the opposition to the United States, Turkey finally reached the Russian-made missile defense system S-400. The country’s defense ministry said they found the first shipment of this missile defense system.


Its first operation came to the capital, Ankara, on a military base. As a result, the US dispute with NATO member Turkey is expected to increase further.


The Turkish Defense Ministry said in a statement Friday. He said, the first phase of the equipment of this sky defense system came to the outer Muruted airport base in Ankara. In the next few days, more of its shipment will arrive. The missile system will then be ready for use.


Al jazeera’s representative from Istanbul said that since October this year, the missile defense system will start working full-time.


Turkey is the first country to be made as the first country in Turkey. The United States has been strongly opposed to Turkey’s agreement with Russia for the past two years. But Rajab Tayeb Erdugan’s country did not follow.


The United States-led NATO alliance does not like the Russians to buy this latest weapon. That’s why the United States’s new tension has started with Turkey. The United States announced that they will impose sanctions on Turkey if they buy these weapons from Russia. But the Turkey will be able to prevent the threat.


Why the S400 missile system in discussion

In recent times, the world more discussing about the S-400s missile defense system. This Russian-made weapon is the latest version of the missile system. Many countries have expressed interest in purchasing this new weapon, including those who are also ally of the United States. That’s because of the angry Washington. The US-Russia equation is being created in the international arena, so that the weapon is being built.


Russia is one of the leading countries in the world to create arms. After the oil, the country’s second largest source of arms sold. The new S-400s missile defense system is a ‘product’ discussing in the Russian arms industry. After the innovation, the multifaceted missile defense system has developed the multifaceted missile defense system.

S-400s in Turkey

Several countries, including China, Saudi Arabia, India, Qatar, have already expressed interest to buy Russia’s weapon. Turkey has already signed a deal with Russia about it. They face the strong opposition of the United States.


But what’s the S-400s missile defense system – which is why it is so important to everyone? Experts have said that this weapon has created so much discussion for two reasons – it is technically the latest, two. Now it has become a threat between long-term alliances of many countries.


S-400s is the most advanced sky defense

“The S400 is the most advanced sky defense, far ahead of what the West has made,” said Simon Wazeman, researcher at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. It has a lot of radar, missile or other sensors. Its radar can monitor the area up to 600 kilometers. Its missile range is up to 400 kilometers. It is also very accurate in determining targets. ‘


Another thing is that this weapon can configure, prepare and fire in just minutes. It is easy to carried from one place to another


Kevin Brand, the military analyst at the Council on Foreign Relations, said, “This missile system is very rich in one and the other. With this, it is possible to throw away the long-range rockets of the medium-sized, low-level rockets. It will depend on user’s wishes’.


The expert said, ‘The biggest advantage is that it can take from one place to another on the road. This is just like most countries want’. At the same time, he warned that this weapon might lead the world into a dangerous situation. One of the reasons is that the US allies are now risking Russia’s weapon. Washington does not like that


The S-400s can hit 36 ​​targets at the same time and can carry 72 rockets at the same time. There is a war control post in the sky defense missile system. It have three co-ordinator jam-resistant periodic array radars, aerial targets, eight aircraft defense missile complexes,(12 transporter-launchers, a multi-functional four illumination and detection radar). It is also a technical support system, a missile transport vehicle and the same as the training system.



Honey to protect health

Honey is very popular as food and sometimes romantic too in since ancient times. Prakritas used to go to work after eating honey after breakfast. It collects from flowers and in natural way. This honey is full of different types. Different smells and hues of honey are available. There are white, black, light purple or green colour.


What is useful
In the folklore honey is said to be a witch’s food. It is also knows as allergic medicines.
To keep the mouth clear, there is much more work for using as medicine to prevent diarrhea, prevent sleep, and diarrhea.

We use it as a natural sweet to the housewives’ banquets.We can use it to make various types of sweet foods, pies, cakes. Again used to destroy bacteria as a direct medication. It is used to cure wounds.


How nutrition in Honey


It contains two types of sugar, glucose and fructose. However, there is very little amount of sucrose and malutos. Honey is a diet without fat, cholesterol. How does the protein contain the truth? Other nutrients do not have too much. It contains is either carbohydrates or carbohydrate. We get vitamin and mineral in five percent of the body’s daily needs.

Every 100 grams honeys contains carbohydrate in 79.5 grams (percent), protein contains 0.3 grams, iron contains 0.7 mg.

Use medicines

Medical researchers from South Africa have shown that it is useable to clean the burns and wounds. It reduces the risk of infection and does not even require antibiotics.

British researchers have taken several germs in the test tube and kept it honey, and could destroy all the germs in it. South African researchers have also shown that it helps in eradicating diarrhea. A group of experts from the University of Natal have tested a group of two groups of stomach sufferers with moderate fluid and another group with sugar and fluid. That the members of the first group got cure 40 percent faster than the bacterial (non-virus) diarrhea.


Although it is not fully known how it carries bacteria. Still, everybody think that the sweet sugar part absorbed water from the body of the bacteria and kill him. But sugarless honey is also not less potent, it acts like a bacteriotic antibiotic called strepomatoxine.


Besides, there is no fear of developing resistance in it. It is very effective in throat pain and throat treatment. In the inner part of the fallen neck, it covers with a jelly like cover.

We can use it as sugar or molasses in oral saline. We can prevent babbies diarrhea in this way use . 5 lite honey in one liter water.

Be careful to eat Honey

Do not let children under the age of one year eat raw honey. There is a serious health problem called Botulism. Do not be afraid of older children. Because their intestines are strong enough then.

Sugar-like honey can also damage the teeth. So playing sugar or any other sweets such as to clean the tooth, honey is also there. Diabetes patients should not eat this more.

Honey’s – Wikipedia




Five G network increases the risk of cancer

Some UK cities have recently launched Five G network for mobile. Now the question is how far the 3G network is harmful to health. There are already five G networks in the world. These countries include South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and parts of America.

In the next few years, many more countries will have five G-Networks. So why are you so anxious about five g? Is there any evidence that the Five G network is good for health?

Like the old mobile phone network

Like the old mobile phone network, the Five G network also depends on radio waves signal. The electromagnetic spectrum flows between the antenna and the mobile phone set.

We are always living in electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic spectrum spread through television and radio signals, mobile phones and other devices.

Even the sunlight contains electromagnetic spectrum. Many high frequencies are used in the Five G mobile network. Through this, many mobile phones can be used at a faster speed at the same time. The wave in the fifth network is not too far in the urban areas.

To transmit this wave, more transmitters have to be used and their location is close to the ground.

Five G network

Where’s the concern?

There are concerns that some types of cancer may be due to the use of electromagnetic radiation in mobile phone technology. In 2014, the World Health Organization said that the use of mobile phones has not proven a negative impact on health.

Although the World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer jointly classify all types of radiofrequency radiation, there is a possible risk of cancer through it.

Radiofrequency is a part of the mobile phone signal. The reason for the classification of radiofrequency radiation is that this can be caused by human radiation by radiation – there is no complete evidence. There are equal risks in the use of synthetically treated vegetables and talcum powder.

In a report published in the US Department of Health in 2018, the male rats who reached contact with high-frequency radiofrequency radiation have cancer in their heart.

For the research, some mice are keeping in touch with the radiation of the high-end mobile phone network for nine years every two years. It was done before their birth.

In this case, there was no relationship between cancer of the female rats and radiation. Studies have shown that the rats that came in contact with radiation were much longer than other rats.

But a senior scientist said that the radiation is using in this study can not directly comparable to the type of radiation that comes with the use of mobile phones.

A group of scientists and doctors sent a letter to the European Union to stop the 3G shutdown.

Where is the exception of five G?

Cancer researcher David Robert Grimes said that the type of radio waveband is using for mobile phone networks, which is not strong enough to break the body’s DNA and destroy the cells.

The higher the amount of electromagnetic spectrum used in the mobile phone network, the greater the risk. Sun’s ultra-violet rays are included in the harmful parts. This can lead to skin cancer.

What is the radiation level for the treatment of pricing for the treatment of the same? Radiation of radiation or radiation of the X-ray machine can cause body damage.

Researcher said. Grimes said there was no evidence that health-risk is creating with mobile phones and wireless networks.

There are concerns about the five G transmitter?

There will be a lot of new stations in order to start the Five G. technology. There are many new towers for sending and receiving mobile phone signals. Since there are already transmitters for old mobile networks that can run less power than 3G technology, there will be fewer radiation levels than the five g antennae.

According to international guidelines, a portion of five G-network is including in the microwave band. The microwave produces heat in various materials so that it can be easily transported.

The microwave band used for the Five G-network is not harmful, says Professor Rodney Croft. He said that the radio frequency of the five G mobile network is so small that the temperature does not increase. Source: BBC