Cyber ​​criminals use technology that hacks accounts

The current cybercriminals are using technology to violate the secrecy of users and also get new technologies and results.

In the year 2017, two billion saved data was merged with cybercriminals. In the first half of 2014, cybercriminals attacked more than 4.5 billion social accounts.

According to the World Economic Forum report, there are cybersecurity issues that increase the trend of growth in the cyber world of 2020 as well as in the year 2019.

Advanced Phishing kits

With this kit, four new malware samples are creating every second. Considering the speeding of phishing at its speed, it is considered as the most successful attacker. Most of the phishing sites are active online for only four to five hours.

Only 17% of users know about the phishing attack to the senior authority. The name ‘phishing’ is a nominal risk name for most users. As a result, today only 65 percent of URLs are trustful.

Remote Access Attack

Remote access attacks are increasing every moment in the development of technology. In 2011, the main type of remote access attack was cryptogenizing, which is the target of cryptoconcenary owners. Cybercriminals hit Smart Home Appliances by remote access.

The primary attack of hackers is on computers, smartphones, Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, and network-connected storage (NAS) devices. Because the common ports of these tools are open and data inputs require external networks.


Smartphone Attack

Smartphones fall prey to the most common attacks because they are not aware of browsing (phishing, spy-fishing, malware) or security concerns. According to RSA, 60 percent of frauds have occurred using mobile platforms. 80 percent of mobile handsets are using instead of mobile applications.


Craft President Jennifer Alam said that most people use smart mobile to manage their financial activities. Altho use their home network to exchange sensitive information, which is a special threat to personal safety.

Users also usually store all their data on their phones and use two-factor authentication on the smartphone for security. This is not a safe way, because if you lose your device, your personal information is in danger.

There is also a special threat nowadays IOT or Internet of Things. Cybercriminals can attack technology Using the Dark Web

Only the awareness and alertness are yours, my, the only tool to protect everyone. Be aware of cybercriminals.


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