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Bohinj: The Most Beautiful Region Of Slovenia

If you’re touring Slovenia, you’re going to be missing eyes. There’s something lovely to see everywhere and a fresh, amazing perspective awaits behind every hairpin bend. However, in my view, there are two areas that stand out from the crowd, the first is Brda, about which you can read more in this article. The second, Bohinj, is in the center of Slovenia’s only national park, Triglav National Park. Bohinj is a lovely, untouched piece of nature that you must see when visiting Slovenia. I want to bring you on a discovery trip through this particular portion of Slovenia.

The lake of Bohinj

Slovenia’s most popular lake is in Bled. Where you can find countless hotels, restaurants, and stores around the water, around Lake Bohinj you will see nothing but greenery. I was already sold on the lake at first sight: how extremely gorgeous and untouched it is here! Lake Bohinj is ideal for water sports and you can see individuals on the water everywhere. It’s all feasible to sail, SUP, canoeing, and swimming. We’re going on a boat journey on the quiet water where we see everything going through. We see individuals here and there picnicking on the side and several paragliders floating above our heads. The water is quiet and the sun shines. I’m really relaxing and I believe I can enjoy d here.

Savica Waterfall

You will discover much more natural beauty in the region besides Lake Bohinj. The Triglav National Park is in the center of the Savica Waterfall. The water flows through the rocks from an underground lake and forms a lovely waterfall. If you like walking, walking from Ukanc to the waterfall is suggested. It requires about one and a half to two hours for this path. If you prefer to walk a little less, continuing along Ukanc to the Savica restaurant parking lot is an alternative. The journey takes just 20 minutes from here. Make sure you’ve got good shoes because the pad might be a little slippery. The admission fee is 3 euros.

Vogel mountain in the Julian Alps

The Julian Alps are in Bohinj’s center. These powerful beautiful mountain ranges form a wonderful backdrop for Lake Bohinj with their snowy mountain tops. This is a popular winter sports area in the winter, but this part of Slovenia can not be skipped even in the summer. Vogel mountain is part of the Julian Alps and can be called a big mountain with its 1922 meters. Also in the summer, you can take the cable car, so you can walk around on the slopes. Furthermore, here the view of the Alps and Bohinj Lake is truly amazingly lovely. You pay 14 euros for a return ticket and a cabin leaves up or down every 30 minutes.

Stay in Bohinj

Staying in Bohinj for a few evenings is strongly suggested in order to get to understand the region very well. I slept in two distinct hotels myself. I stayed at the base Hotel Center on the first night. Nothing unique, but beautifully quiet outside the village in a pleasant place. I stayed at Hotel Jezero the second night. This hotel looks a bit dated, but it’s a great place right on the lake. Another great benefit is the hotel’s free parking spaces. There is no free parking in Bohinj and the expenses can readily go to paper.

Do you prefer to camp? Then you can go to camping in Zlatorog. Also situated straight on the lake, this campsite wakes you up with a wonderful perspective. The only drawback is that here you can’t book a pitch: who comes first, who serves first. This implies that during the high season you need to be there soon in the morning to get another place. Camping Danica is also a nice camper’s choice.

How do you get to Bohinj?


You can go by a vehicle as well as by plane to Slovenia. You can get there by vehicle in one day, as long as you continue your journey. You need to take 2 days for it if you prefer to take it a little easier. You can read all my tips in this article to go to Slovenia by vehicle. Would you travel more? It requires less than two hours to fly, making the plane a quick choice.

Do you just go from Ljubljana to Bohinj as a day journey or for a maximum of 1 night? Then I’d decide to take the bus. See bus and boarding points here. If you want to travel through Slovenia, it’s a far better choice for your own vehicle. So you have the liberty to go and stand wherever you want and do not waste unnecessary time Bohinj’s nature is really one of Europe’s most lovely stuff I’ve ever seen. I completely liked the peace, space, and nature during my days here. I’m sure I’ll come back to find more of this region in the brief term. Would you like to read more about Slovenia? Here you can see all the articles about this lovely nation.

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