Doing In Reykjavik: 10 Things You Should Not Miss

Reykjavik may not be the first town that comes to mind when searching for your next town journey to a destination. Still, for me to spend a few days, Reykjavik is a very nice and unique destination. In the city itself and the surroundings are beautiful, there is more than enough to see and do. It is, without a doubt, a very distinct experience from other European capitals. I’m pleased to inform you what to do in Reykjavik certainly.

1 Spotting whales and dolphins

Reykjavik is just a three-hour flight from the Netherlands, but there are many distinct kinds of whales and dolphins living here because the town lies on the Atlantic Ocean. We went on a unique boat journey where several whales and dolphins were spotted. I didn’t really know before I came to Iceland that whales live so close to home. Seeing the whales and dolphins in their natural environment has been a wonderful experience. Are you curious about the looks of such an animal search? Read everything about spotting whales and dolphins in Iceland.

2 Visit the original stores in the main street

The primary roads now look comparable in most European towns. What I really enjoyed about Reykjavik is that here in the primary road you can see many smaller and unique stores. There are several beautiful gift shops and if you’re searching for Icelandic fashion or Scandinavian design, you’re sure to be successful here. Walking into a supermarket, like the Bonus, is also good. Here you’ll discover a complete shelf complete of typical Icelandic sweets, like chocolate balls packed with licorice. At first, this mixture sounds a little distinct, but it’s amazingly delicious. You can also post a letter every day of the year on the primary street to Santa Claus and visit a unique Christmas store.

3 Watch the sunset at the Sun Voyager

The Sun Voyager, one of the best known and most photographed carvings in Iceland, is located on the shore of Reykjavik. You will automatically find this artwork when you walk along the boulevard. Many individuals believe it is an ancient Viking ship, but the objective of the artist was to construct a dreamboat as an ode to the sun. Watching the sunset is the ideal location. This is a lovely image with the amazing Esja mountain in the background. Keep in mind that during the summer months the sun does not set in Iceland. But even then, walking along the Sun Voyager is worthwhile.

4 Enjoy the delicious food

I was quite hesitant about the food before I left for Iceland. I learned from all sides that Iceland’s food was very deceptive and very costly as well. Luckily, none of this turned out to be true in the end. There may be costly and bad restaurants, of course, but you can have cheap and delicious food in Reykjavik. We really liked the city’s nice and comfortable restaurants and I’d like to come back for the food alone. I earlier shared all my tips in Reykjavik for inexpensive and delicious food.

5 Admire the special architecture of Harpa

In Iceland, you will discover a lot of distinctive and modern architecture as well as excellent nature. For me, Harpa, a big concert and convention center close the port of Reykjavik, is the finest illustration of this. For the unique design, the building has already earned several significant awards and awards. You can see when there are concerts and performances on the Harpa website, but you can just walk in to see the building as well. You can also book a tour of the construction if you want to learn more about Harpa.

6 Enjoy the view from the Hallgrimskirkja

The Hallgrimskirkja is Reykjavik’s biggest church and Iceland’s highest building. You can climb this church for 900 Icelandic kronor, about 6 euros. Climbing is a large term because in a couple of seconds there’s a lift that takes you to the top. You have a good perspective of the entire Reykjavik on top of the Hallgrimskirkja. This way, what a colorful town is is is apparent.

7 Walk around Lake Tjörnin

You quickly come across Tjörnin, Reykjavik’s biggest lake, as you walk down the primary road. On this lake there are several renowned structures, such as the contemporary town hall and the cathedral of Fríkirkjan. The lake is surrounded by over 50 distinct species of birds. You can hardly think you’re in the center of the capital when you walk around the lake. It seems you’ve finished in a nice village. You can also skate on Lake Tjörnin when you visit Reykjavik in the winter.

8 Visit the Höfði house

In our history books, Iceland is rarely discovered, but it is still one of the 20th century’s most popular historic structures. Reagan and Gorbachev talked about the end of the Cold War in 1986 in the so-called Höfði house because it was on neutral territory. I knew the Wie is de Mol building, where the candidates had to negotiate in 2012, just like Reagan and Gorbachev, and eventually lost € 10,000. The Höfði is near the middle and you can walk past it readily. We’ve been there very early in the morning, but you can often look inside if you arrive later in the day.

9 Relax in the Blue Lagoon

Would you like to relax on your town journey? The Blue Lagoon is approximately 50 km from Reykjavik. This is a world-renowned geothermal bath in an ancient lava field. At first, when it’s so cold outside, you may not want to think about going out in your swimwear, but you will soon forget that when you step into the wonderfully hot water of about 39 degrees Celsius. Because it is so wealthy in minerals and silicates, the water has a vivid blue light. This would have a healing impact as well. The silica mud is free in the lagoon as a mask, so you’ll see a lot of white faces. We had a great time visiting the Blue Lagoon and I definitely suggest that you visit this spec

10 Drive the Golden Circle route


Although there is much to see in Reykjavik itself when the city leaves you will find the most beautiful places for me. I suggest renting a vehicle for at least one day and discovering the lovely nature of Iceland, even if you have restricted time. For example, the Golden Circle route is a route you can easily drive in a day. First of all, this path brings you to Kerið, an enormous lake with bright blue water. Although this is not an official stop on the Golden Circle path, I advise you to create a brief stop here. You then drive to Geysir, an area complete of geysers that is still active in Stokkur and spray boiling water every few minutes up to 20 meters.

You will also discover the biggest lake in Iceland here, as well as a number of lovely waterfalls and lava fields. As far as I am concerned, during your trip to Reykjavik, you should definitely not skip the Golden Circle route. You will also discover the biggest lake in Iceland here, as well as a number of lovely waterfalls and lava fields. As far as I am concerned, during your trip to Reykjavik, you should definitely not skip the Golden Circle route. You will also discover the biggest lake in Iceland here, as well as a number of lovely waterfalls and lava fields. As far as I am concerned, during your trip to Reykjavik, you should definitely not skip the Golden Circle route.

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