Tarragona – The Perfect Day Trip From Barcelona

It is highly recommended to visit the atmospheric town of Tarragona when you are in Barcelona. Tarragona is just an hour away from Barcelona, making it an ideal day trip destination. It is a comfortable and atmospheric town where Roman remains can still be found everywhere. There are a lot of excellent restaurants and pleasant terraces in Tarragona as well as lovely houses and a lot of history. Yet it’s much less crowded than Barcelona’s bigger one. Are you curious about what Tarragona has to see and do? I’m telling you all about a day journey to Tarragona from Barcelona.

Tarragona from Barcelona

The planks complete of goodies were consumed after about 2 hours and the glasses are totally empty. We appreciate the delicious degustation and decide to order another 2 bottles of the most delicious wine. We opt for another Cabernet Franc bottle and a 5 Puttonyas Aszú bottle after some consultation. Eventually, we walk away with great satisfaction from the Tasting Table. What a fantastic afternoon!

Tarragona from Reus

Not only is Tarragona near to Barcelona. It’s also just a 15-minute drive from Reus airport. You often fly at this airport very cheaply from Eindhoven. With the mark of Hispano Igualdina, you can catch a direct train from Reus airport to Tarragona during the day for € 3.00 from the stop. If you arrive a little later in the day, you should first take the bus to Reus center and travel to Tarragona from there, as the direct bus to Tarragona often only takes about 5 hours. Luckily enough taxis are available at the airport to take you to Tarragona.

Admire the Roman amphitheater

Tarragona’s history breathes. In this Spanish town, there are many remains from Roman times. The amphitheater constructed in the second century BC is one of the most impressive of these. The amphitheater is situated just outside the city’s initial city walls right on the beach. There is now a park next to the amphitheater from where you have a beautiful view of the theater in the background with the Mediterranean sea.

Enjoy lunch at la Pepita

You’ve come to the correct location at La Pepita for a lovely dinner. On the main square of Plaça de Jacint Verdaguer, you will discover this comfortable and beautifully decorated dinner store. The sandwiches are delicious and inexpensive. For two beverages and two sandwiches, the two of us lost less than five euros. It’s a lovely lunch.

Visit the most beautiful market hall in the city

You can also visit the Mercat Central de Tarragona, the city’s biggest market hall, for a delicious dinner. Of course, you can purchase tasty Spanish specialties and other food products, but also worth a visit to the construction itself. Both indoors and outdoors are very spectacular. This lovely market hall is even Tarragona Province’s formally protected monument.

Take a beach walk along the coast

Barcelona’s beaches are often flooded with summer visitors. Do you still want to enjoy a lovely beach without sitting nearly on the lap of your neighbor? Then in Tarragona, you’ve come to the correct location. The ocean here is beautifully transparent blue, and the beaches are much quieter but just as lovely as in Barcelona. Especially Platja de l’Arrabassada is highly recommended, a little further from the middle.

Admire the impressive cathedral of Tarragona

One of the city’s most significant structures is the Gothic Cathedral. The cathedral is at the largest point in the town on a hill. It dates back to the 12th century and inside you’ll find an enormous collection of art. From the cathedral, you have a beautiful view of the town and the Mediterranean Sea’s various neighborhoods.

Look for the best street art

You will find distinctive street art in many locations in the town. On the Plaça dels Sedassos, you will discover the most unique street art. Here a large building’s entire façade is beautifully painted. Created in 1995, this artwork has since been one of the most photographed sites in the town. The painting has so many information that it looks like only the individuals are painted from a distance.

Enjoy a terrace on one of the many squares

Every few streets in Tarragona you will discover a beautiful square. Plaça de la Font is one of the city’s biggest and most gorgeous squares. Among other stuff, you’ll discover the town hall here. The Plaça del Fòrum is another pleasant square. On weekends, a market is often held here. You’ll also discover a portion of the ancient city wall on this square. Whatever square you’re sitting on, colorful structures packed with adorable Spanish balconies will surround you.


Enjoy Tarragona by night

When you’re on a day journey to Tarragona, I certainly suggest you spend your evening in the town as well. The town really comes to life as quickly as it becomes dark. The squares are pleasantly complete and beautifully lit all the houses.

Square in Tarragona at night in TarragonaTarragona Cathedral at nightTarragona I strongly suggest that you visit Tarragona as a day journey from Barcelona or just remain for a couple of days, as there is more than enough to see and do in this atmospheric town. For me, this was the third time in Tarragona and I always like it.

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