Wine Tasting In Budapest Via Taste Hungary

I enjoy good food and drink and I love to learn more about the origin of our food for a couple of years. My interest in wine has Wine Tasting in this manner. Last month I toured lovely Budapest with eight buddies. Since a big portion of them are as enthusiastic about food as. I am, we decided to go through Taste Hungary for a wine, cheese, and charcuterie. I can inform you that this was an afternoon of great taste.

Philosophy of Taste Hungary

I chose a tasting at Taste Hungary because the philosophy they give their tours and degustations fits precisely in my road. Authentic food and drink are essential and they are looking for the best products throughout the nation to be able to deliver this. The product tale is at least as essential as the taste and without exception, Taste Hungary’s staff have a culinary background. This ensures they don’t just give you a food tray and a glass of wine, but they can tell you the fundamental tale and history of this dish or wine as well. For me, a (wine) degustation is informative, enjoyable and delicious and they understood that.

The wine tasting

We agreed at the Tasting Table, Taste Hungary’s tasting room, at 3 o’clock. A good sign demonstrates us the way down and we end up in the degustation room through a tight staircase. This is fully furnished as a wine cellar, so we feel at home right away. Sommelier Ferenc presents himself as quickly as everyone has taken enough pictures. He first discusses his own food industry experiences and then pours into a glass of bubbles. I believed we’d get half a glass, but it turned out that nothing was less true. A complete glass of sparkling wine is sprinkled and the following 4 glasses are generous. Despite the reality that with the degustation you get a big plate of charcuterie and cheese, I re

Wine Tasting In Budapest

Ferenc says the origin of these tasteful bubbles after pouring a sparkling glass of Classic Brut. He describes in detail how the bubbles get into the bottle, for instance, Prosecco and Champagne, and what the distinction is. Then we get a glass (Termini) of white wine. This is new and fruity wonderfully. It’s a wine loved by many individuals. Ferenc also has a lot to say about this and his friend provides meats and cheese while we enjoy the wine at his leisure. Everyone receives a big plate complete of delicious local snacks. Salami with bell pepper, blue cheese, smoked goose breast slices, and many other unique flavors, we drink 2 distinct red wines

Finally, a deliciously sweet 5 Puttonyos. AszĂș wine from the region of Tokaj is served. This wine is very popular with Hungarians and is sweetened. For a certain period of time by putting yellow raisins in the wine to release their taste. There is a number on the bottles with this wine, which shows how many raisin baskets are used. To demonstrate: on average 2 individuals collect raisins for one day for one bottle of wine. So you can imagine that it’s not a very inexpensive beverage. Fortunately, it turns out that this hard work is not for nothing: I never really had such a beautiful, sweet wine. Deliciously fruity and sweet, but you don’t feel the enam meanwhile

Wine Tasting

Do you also want to do a wine tasting in Budapest?

I discovered the wine tasting a very pleasant experience where you learn a lot about local wine and snacks as well as about Hungary itself. Ferenc told a lot about Hungary’s distinct areas and I instantly felt like exploring the remainder of this nation through his tales. Want to have a wine tasting in Budapest as well? Then I strongly suggest the degustation of Taste Hungary!

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