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9 Reasons To Visit Taiwan

Suddenly Taiwan was on my bucket list out of the blue. Here and there I had heard some favorable tales, but I knew little about the nation. I still wanted to go overnight to Taiwan. There was no space for another destination once this nation had conquered a place in my head. I had to find out about Taiwan. I set foot on the floor less than a year later and it was precisely what I was expecting and more. Taiwan is a wonderful nation that has not been discovered and I can explain 100 reasons why you should go there. I’m giving 9 of them, instead, so you can find out the remainder yourself.

1 The untouchedness

Probably many individuals in Taiwan believe of Made in Taiwan only. Sin! It’s so much more than this nation. The island’s east coast is almost untouched and you’ll find the most lovely nature reserves and the wildest coastlines here. Mass tourism has not swallowed Taiwan and has thus succeeded in preserving its own identity and beauty.

2 Bubble tea and Passion fruit juice

Did you understand Taiwan invented bubble tea? Logical that here you can drink the world’s finest bubble tea. This sweet drink is sold at every corner of the road and literally everyone goes down the road with a cup of bubble tea in their hands. In addition, it is extremely popular with a sweet passion fruit beverage with jelly-like coconut cubes. It requires a while to get used to these large tapioca pearls in your sweet, cold beverage, but how delicious it is, dear. During our journey, we drank liters of tea and passion fruit juice.

3 Open-minded

Taiwan is by far the most open-minded nation I’ve ever been to in Asia. Anyone can be who he intends to be, no one is making a fuss. We saw an enormous rainbow flag hanging on our first night in Taipei and we ended up on a terrace where people were serving in yellow shorts, tank tops, and heavy hooded shoes. Wonderful, okay!

4 The language barrier

This may be a reason not to visit a nation for many individuals, but I believed it was an enormous contribution to Taiwan’s charm. Taiwanese’s vast majority don’t talk a word of English, but they’re going to do anything to assist you. Almost always in the back of the shop, someone is called in at the neighbors or three blocks away to get a response to our issue. Very sweet and beautiful.

5 Cycling

Did you understand Taiwan is a real destination for cycling? All over the nation, the most lovely cycle paths are situated and many lovely routes have been mapped. Many tourists cycle at their own speed throughout the island’s east coast. This is simple to do. The bike routes are obviously labeled and there are no hazardous circumstances because of a dividing line where you have to move between the vehicles as a rider. If you prefer one-day cycling, that’s also feasible, of course. I cycled around Hualien for a day and later we walked around Sun Moon Lake for 33 kilometers.

6 Xiaolongbao and dumplings

Taiwan is a heaven of food. Here you can discover the craziest snacks and beverages created from the most uncommon ingredients (frog jelly for your drink, anybody in the mood). However, in my view, there are two bites that stand out head and shoulder: the xiaolongbao and the dumplings. Everywhere in Taiwan, you can eat these delicious, steamed packets, and I have to confess we even ate them for lunch and dinner once a day. Delicious!

7 The Night Markets

The night markets of Taiwan are nothing brief of incredible. You’ll discover at least one big market in every major city where you can eat the craziest, but also the most delicious meals. Moreover, there is almost always a fair-like component where adult males and females go wild on balloon leaks and throw their Taiwanese dollars eagerly into the gripping machine. Hilarious to watch.

8 Taroko Gorge

Taroko Gorge is Taiwan’s primary attraction, and for me, this is an area on your bucket list. Unfortunately, most trails were impassable when we were there. This was due to a typhoon that a few months previously had been pulled. And even based on the little piece I’ve seen, I can say Taroko Gorge is a distinctive nature reserve that you should really visit.


9 Love for dogs

Although they literally seem to eat everything in Taiwan (you don’t have to look up from stalls complete of duck heads, pig guts or chicken claws on the night markets), they’re extremely nice to their animals. Dogs are pampered like a kid and you see a dog passing through a pram more than once. That’s not how we treat our animals, of course, but it’s endearing. Who, like me, can really appreciate hugging dogs in Taiwan.

Taiwan is a wonderful nation that I find it difficult to understand what is so special about it. I hope you’ll feel like visiting Taiwan yourself after reading these 9 reasons!

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