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Book a tour to the Bromo volcano and the Kawah Ijen volcano

Visiting Mount Bromo volcano and the Kawah Ijen volcano had been on my wish list for a while. It was a time in May and I can suggest it to everyone despite being a tourist attraction in Java! Spending two evenings and watching the amazing sunrise in both locations is certainly worth it. In this article, I’m going to bring you on an adventure to the volcano Bromo and the volcano Kawah Ijen, one of the coolest things to do in Java. With tips to book a trip and other useful data.

The Bromo volcano and the Kawah Ijen volcano on Java

The volcano Bromo and the volcano Kawah Ijen are two volcanoes on the island of Java in Indonesia. Many tourists travel to Java for one or both volcanoes to climb. This is definitely one of Java’s highlights. You will read data and practical tips in this paper for climbing the volcano Bromo and the volcano Kawah Ijen.

So many choices in tour operators, how do you choose?

There are many separate tours to the Bromo volcano, Ijen and other locations you can arrange in Java, or even Bali, from distinct locations. You will also discover on the internet a big range of various tours. We chose a two-night personal trip with Bromo Eco-Tourism. Following the negotiations, Bromo Eco-Tourism was the cheapest supplier, had great reviews and provided the trip we wanted to do. We paid 1 million rupees per individual (about € 65).

We got a driver, a guide, twice breakfast, unlimited water, access to Mount Bromo and Kawah Ijen, a 4×4 driver on Mount Bromo, a guide on the volcano Ijen and a stay at the Ijen View Hotel. At Surabaya airport, we were picked up and dropped off at Banyuwangi’s Ketapang harbor to travel to Bali. We had nothing to care about ourselves, perfect!

The ascent of the Bromo volcano on Java

We were picked up instantly after arrival at Surabaya airport as agreed via WhatsApp. At 3:30 am we left to the Penanjakan perspective with another driver and our guide in a 4x 4. Here the highway is steep, with lots of hairpin bumps, bumps, and bumps. But in this region, it has something magical to drive. You can hardly see anything, just the full moon and lots of stars, then you ride somewhere nearby on the lava sand with the volcano. You know you’re in a particular location.

We arrived in a village after an hour drive. People sell coffee and tea here, and to remain hot you will discover tiny campfires. That was essential because it was fairly new with just a thin jacket. We went to the perspective after a cup of tea. We believed it was going to be a large climb, but we were already there within 5 minutes. And then the lovely items that would appear before us were waiting…

View over Mount Bromo after sunrise

And that gorgeous came because the sun went out after that clear night. The sky rose-purple, blue and orange. It became noticeable to Mount Bromo and other hills. A layer of fog concealed the sandplain we had driven over at night. What a unique phenomenon! Due to the colors in the sky, the view became more gorgeous. We forgot about the cold and our tiredness, we couldn’t get enough of the perspective, we could continue taking photos because the sunrise and this place was really lovely and therefore one of the highlights of a Java journey. After the sunrise at the viewpoint in Penanjakan, you will drive with your jeep into the unspoiled landscape you looked at in the early morning from the perspective in a surprising manner.

You have to climb some 250 steps after the (relatively loose) sandy trail to effectively see the volcano. It sounds like a lot, but in between, you can stop to rest. Do not do this too long, as the smell of sulfur from the volcano already meets you halfway up the climb. This also guarantees that everybody only looks for a few seconds in the steaming crater and then finds their way back down rapidly. Therefore, in this situation, a mouth cap is suggested. It’s also wise not to wear your finest clothes.

Spend the night at the Ijen View Hotel

We drove back to the starting point after the trip to Mount Bromo where we had a local rice, egg and chicken breakfast in a cafe. We altered clothes after breakfast because by now it had become quite hot. Then we drove to Bondowoso in about four hours through lovely Java. The green fields of rice, tiny villages, busy traffic, hills, and wonderful views were seen all along with the manner. A nice route if after the exhausting trip you don’t fall asleep too much.

You arrive at the Ijen View Hotel in the afternoon. The hotel offers spacious rooms, a warm water shower/bath and a big swimming pool with great sunbeds. After a trip to Mount Bromo, you can really relax here! Check-in advance which hotel you are staying in because less excellent stories have been heard about this.

The ascent of the Kawah Ijen volcano

You don’t have a lot of moment to relax or sleep because at midnight you’re going to be picked up. Breakfast is ready to bring you to the hotel and you will drive to the Paltuding Ijen starting point in about two hours. You get a headlight here, a gas mask and a local guide that takes you to the crater’s edge, to the phenomenal blue fire.

You begin a trip of 3 kilometers that climbs steeply. This climb should not be underestimated, although you will sometimes have to take your rest in good condition. But you really can’t complain about that. Many miners operate who have several times a day, day in and day out to walk this steep portion. They then descend to mine sulfate another 400 meters down the crater. Every time they take back to the starting point of our hike around 70 to 80 kilos. The miners are not getting older because they are doing a heavy and hazardous job. Even though you are in a very unique setting, you are also faced with the miners ‘ difficult lives. It was intense, I believed.

Doing on Java: Climb the Bromo volcano and the Ijen volcano

Bromo volcano

In the last two days, we have been constantly amazed by fresh impressions. And I can suggest this two-day trip to everyone, given the harrowing lives of the miners and the many visitors who arrive here. I thought I read fairly well in advance, but in total, I didn’t expect this particular atmosphere! You just want to see it once! Nature is so unique here!

We’ve done the trip perfectly. In this manner, we used the restricted time we had used efficiently. Sleeping for 2 evenings is hard, of course, but as quickly as you walk and see the lovely nature, you will soon forget that. After these days, it is advisable to take it a little easier because of the intensity. To proceed to Bali, we are dropped off at the port. You then sit for another hour on the ship where you can relax in the sun on the deck. We had a couple of relaxing days in Bali after this, an optimal combination!

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