Cheap And Tasty Food In Bologna

Bologna is not known as’ la grassa’ or the fat town for nothing. If in Tasty Food In Bologna there’s something you can do well, it’s your stomach to eat. You can expect something from a town that initially came from the pasta bolognese. Bologna’s expectations have been more than fulfilled. We had a fantastic dinner here! We are pleased to offer you our tips in Bologna for inexpensive and delicious food.

Mercato di Mezzo

Once the city’s main market hall was the Mercato di Mezzo. Mostly handmade products have been sold here in the Middle Ages and you could find here a goldsmith, butcher and fish shop. Since then, the Mercato di Mezzo has become a contemporary market hall where all sorts of specialty stores and restaurants can be found. It reminded us of the Rotterdam market halls, but then the Italian way. Delicious cheese boards, fresh pasta, richly filled sandwiches and the most lovely little pastries you can imagine can be found in the Mercato di Mezzo. To begin your culinary discovery trip through Bologna, the Mercato di Mezzo is definitely suggested!

Naama Café

Naama Cafè is the location’ for your ultimate break’ as the big sign above the door says. Special kinds of tea, delicious juices and the thickest chocolate milk ever can be found in this adorable Moroccan teahouse. It looked like there was a whole chocolate bar in it, but it was lovely. It’s that when we were there we had just eaten, but all the sweet treats and the various dinner menu items looked delicious as well. Take a seat on the adorable terrace and enjoy a break from the city’s bustle.

La Bottega Dei Portici

In our picture impression of Bologna, we have already briefly informed you about it: the very best pasta we ate in Bologna came from a cardboard container. You can find these holy pasta bowls at La Bottega dei Portici. Our favorites were the ricotta-filled tortelloni with a delicious traditional bolognese sauce and the spinach-filled tortellini and ricotta covered with a traditional butter-sage sauce. When I think back, the water is already in my mouth. By the manner, the chef feels so honored that he himself wished to take a photo of us with pride that we took photos for our blog in his company.

Stucco Agribologna

You will sometimes really crave some fruits and vegetables after all that delicious Italian food. You’ve come to the correct location at Sbuccio Agribologna. Here you can select your own fruit and vegetables, after which in the slow juicer a new juice is squeezed. The juice with carrot, pineapple, and raspberries was one of our favorites. You can operate your next pasta plate inside with confidence after such a vitamin boost.

Ristorante Donatello

One of the oldest restaurants in Bologna, Ristorante Donatello has been around since 1903. Time has been here a little bit and the classic Italian dishes are still on the menu. The interior is very chic, but the food is very affordable, don’t be scared. Mushroom risotto and tortellini packed with sage-butter sauce ricotta were delicious. Go soon or book ahead of time. We came very soon on ourselves, as you can see in the picture, but it was packed with locals in no moment.

Swine food

Do you feel like getting a drink after lunch somewhere? You’re in the correct location at Swine Tasty Food In Bologna. You may be paying a little more for your drink than in an ordinary cafe, but you’re getting some delicious snacks and it’s a good place. You can still sit out on the comfortable terrace under the heat lamps even in the colder months.

Tasty Food In Bologna

Free food !?

You can also eat (legally) totally free in Italy as well as inexpensive Tasty Food In Bologna! It seems almost too good to be true to this Italian tradition, but it really exists. We’re going to inform you more here. We’ve eaten a few more pounds in Bologna, as you can see. Of the freshly made pasta, we couldn’t get enough. I’m already looking for fresh kitchen appliances to copy all delicious pasta meals at home, such as a pasta machine. I’d definitely go back to Bologna for the food alone!

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