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Málaga City Trip, Worth It Or Not?

You will see the offers passing regularly: up and down to Málaga City Trip for a few dozens! Ryanair stunts this on a regular basis and there is often a very affordable ticket to Málaga outside of the deals. But what can you do in this town in southern Spain? Saskia and I’ve been there for a couple of decades and I’d like to inform you if a town journey to Malaga is worth a visit!

Málaga is a large town with over half a million residents. It is Southern Spain’s biggest town and is regarded as Spain’s sixth city. The town is situated on the famous Costa del Sol, a famous Indonesia holidaymaker region. The climate is almost always beautiful, as the name Costa del Sol indicates. The summers are hot and the winters are mild with about 20 degrees of temperature. All in all this sounds very promising, but of course, the question is whether it’s worth buying a ticket to Málaga City Trip. The answer to this question is: to some extent. If you’re just going to the town itself, I’d say you’d better choose Seville or another large Andalusian town. If you want to

Do it in Málaga

Málaga’s atmospheric downtown is very low. Rome’s center is said to be compact, but compared to Málaga, that’s really nothing. You will be in hideous houses or on a busy highway in no moment wherever you are in the middle. I myself discovered this a great disappointment. Fortunately, in that inner-city, there are a number of locations of concern that are definitely worth seeing.

Malaga Cathedral

The cathedral is the most striking sight in downtown Málaga. Because of its pompous, striking appearance, this can not be missed. Two strikingly protruding half-cylinders are on the front of the cathedral. Inside, the sacred building recalls St. Peter’s in Rome, although it is much bigger, of course. For me, a visit to the Cathedral of Malaga is definitely worthwhile, although I believe it’s a pity that they charge an entrance fee of € 5. This makes everything feel a little commercial.

Gibralfaro Castle

You can’t miss the Castle of Gibralfaro during your visit to Málaga City Trip. It lies on top of the Vuurberg and looks like an impregnable fortress down on the town. You can walk to the castle from the middle, even though we chose the bus for this steep trip. The bus trip itself is fun as well as taking you to Málaga’s housing region. Always beautiful to marvel at beautiful houses you can’t afford. Once at the castle, walking around and enjoying the view over Málaga and the Mediterranean Sea is great. If you like it, there is also a tiny museum to visit, where during Moorish rule you can learn more about the town.

Picasso Museum

This is my favorite place of interest, certainly. I believe Barcelona’s Picasso Museum is fantastic so I really looked forward to this visit. In my view, this museum is less spectacular than Barcelona’s, but still worth it. A must for enthusiasts of art! Don’t you feel like being at the counter in line? You can purchase your ticket to skip the line here.

The food in Málaga

If you can do something good in Málaga, it’s food. With delicious tapas and nice terraces, you will discover the most beautiful tents here. There are also a striking amount of foreign influences besides traditional Spanish restaurants. For instance, in a contemporary breakfast store, we liked a drink in a Moroccan tea house and delicious American pancakes. The food prices in Málaga are very small. For a whole night of eating tapas including beverages, we lost a maximum of € 10 per individual. I’d just go back to Málaga for the food.


During your visit to Málaga, the Alcazaba is a must-see. The Alcazaba is a Moorish fortress in the center of Málaga, linked to Gibralfaro Castle. It’s a lovely Seville-style Alcazar building. You also have an excellent city view from the Alcazaba.

The shopping street of Málaga City Trip

Well, you’re either a female or you’re not… I thought the shopping street in Málaga was a true attraction. Our happiness was radiated by a beautiful wide street with beautiful façades, glossy tiles, and Spanish chain stores. The shopping street area is still very comfortable and there are several beautiful terraces as well. Therefore, spending an afternoon here is suggested.

Cycling in Málaga

Málaga can be called a big town with its nearly 700,000 residents. You are likely to discover the town center and the largest attractions while walking. A bicycle tour is suggested for seeing more of the town. For instance, Baja Bikes provides a tapas tour, an alternative bike tour, and a highlights tour. Cycling is a great way to get a distinct way of getting to understand a town.

Surroundings of Málaga

Málaga City Trip

Within two days, you’ll have seen the above sights. Therefore, Málaga itself is an excellent choice if you just want to leave for a weekend, but if you go longer, you may find it difficult to have fun. We’ve been here for 4 days and chose to go by bus and train. If you want to visit other places on the Costa del Sol, Málaga is an ideal base. It requires just over half an hour to reach Benalmádena’s beach resort. If you go off-season, this coastal town is suggested. We’ve been here in April and it’s been very quiet. You stumble at the (Dutch) visitors in Benalmádena later in the year. Keep this in mind if you don’t expect it.

You can also move a little further into Andalusia, even though you have to count on good travel time (think about 3 hours to Seville). We haven’t done this due to the travel time. Rather we chose the bus to Mijas mountain village, a tourist but picturesque village in the hills south of Málaga. Spending an afternoon wandering among the white houses is definitely suggested.

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