Nusa Lembongan – The Paradise Under Bali

I had never heard of Nusa Lembongan before I booked my ticket to Indonesia. But wow, I’m so happy to discover this paradise on the island! This tiny island below Bali has wonderful lovely beaches, lovely nature, friendly people, excellent food and not that touristy compared to neighboring Bali. It’s not for nothing called the 40-year-old Bali. I’d rather keep this little island paradise for myself, but not share it with you is too nice. Enjoy with me the lovely Nusa Lembongan.


Transportation to Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan Island is only a half-hour ride from Bali by ship. We booked our crossing tickets via Rocky Fast Cruise, but there are several organizations that give about the same crossing. At our guesthouse in Ubud, we were neatly picked up and taken to the port in Sanur. Everything had been completely organized once there. All the luggage in the correct ship was neatly marked and carried. Make sure that on the day of departure you wear a dress or shorts, as you first have to walk through the water before you get on the ship. The journey itself went very smoothly and we were on Nusa Lembongan before we knew it. Then we were carried to our house cleanly here.

Stay at Nusa Lembongan

We remained in the lovely Komodo Garden, about which I wrote in my top 5 accommodations previously. We slept in an appealing cottage with a bathroom with open-air and a lovely veranda overlooking the pool. Really a wonderful place for relaxation and an ideal base for exploring the remainder of the island. I certainly suggest staying at Komodo Garden, but there are many more lovely accommodations on the island besides this resort.

Relax on the most beautiful beaches

As far as I’m concerned, without beautiful bounty beaches, a paradise island isn’t complete. To be frank, I was somewhat disappointed by the beaches on Bali (I was very spoiled by Thailand’s lovely beaches), but I could indulge myself on Nusa Lembongan. Only beaches with lovely turquoise water I saw pearly white and tidy. The most striking thing was that everywhere it was so unbelievably silent. We were there in high season, but nearly ourselves we still had many beaches. Dream Beach and Mushroom Beach are my favorite beaches on Lembongan, but definitely worth a visit are Laguna Beach, Tamarind Beach and Song Lambing Beach. Because of the big difference.

Snorkel with the cast of Finding Nemo

We booked a snorkeling trip through Lembongan Water Sports to explore Nusa Lembongan’s underwater environment as well as the neighboring islands. We walked to three distinct points and it was extremely lovely for all three. Because of the light current, much tropical fish and colorful coral were naturally taken along in many locations, after which a ship picked us up again. We were also dropped by a boat that was feeding fish. Of course, the men on the boat thought it was all too much fun to throw the food right next to us, so that fish of more than half a meter came straight at us. Fortunately, they were not dangerous and it produced nice pictures.

Kayak through the mangrove

After snorkeling, we went kayaking through the beautiful mangrove of Nusa Lembongan. I found it very special that such a small island has such a large mangrove. A big advantage was that you could sail around freely in this mangrove and that you did not necessarily have to follow the beaten track, which sometimes left you alone in the middle of the mangrove forests. We really got the feeling that we were in the middle of Expedition Robinson. If you are more adventurous and sporting, you can also discover the mangrove with a stand-up paddleboard.

Visit Devil’s tear

The impressing devil’s tear lies between Dream Beach and Sunset Beach. This natural wonder is known for the enormous waves that hit the rocks at this point. When we were there, the sea was unfortunately very calm, but normally the water here can easily rise a few meters up. Even with a calm sea, however, it is worth going here. Only the bright green cliffs I found very special.

Lunch at Sandy Bay beach club

The nicest lunch spot on the island was the Sandy Bay beach club. Although I love Indonesian cuisine immensely, I couldn’t help myself when finally I could eat nachos and fajitas again and my friend was also very happy with his hamburger and spare ribs. The prices here are somewhat higher than in the rest of Indonesia, but by Western standards, it was still very affordable. And the view that you get with it is truly priceless. Enjoy dining with your feet in the sand while overlooking the blue ocean. I am almost ashamed to say it, but we have eaten there at least five times in total and I had to force myself to test other restaurants. But in this view, you must forgive me. By the way, during your visit to Sandy Bay, you can use the associated infinity pool for free and they also have a free pick-up and drop-off service on the entire island. The portions are very large, so don’t order too much, because believe me, you definitely want to keep enough room for the delicious desserts.


Bonus: view the most beautiful sunsets

Nusa Lembongan is known for the beautiful sunset on the island. Unfortunately, I only have pictures of a fairly cloudy evening, but the sunset was still very impressive. My favorite places for a beautiful sunset on Nusa Lembongan are Mushroom Beach and, what else, Sunset Beach. I can hardly imagine a better end to the day.

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