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Sajek in Rangamati district of the cloud country is a tourist crowd

Sajek in Rangamati district of the cloud country is a tourist crowd. The jealous look of Sajek will entice anyone. Blue sky and black cloud somewhere. Jhum rains and intense sunshine.

The end of the rain scene is even more fascinating. It seems like the crossing of the clouds over the mountains will make the dense fog around winter. The number of tourists visiting here will be accompanied by clouds.

The tourist destination on a long vacation is now the Sajek Valley, known as the cloud country of Rangamati district, a place of natural beauty. Already a very attractive, fascinating and fascinating place for both domestic and foreign tourists.

The immense potential of the tourism industry-

It is learned that, considering the immense potential of the tourism industry, more than a hundred resorts have already been developed and improved the livelihood and socio-economic system of the people. Every year in November-December, thousands of tourists come to visit the Sazek Valley every day for the holidays after the students’ exams.

Tourist arrivals are much higher than normal, especially on winter holidays. Thousands of tourists have become safer in the current season than in previous years.

Every day, the Sazek Valley tourist spot is marked by the rank of domestic tourist. Due to advance booking, there are no more than one hundred resort rooms located here. Due to the crowded crowd of tourists this gathering has become quite common in Ruilwipara, Sajek tourism area. At the same time, the amount of shopping is increasing in different stores.

Fraternal conflicts between various regional political parties in the Highlands –

Nasir Uddin, a resort businessman in the Szek tourism area, said that in recent years, there have been fierce clashes between different regional political parties in the hill region. The tourists have been joined by the security forces in spite of the possibility of less tourists this year.

Despite the natural disadvantages due to the increased security, the area has become more prosperous overall with the advent of nature lovers and travelers, double the number of tourists.


Apart from this, the Baghaihat market has been opened in the recent times by the initiative of the Baghaihat Zone and locals. This has made the region’s population more commercially and economically dynamic.

Security forces check on security of tourists

Travelers from Mirpur, Dhaka, Ahmed Kabir and Mizan of Gazipur, said that after leaving the Khagrachari after the long route, I went to Sajek. However, if the security checkpoints in those areas are reduced to a certain extent, the tourists could travel more freely to Sazek.

However, the feel of the roller coaster on the high-low hills was quite enjoyable.

On the other hand, Bangladesh Army is constantly working for peace and development activities in the tourist safety area. In addition, construction of a 23 km road from Szek to Bettling is underway by the army in the remote areas of Szek.

The mountainous high-low roads will be one of the most beautiful places for nature-lovers and tourists.

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