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Top 5 Global Clothing Brands Export Bangladesh Clothes

The brands of Global Clothing made in Bangladesh are excellent. First-class apparel manufacturing company in the world is collecting its success from Bangladesh. Although they have many bands, they are not all popular and well-established. The numerous clothing styles made in Bangladesh were popular all over the world. Thus different manufacturing comes into being in Bangladesh forms a different area of the world.

World-renowned brands worldwide source appliances from this country. The buyer is satisfied with the quality of the products made in Bangladesh. Clothing and fashion industries are rapidly growing. It plays the most outstanding part in contributing to economic growth in Bangladesh. The exporter earns foreign exchange through the export of clothing appliances and ready-made cloth.

Marks & Spencer

This British multinational company is taking major Bangladesh Global Clothing. We basically work with Bangladesh leed-certified business. M&S is a world-renowned supermarket. It has a strong legacy. Their company is house, shoes, food and more. We ensure the full quality of every single product. This company has an extensive product offering. M & S sells its goods to the world’s 1000 societies. This helps 10 million people live safer, happier lives. Mand s is a till 2025 zero-waste company. This world-famous brand is pleased with the Bangladesh apparatus. We import their planned goods from that country every single year.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of the luxury fashion houses in the USA. It was founded in 1968. They are renowned for watches, perfumery, jewelry, watches, clothing, and other products. Calvin Klein also sells exclusive boots, bras, handbag, home furnishings, and other designs. Calvin Klein takes various types of Bangladesh clothing. The denim wear, your preference is a t-shirt.


Lee is one of the most popular American companies. Denim jeans are the company’s familiar product. It was established in1889 in Kansas and Salina. In theory, the lee is operated by VF Corporation. This is one of the retailers from around the world. They have more than 400 staff in the USA. The company has been well established in Australia since 2007. The company was founded in 1889 by the founder of this business Henry David Lee. It was first established in 1889. They went on to expand in 1920.

We were the leading distributors in the U.S.A. from 1930 to 1940. Lee expanded the 1954 casual wear. They have expanded their business in more than 81 countries in 1960 years. It is a world-renowned brand. It brings in loads of Bangladesh accessories. Bangladesh being a remarkable denim industry, Lee chooses to take that country’s denim type.


It is one of America’s notable labels. It was founded in 1994. The company basically works out the young generation’s commodity. Skateboarding and rock culture are well known for this brand. The company sells a lot of Bangladeshi accessories. They have their planned goods coming from Bangladesh at the lowest price.

American Eagle

American eagle became known as American outfitters for eagle. Nevertheless, it is now known as just an American eagle. This brand is an American clothing retailer and accessories. It is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The collection is familiar to women, men, and children. We are also renowned for women’s Global Clothing for outstanding and aesthetic style.


Armani Exchange

The most famous brand of clothes in New York is the Armani store. It collects accessories for different types of garments from different areas of the country. Specifically, it takes Bangladesh items. They’re superior in collections for men, women, and children. Armani exchange discovers this country’s chic women wear.

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