You Should be Talking About Good Food In Gelderland

If you can make me really happy with something, it is a nice plate of food. I love trying new flavors, but with a home-made pizza, a great sandwich or a decent salad, I can just as well be happy. Throughout my visit to Gelderland province, I discovered that this area has a great deal to offer in culinary terms. Look at all the delicious food Gelderland has to sell!

The Master test in Nijmegen

The former Honig complex is located directly along the Waal in Nijmegen. Honig’s popular soups used to be made here and it’s now a cultural hotspot full of fun activities and shops. De Meesterproef, a beautiful room with high windows and an open kitchen, is one of these things. The interior is modern but also warm, which fits perfectly with the whole Honig complex environment. They use as many products as possible from local suppliers at De Meesterproef and everything is freshly prepared. Even the beer comes from a beer brewery located in the Honig complex, too. How funny!

I can have a real surprise lunch here. Three large planks with sandwiches and candy are placed on the table after a delicious bowl of roasted tomato soup with goat cheese. I try a rib-eye sandwich, a salmon mousse sandwich, a fresh piece of sausage and a broccoli snack. The home-made sausage roll and the salmon mousse especially impress. You can know the healthy ingredients are used to make this. The Meesterproef is truly a special situation I’m definitely going back to.

Dining 56 in Arnhem

Do you also enjoy a nice long dinner with interesting ingredients, and eat beautiful dishes? You certainly shouldn’t miss Dining 56 at Arnhem instead! The menu is based on French and Italian cuisine, but they have no fear of being influenced by Asian cuisine, for example. It enables you to try shockingly delicious blends of flavors, which are beautifully designed on your plate.

At Dining 56 I get a surprise menu too. The evening ends with two appetizers, of which the raw tuna appetizer is best enjoyed. Then I enjoy a mackerel starter with beetroot and a spicy mayonnaise to the full. I choose a vegetarian main course and that turns out to be a hit: my autumn risotto is full of fresh and delicious vegetables. The dessert is made of small apple pastries with a bowl

The Taste of Van Gogh at the Waldhoorn in Otterlo

The world-famous Kröller-Müller Museum is located in Gelderland, where the second-largest collection of Van Gogh in the world is available. With this, the municipality of Ede decided to do something more, and that’s how De Smaak van Gogh came in. Under this name nature, community, and food are brought together and several food activities are held throughout the year. Different flavor profiles were drawn up based on the work done by Van Gogh, each profile being influenced by a particular season. A total of 18 ingredients that match with Van Gogh’s life and the seasons have been picked. Such profiles inspire various restaurants and thus establish their own’ Van Gogh menu.’

I joined De Waldhoorn, a historically looked-up restaurant in Otterlo, for De Smaak van Van Gogh. The environment is pleasantly comfortable and the service is very good. I get a well-packed mushroom soup with truffle, ravioli and rustic bread as a starter. Afterward, I enjoy a stew of Veluws with various vegetables and potatoes. The servings are huge and the flavor is just as it should. Pleasant! The dessert is a large piece of tiramisu after which I can’t say porridge anymore.

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