You Should be Talking About Good Food In Gelderland

If you can make me really happy with something, it is a nice plate of food. I love trying new flavors, but with a home-made pizza, a great sandwich or a decent salad, I can just as well be happy. Throughout my visit to Gelderland province, I discovered that this area has a great deal to offer in culinary terms. Look at all the delicious food Gelderland has to sell!

The Master test in Nijmegen

The former Honig complex is located directly along the Waal in Nijmegen. Honig’s popular soups used to be made here and it’s now a cultural hotspot full of fun activities and shops. De Meesterproef, a beautiful room with high windows and an open kitchen, is one of these things. The interior is modern but also warm, which fits perfectly with the whole Honig complex environment. They use as many products as possible from local suppliers at De Meesterproef and everything is freshly prepared. Even the beer comes from a beer brewery located in the Honig complex, too. How funny!

I can have a real surprise lunch here. Three large planks with sandwiches and candy are placed on the table after a delicious bowl of roasted tomato soup with goat cheese. I try a rib-eye sandwich, a salmon mousse sandwich, a fresh piece of sausage and a broccoli snack. The home-made sausage roll and the salmon mousse especially impress. You can know the healthy ingredients are used to make this. The Meesterproef is truly a special situation I’m definitely going back to.

Dining 56 in Arnhem

Do you also enjoy a nice long dinner with interesting ingredients, and eat beautiful dishes? You certainly shouldn’t miss Dining 56 at Arnhem instead! The menu is based on French and Italian cuisine, but they have no fear of being influenced by Asian cuisine, for example. It enables you to try shockingly delicious blends of flavors, which are beautifully designed on your plate.

At Dining 56 I get a surprise menu too. The evening ends with two appetizers, of which the raw tuna appetizer is best enjoyed. Then I enjoy a mackerel starter with beetroot and a spicy mayonnaise to the full. I choose a vegetarian main course and that turns out to be a hit: my autumn risotto is full of fresh and delicious vegetables. The dessert is made of small apple pastries with a bowl

The Taste of Van Gogh at the Waldhoorn in Otterlo

The world-famous Kröller-Müller Museum is located in Gelderland, where the second-largest collection of Van Gogh in the world is available. With this, the municipality of Ede decided to do something more, and that’s how De Smaak van Gogh came in. Under this name nature, community, and food are brought together and several food activities are held throughout the year. Different flavor profiles were drawn up based on the work done by Van Gogh, each profile being influenced by a particular season. A total of 18 ingredients that match with Van Gogh’s life and the seasons have been picked. Such profiles inspire various restaurants and thus establish their own’ Van Gogh menu.’

I joined De Waldhoorn, a historically looked-up restaurant in Otterlo, for De Smaak van Van Gogh. The environment is pleasantly comfortable and the service is very good. I get a well-packed mushroom soup with truffle, ravioli and rustic bread as a starter. Afterward, I enjoy a stew of Veluws with various vegetables and potatoes. The servings are huge and the flavor is just as it should. Pleasant! The dessert is a large piece of tiramisu after which I can’t say porridge anymore.


Cheap And Tasty Food In Bologna

Bologna is not known as’ la grassa’ or the fat town for nothing. If in Tasty Food In Bologna there’s something you can do well, it’s your stomach to eat. You can expect something from a town that initially came from the pasta bolognese. Bologna’s expectations have been more than fulfilled. We had a fantastic dinner here! We are pleased to offer you our tips in Bologna for inexpensive and delicious food.

Mercato di Mezzo

Once the city’s main market hall was the Mercato di Mezzo. Mostly handmade products have been sold here in the Middle Ages and you could find here a goldsmith, butcher and fish shop. Since then, the Mercato di Mezzo has become a contemporary market hall where all sorts of specialty stores and restaurants can be found. It reminded us of the Rotterdam market halls, but then the Italian way. Delicious cheese boards, fresh pasta, richly filled sandwiches and the most lovely little pastries you can imagine can be found in the Mercato di Mezzo. To begin your culinary discovery trip through Bologna, the Mercato di Mezzo is definitely suggested!

Naama Café

Naama Cafè is the location’ for your ultimate break’ as the big sign above the door says. Special kinds of tea, delicious juices and the thickest chocolate milk ever can be found in this adorable Moroccan teahouse. It looked like there was a whole chocolate bar in it, but it was lovely. It’s that when we were there we had just eaten, but all the sweet treats and the various dinner menu items looked delicious as well. Take a seat on the adorable terrace and enjoy a break from the city’s bustle.

La Bottega Dei Portici

In our picture impression of Bologna, we have already briefly informed you about it: the very best pasta we ate in Bologna came from a cardboard container. You can find these holy pasta bowls at La Bottega dei Portici. Our favorites were the ricotta-filled tortelloni with a delicious traditional bolognese sauce and the spinach-filled tortellini and ricotta covered with a traditional butter-sage sauce. When I think back, the water is already in my mouth. By the manner, the chef feels so honored that he himself wished to take a photo of us with pride that we took photos for our blog in his company.

Stucco Agribologna

You will sometimes really crave some fruits and vegetables after all that delicious Italian food. You’ve come to the correct location at Sbuccio Agribologna. Here you can select your own fruit and vegetables, after which in the slow juicer a new juice is squeezed. The juice with carrot, pineapple, and raspberries was one of our favorites. You can operate your next pasta plate inside with confidence after such a vitamin boost.

Ristorante Donatello

One of the oldest restaurants in Bologna, Ristorante Donatello has been around since 1903. Time has been here a little bit and the classic Italian dishes are still on the menu. The interior is very chic, but the food is very affordable, don’t be scared. Mushroom risotto and tortellini packed with sage-butter sauce ricotta were delicious. Go soon or book ahead of time. We came very soon on ourselves, as you can see in the picture, but it was packed with locals in no moment.

Swine food

Do you feel like getting a drink after lunch somewhere? You’re in the correct location at Swine Tasty Food In Bologna. You may be paying a little more for your drink than in an ordinary cafe, but you’re getting some delicious snacks and it’s a good place. You can still sit out on the comfortable terrace under the heat lamps even in the colder months.

Tasty Food In Bologna

Free food !?

You can also eat (legally) totally free in Italy as well as inexpensive Tasty Food In Bologna! It seems almost too good to be true to this Italian tradition, but it really exists. We’re going to inform you more here. We’ve eaten a few more pounds in Bologna, as you can see. Of the freshly made pasta, we couldn’t get enough. I’m already looking for fresh kitchen appliances to copy all delicious pasta meals at home, such as a pasta machine. I’d definitely go back to Bologna for the food alone!


Cheap And Tasty Food In London

If you like good Tasty Food, London is a great city. You’ll find the most extraordinary food stalls and restaurants in London besides the famous Borough Market. In this multicultural town, all world cuisines are represented, and every chef has his own restaurant here. Are you curious about my favorite London restaurants? I’d like to share with you my inexpensive and delicious Tasty Food tips in London!


Wahaca was established by Masterchef UK 2005 winner Thomasina Miers. You might believe of a very costly restaurant when you hear Masterchef, but nothing could be further from reality. With delicious and unique Mexican food, Thomasina has created a very inexpensive chain. We ordered six tiny meals together and we lost a total of 26 pounds including beverages.

I’m almost shameful to say that, but during our last journey to London, we went to Wahaca no less than three times, it was so nice. We came to three separate places and all the restaurants were decorated in a very comfortable and colorful way and it was all correct. The guacamole, chipotle quesadilla and taquito with sweet potato and feta were my favorite dishes, but in fact, everything was delicious. If you don’t feel like waiting for the bill, you can also pay readily via a unique app. For me, Wahaca can come very rapidly to Indonesia.

Borough Market

Before I wrote about my favorite locations in London, the Borough Market was already discussed widely. This is the place for Tasty Food enthusiasts, in my view. It reminded me of Barcelona’s La Boquería, but with even more unique and distinct stalls. From exotic fruit, you will discover delicious fresh juices, the finest hamburgers, fresh pasta, Turkish baklava, and cheesecakes. Even if you’re not so hungry, here you can be successful.

Buy unique tea, herbs or tea for your home, for instance. The cost depends on what you purchase, of course. It may not be highly inexpensive if you want to taste just as much as we did, but it is still affordable for this quality. Of course, the benefit is that you can make it as costly as you like. You can also eat 5 to 10 pounds complete dinner. Here you can see the finest food markets in London.


I had already purchased sushi at Wasabi in New York, and when I met them in London, I was pleasantly amazed. Now that’s not that hard as there are more than 30 branches in the town. Wasabi is not a restaurant, only food can be picked up here. This makes it very inexpensive. Most sushi boxes here cost about £ 5 but you can purchase sushi per piece as well. They have delicious salads and warm Japanese dishes as well as sushi. We took the sushi to a nearby park and ate it in the sun delightfully. I believe if you fancy tasty, fresh and inexpensive sushi, Wasabi is really a must.

Lokkanta Meze & Barbecue

I heard Lokkant was one of London’s finest Turkish restaurants, so I wanted to test it myself, of course. The restaurant is located in a pleasant street with several foreign restaurants. You can choose from various cold and hot mezzanines (a type of Turkish tapas) or from one of the delicious main courses. With every lunch or dinner at Lokerkant, you will also receive 4 tiny mezzanines free of charge. I understand why this restaurant’s fans are many people. The Tasty Food was delicious and super friendly service. What I also liked is that you can take your own beverages from the menu. You can order beverages as well, of course, but I still enjoyed this gesture. We two lost 26 pounds in total, including


Tasty Food

I have been an Israeli chef’s big fan for years, Yotam Ottolenghi. I create a dish out of him frequently and it’s all very common so far. Ottolenghi has several restaurants in London and during our last journey to London, of course, I wanted to visit one. We visited his Islington district restaurant for a fantastic dinner. Particularly common was the roasted sweet potato and yogurt sauce eggplant.

The rates are not too bad for a top chef’s restaurant. A plate with three salads costs £ 12.90 and only £ 15.70 costs a primary dish with two salads. With your meals, you are also getting unlimited free tap water. If you have less time, you can pick up all the Tasty Food as well. Make sure you’ve left some space for one of the delicious dessert pastries or just purchase some to bring with you and eat them in one of London’s many parks later.


Food In Malaysia: My Favorite Dishes

Food In Malaysia cuisine is a mixture of local dishes. Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, Taiwanese, you’ll discover everything here in one form or another that’s often adjusted. The selection of meals is really infinite, so this list is just an iceberg tip. Eating is really a party in Malaysia and I’m glad to inform you about my favorite meals.

Char Kway Teow

Char Kway (or Kuay) Teow is a dish based on thick rice noodles with a place on number 1. I was sold the first time I tasted this: extremely complete of flavor and distinct from all my previous meals. Over a charcoal fire, the noodles are fried, giving them a distinctive smoky flavor. Char Kway Teow also includes shrimps, sprouts of beans, eggs, and peppers of chili. I ate the most delicious variety at a food stand in George Town’s CF food hall.

Curry Laksa

Curry Laksa is the only Malaysian dish I still create at home on a regular basis. This curry is made up of spicy red paste, coconut milk, fish balls or shrimps, light tofu and egg. A couple of bean sprouts and some new coriander often complete this. Laksa is beautifully filling and beautiful and spicy, and I have to say that in the summer I particularly like eating it at home as a variation on a winter soup.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is perhaps Malaysia’s most popular dish. This rice dish is often consumed as a breakfast, but it can also be appreciated as a meal in between. In coconut milk, white rice is cooked, giving it a super creamy flavor. Spicy sambal, dried anchovies, cucumber, roasted peanuts, and a cooked egg are then served. It may not sound very fantastic, but trust me, from all the food in Malaysia you must have tasted Nasi Lemak.

Kolo Mee

Kolo Mee is one of the most consumed dishes in Borneo, Sarawak province. I haven’t seen anything on the menu on Malaysia’s mainland, which isn’t surprising. Kolo Mee’s principal ingredient is pork. Because the vast bulk of the continental population is Muslim, it makes sense to rarely serve this dish here. Kolo Mee is made up of thin noodles in barbecue sauce with minced pork. It also generally includes pork parts that were caramelized from the sauce by sugar. Very easy, but it will be enjoyed even by someone who does not like pork (like me).

Roti Canai

The fact that there were so many rotis on the menus was one of the surprises during my journey through Malaysia. Of course, this is not without reason: Indian descent is the third biggest population group here. Roti Canai is a typical Indian flat bread that is often served with a curry shall. You will discover numerous variants of this dish in relation to this traditional version. That’s how I ate a banana from Roti Canai. Moreover, with Nutella, egg, spicy curry or even peanut butter, this pancake-like bread is also served.

Noodle soup

Food In Malaysia

Naturally, noodle soup is not necessarily a Food In Malaysia dish, but it is worth noting since it is actually sold everywhere. I liked a noodle soup almost daily and with the thought alone, the water is already returning to my mouth. There are innumerable variations to be discovered, and I suggest you attempt a lot. My favorite was beef and vegetarian variants.


We all understand the supermarket’s frozen baobab’s. These may not even be in Malaysia’s shadow of the new Pau’s sold! This initially Chinese snack is sold in Malaysia everywhere and I know why: endless possibilities! I saw all flavors pass by, from barbecue chicken to red beans and from chocolate to beef. The colors on top of the pau show the filling in it. Handy!


Good Food And Drink In Bergen Op Zoom

It’s been one and a half years since we’ve been together on the highway. So it’s time for a Good Food journey! We visited Bergen op Zoom in Brabant this time, a city only a 40-minute drive from our hometown but we didn’t understand it at all. With the assistance of local Marike, we have done our utmost during this weekend to discover the best places to eat and drink in Bergen op Zoom.

Cafe Helene

Café Helene is Bookstore Quist’s top café. We pass by and we can’t resist the temptation to begin our weekend with a piece of cake and a new juice in Bergen op Zoom. You enter the café in the center of the bookstore through a staircase. We decide to share a piece of home-made chocolate truffle cake and drink a beetroot, carrot, and fruit freshly squeezed juice. Both the cake and the juice taste delicious and Café Helene is a great place to rest your feet in the town middle during a shopping session.

SAUS food and drink – On the water

During our weekend in Bergen op Zoom, SAUS Aren’t water was the surprise. Marike’s guide informs us this is one of the city’s favorite hotspots and we fully know why. It looks like we’re on a Spanish boulevard with the sun on our face, the perspective over the water and the beach chairs in front of the gate. We have dinner with a caramelized apple salmon sandwich and goat cheese salad. SAUS isn’t water is a great place to spend an afternoon on the day of the summer.

Simply with Sjuul

Simply in Sjuul, there is a nice lunch café where individuals with (work) disabilities can work under the supervision of Carla and Dennis owners. A fantastic initiative! We order a coconut-flavored cappuccino and a new ginger tea, both delicious. For delicious cake parts, thickly filled sandwiches and fresh salads, you can come here. Unfortunately we were on the water at SAUS still full of dinner, otherwise, we would have tasted something for sure. At Sjuul alone there’s a good idea we’d like to come back to try the dinner meals as well.

Restaurant ‘t Spuihuis

Good Food

Restaurant ‘ t Spuihuis is one of Bergen op Zoom’s finest restaurants and we were enthusiastic about our lunch here before we left for the town. Fortunately,’ t certainly didn’t disappoint Spuihuis. The meal begins with an appetizer of Parmesan cheese cream tortilla chips. The second fun is a kefir lime soup in it that reminds us heavily of Thai Tom Kha Kai. Kimber then loves a king crab starter and butter-soft salmon fillet Saskia. Cod with new vegetables and risotto-like pasta with different mushrooms are the primary courses. We’re served with delicious mayonnaise truffle fries. We don’t dare to say it but after the two meals and the delicious ap

Fresh market the Zeeland

We’re both crazy about food markets and we can’t assist but stop if we cycle past Versmarkt de Zeeland. There are numerous specialty stores in this room, certainly our absolute favorite of which is the Zuivelhoeve. You can choose from numerous distinct cheese types at the Zuivelhoeve. Shelves complete of nuts, distinctive chocolate (such as white chocolate with strawberries and black pepper) and all types of tapas are also available. You’re not going to eat at the Versmarkt de Zeeland, but buying goodies to take home.