Nusa Lembongan – The Paradise Under Bali

I had never heard of Nusa Lembongan before I booked my ticket to Indonesia. But wow, I’m so happy to discover this paradise on the island! This tiny island below Bali has wonderful lovely beaches, lovely nature, friendly people, excellent food and not that touristy compared to neighboring Bali. It’s not for nothing called the 40-year-old Bali. I’d rather keep this little island paradise for myself, but not share it with you is too nice. Enjoy with me the lovely Nusa Lembongan.


Transportation to Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan Island is only a half-hour ride from Bali by ship. We booked our crossing tickets via Rocky Fast Cruise, but there are several organizations that give about the same crossing. At our guesthouse in Ubud, we were neatly picked up and taken to the port in Sanur. Everything had been completely organized once there. All the luggage in the correct ship was neatly marked and carried. Make sure that on the day of departure you wear a dress or shorts, as you first have to walk through the water before you get on the ship. The journey itself went very smoothly and we were on Nusa Lembongan before we knew it. Then we were carried to our house cleanly here.

Stay at Nusa Lembongan

We remained in the lovely Komodo Garden, about which I wrote in my top 5 accommodations previously. We slept in an appealing cottage with a bathroom with open-air and a lovely veranda overlooking the pool. Really a wonderful place for relaxation and an ideal base for exploring the remainder of the island. I certainly suggest staying at Komodo Garden, but there are many more lovely accommodations on the island besides this resort.

Relax on the most beautiful beaches

As far as I’m concerned, without beautiful bounty beaches, a paradise island isn’t complete. To be frank, I was somewhat disappointed by the beaches on Bali (I was very spoiled by Thailand’s lovely beaches), but I could indulge myself on Nusa Lembongan. Only beaches with lovely turquoise water I saw pearly white and tidy. The most striking thing was that everywhere it was so unbelievably silent. We were there in high season, but nearly ourselves we still had many beaches. Dream Beach and Mushroom Beach are my favorite beaches on Lembongan, but definitely worth a visit are Laguna Beach, Tamarind Beach and Song Lambing Beach. Because of the big difference.

Snorkel with the cast of Finding Nemo

We booked a snorkeling trip through Lembongan Water Sports to explore Nusa Lembongan’s underwater environment as well as the neighboring islands. We walked to three distinct points and it was extremely lovely for all three. Because of the light current, much tropical fish and colorful coral were naturally taken along in many locations, after which a ship picked us up again. We were also dropped by a boat that was feeding fish. Of course, the men on the boat thought it was all too much fun to throw the food right next to us, so that fish of more than half a meter came straight at us. Fortunately, they were not dangerous and it produced nice pictures.

Kayak through the mangrove

After snorkeling, we went kayaking through the beautiful mangrove of Nusa Lembongan. I found it very special that such a small island has such a large mangrove. A big advantage was that you could sail around freely in this mangrove and that you did not necessarily have to follow the beaten track, which sometimes left you alone in the middle of the mangrove forests. We really got the feeling that we were in the middle of Expedition Robinson. If you are more adventurous and sporting, you can also discover the mangrove with a stand-up paddleboard.

Visit Devil’s tear

The impressing devil’s tear lies between Dream Beach and Sunset Beach. This natural wonder is known for the enormous waves that hit the rocks at this point. When we were there, the sea was unfortunately very calm, but normally the water here can easily rise a few meters up. Even with a calm sea, however, it is worth going here. Only the bright green cliffs I found very special.

Lunch at Sandy Bay beach club

The nicest lunch spot on the island was the Sandy Bay beach club. Although I love Indonesian cuisine immensely, I couldn’t help myself when finally I could eat nachos and fajitas again and my friend was also very happy with his hamburger and spare ribs. The prices here are somewhat higher than in the rest of Indonesia, but by Western standards, it was still very affordable. And the view that you get with it is truly priceless. Enjoy dining with your feet in the sand while overlooking the blue ocean. I am almost ashamed to say it, but we have eaten there at least five times in total and I had to force myself to test other restaurants. But in this view, you must forgive me. By the way, during your visit to Sandy Bay, you can use the associated infinity pool for free and they also have a free pick-up and drop-off service on the entire island. The portions are very large, so don’t order too much, because believe me, you definitely want to keep enough room for the delicious desserts.


Bonus: view the most beautiful sunsets

Nusa Lembongan is known for the beautiful sunset on the island. Unfortunately, I only have pictures of a fairly cloudy evening, but the sunset was still very impressive. My favorite places for a beautiful sunset on Nusa Lembongan are Mushroom Beach and, what else, Sunset Beach. I can hardly imagine a better end to the day.


Traveling By Train Through Sri Lanka ( Part 01 )

It’s quite an experience to travel by Train Through Sri Lanka. For individuals with a restricted budget, it is the best choice as you are otherwise dependent on personal drivers or taxis. The bus is also an alternative, of course, but I discovered the train a little more convenient. Traveling by train in Sri Lanka, however, is not the same as in the Netherlands, and preparing for this is helpful. I get regular train questions through Sri Lanka so that’s why it’s time for a comprehensive article. Only on the grounds of our individual train rides, I inform you about my own experiences. So you understand precisely what to expect from your Sri Lankan train trip!

The train from Colombo

We decided to go first to the southernmost location on our wish list during our trip through Sri Lanka: Anuradhapura. We walked directly to the Colomboso train station on the day of arrival to purchase tickets for this lengthy trip. Note: in the tiny ticket office there are several rows, all of which are for a distinct final destination. Up to 3 times we had to join another row, ending up in the row we began. So, when you purchase train tickets, bring some patience with you. You can also purchase your tickets on the day of departure in principle, but if you’re in the region, I suggest you pick them up. You are thus assured of a location because you are running out.

Train Through Sri Lanka

It is in principle self-explanatory on the day of departure. An inspector is prepared upon arrival at the station and if you ask on which platform you are supposed to be on, he will specify this. If you still look around a bit confused (it can be very busy at this station), another officer will approach you in no moment to ask where you need to go. Almost everywhere on the platform where the coupé stops are stated, so when the train comes you are instantly in the correct location.

The train itself is ancient, with fans as improvised air conditioning on the roof. Fortunately, it is possible to open the windows to allow some cooling air to flow in. We had tickets for the second class and those locations were fantastic. The Colombo-Anuradhapura path is only 200 km away, but it takes 4 hours as the train only operates 50 km per hour. So take plenty of beverages and food. On the way there are constantly sellers, so you can always buy it on the train itself if you haven’t carried anything.

The train from Kandy

We took the train in Kandy to Hatton, from where we climbed Adam’s Peak. It turned out that this train ride was much more common than the one from Colombo to Anuradhapura. We couldn’t choose a seat on the right. A pity two days before departure, because from there you have the best opinions. I ended up standing in the doorway several times during the trip to take pictures, but as I wasn’t the only one with this concept, sometimes it was blown.

So always show that you prefer to sit on the correct side when you buy your tickets, which will save you a lot of trouble along with the manner. We finally had two narrow seats, obviously the last remaining: my bench looked more like a love seat than a double sofa. I shared this with a very little ancient person, luckily. My friend had a single-person bench, but his arms against those of the ancient guy were constantly (accidentally). Not the most comfortable train ride ever, but well, we were not permitted to complain about those few euros that cost the tickets.

The train from Hatton

We were looking for the train from Hatton to Ellatake after climbing Adam’s Peak. Because until this time we always booked a seat, we were amazed to learn that from here this was not feasible. You purchase a ticket and all you have to do is hope that somewhere there is space. This is because only the exit station sells seats. Because this is still an old-fashioned ticket system, it seems impossible to see who gets out and when, so at the intermediate stops no seats can be purchased. It could then be that twice or even more frequently a seat is booked.

Everybody was in the starting blocks at Hatton station, prepared to fly into the train as quickly as it came. That’s why we felt tired, so we were prepared to go with our backpacks on our backs as well. This ultimately paid off: we could secure two great places. Annoying detail: some visitors threw their rucksacks through the open windows into an empty seat from outside, so they could enter quietly afterward. I believed it was going very far and I believed it was antisocial in reality. This is a lovely train ride with lovely opinions once you are seated. The view was extremely lovely here, we were on the left.

Train Through Sri Lanka

The train from Hikkaduwa

Before we headed to the airport, Hikkaduwa was our last stop. We took a day off to travel to Negombo near the airport from this seaside town. It was also a nice thing. We left at half-past ten in the morning by train, only to arrive at five in the evening in Negombo. That means we’ve done over 150 km for 6.5 hours. It can be that slow to travel by train in Sri Lanka. Luckily we only flew at 2.30 that night, otherwise, we’d have an issue. Traveling in Sri Lanka by train is a fantastic experience with the finest opinions. However, it’s important to take considerable travel time into account and the fact that you can’t always sit down. With that in mind, if you begin a train trip, it’s a great fun experience!

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How 10x the Highlights of Southeast Asia Makes You a Better Lover

Southeast Asia is one of the travelers ‘ most famous areas. The region is more famous than ever, with millions of visitors flooding each year. It’s secure, inexpensive and a great adventure to travel through Southeast Asia. Who doesn’t want to say farewell to Indonesia for a couple of months and explore Southeast Asia’s lovely nature, lovely temples, paradise beaches, and other insane sights? We traveled through Asia for nearly two years between 2013 and 2019, much of which was through Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia has been our favorite region in the globe with nations like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

The ancient temples of Angkor in Cambodia

Angkor’s ancient temples close Siem Reap in Cambodia is by far one of Southeast Asia’s most famous highlights. If you’re traveling through Southeast Asia, you shouldn’t miss a trip to the magical full Angkor. Would you like the most unique experience? Then visit the sunrise or sunset shrines.

The chaotic metropolis Bangkok

Bangkok is the town where a trip through Southeast Asia starts for many tourists. Bangkok airline tickets are usually much cheaper than tickets to other nations in the region, and Bangkok is also an ideal place for a first Asian introduction. Or the ultimate foundation for a wonderful journey. You can easily enjoy days, if not weeks, in the various neighborhoods in the Thai capital. Go dancing and drinking on Khao San Road, visit the floating markets on the city’s outer ring, eat Chinatown’s most delicious meals, go shopping in Siam and chill out in Lumpini Park. For everyone, Bangkok is a town.

The adventurous island of Nusa Penida off the coast of Bali

There are a number of smaller islands near the famous Bali that you can visit readily by ship. The Nusa islands are no longer undiscovered, of which Nusa Penida is the biggest. But Nusa Penida remains relatively untouched. Especially because many tourists are afraid of the horrible streets. A lot of building is going on in Penida, so I suggest that you put this lovely, adventurous island on your bucket list in Southeast Asia as quickly as possible.

The green rice fields and terraces of Bali

Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia. A little too touristy in some locations, but no less lovely. Immerse yourself in Bali’s green interior and admire the finest rice terraces and rice fields. The best way to discover this atmosphere is from the famous Ubud where you will find lots of stores, accommodations and trendy restaurants.

Feel Tarzan and Jane in the Laotian jungle

Laos ‘ north is one of the few places in Southeast Asia where in one day you don’t meet thousands of other visitors. You can experience one of Southeast Asia’s highlights in the jungle of this wonderful nation. In other words, zip line through the jungle like a true Tarzan and Jane with the experience of Gibbon.

Sailing across the mighty Mekong river

One of the largest rivers in Southeast Asia, the mighty Mekong River passes through China, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. In separate locations, you can admire the Mekong river or create a pleasant journey over the river. But Southeast Asia’s still cool highlight is traveling from Thailand to Laos with the Mekong River slow boat. Or the other way around, of course. You’ll sail from northern Thailand to the insane Luang Prabang town in Laos in two days.

Diving and snorkeling in the most heavenly places

Those who enjoy snorkeling and/or diving in the underwater globe are in the correct location in Southeast Asia. Among the most lovely, colored fish, sharks, sea turtles, and other lovely aquatic animals, there are several areas where you can snorkel or dive. Our favorite Southeast Asian snorkeling destinations are Indonesia’s Gili Islands, Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands, and Thailand’s Koh Tao Island.

Paradise islands in the south of Thailand

Thailand is by far Southeast Asia’s most famous nation. Not only because it is an inexpensive location and it is simple to move to the nation, but also because of the wonderful islands in the country’s south. The coast of Andaman is lovely with islands like Koh Jum and Koh Phi Phi, but on the other side of the nation, you will also find lovely islands like Koh Tao. If you are traveling through Southeast Asia, you should definitely visit this region.

The turbulent history of Cambodia in the capital Phnom Penh

Cambodia is a nation that, due to the insane sights, does not immediately stand out. Of course, besides Angkor Wat. Because of the turbulent history, why you should particularly travel to Cambodia. The nation has been plagued for years by the Khmer Rouge, who in the 1970s murdered millions of individuals. The Killing Fields near the capital Phnom Penh and the Tuol Sleng prison where inmates were tortured and murdered are special areas where you can read more about these horrible occurrences. Both sites are situated just outside the town and can be easily visited by arranging for the day a tuk-tuk driver.

Southeast Asia

Spot orangutans on Malaysian Borneo

Nature is lovely in Southeast Asia almost everywhere, but if you enjoy nature, one of the highlights is a journey through Malaysian Borneo. Orangutans still live here that you can admire where they are gathered in the wild or in unique parks. A unique experience you can still experience in the globe in a few locations. We ourselves toured the S Menggoh Wildlife Center in the southern Malaysian Borneo town of Kuching where at that moment 26 rehabilitated orangutans lived.


Stopover In Dubai – Wat Te Doen In 2 Dagen?

You can often create a stopover in Dubai at no additional price when you fly to Asia with Emirates. I find this extremely advised for myself. Dubai is a weird but fantastic town where you’re sure to enjoy yourself. Even though Dubai is enormous, in a two-day stopover you can see a lot of the town. I’ll inform you in this post what you can see and do during a stopover in Dubai and how you can arrange your two-day stopover conveniently.

Discover the coast with the Yellow Boats

With huge skyscrapers, Dubai has a beautifully landscaped shoreline. A journey with the Yellow Boats is the best way to see as much of this shoreline as possible in a brief period of time. Make sure you get up early and stay at 9 AM in Dubai Marina. This is Dubai’s port, from where you start your speed boat journey around Palm Island. The renowned Atlantis hotel, the Burj Khalifa and the Burj al Arab, the only 7-star hotel in the globe, can be seen along with the manner. The guide also demonstrates you the ridiculous gifts sheik Mohammed gave to his loved ones. He once gave the world’s biggest yacht, for instance, or even a whole island as a donation. You can also see his project if you look carefully.

Coffee or tea with an impressive view

From the end of the Yellow boat tour, you can walk to the enormous Marriot hotel in 5 minutes. You can recover from your journey along the shoreline in the sky bar of this hotel while enjoying a beautiful view of Dubai Marina. It’s not very cheap, so I wouldn’t go there for a complete dinner personally. A cup of tea or coffee is okay, though, and you rarely get the opportunity to drink such a wonderful perspective, of course.

Stroll along The Walk

Take a brief walk on The Walk, the most popular boulevard in Dubai, after enjoying the view. This road is not less than 1.7 kilometers long and on the manner, you’re going to be surprised. You walk in the center of the skyscrapers, but next door there’s plenty to see and do as well. There are plenty of beautiful restaurants and terraces, and displays, street artists or artists are often presented. If you’re in Dubai for an additional evening, when everything is beautifully lit, it’s also very pleasant to walk on this evening boulevard. You can take a taxi from The Walk to Souk Madinat Jumeirah in the vicinity.

Visit Souk Madinat Jumeirah

A replica of a traditional Arab market, Souk Madinat Jumeirah. In a real fata morgana, you imagine yourself here. Inside you will discover predominantly traditional stores with all types of Arabic trinkets and outside you can walk along the water and settle on one of the many terraces. You can also allow yourself to navigate for a fee around the water. You also have the best perspective of the Burj al Arab in all of Dubai from Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Only worth a visit to Souk Madinat Jumeirah for this typical picture time.

Looking for a nice lunch in the Mall of the Emirates

You can reach the Emirates Mall in a few minutes from Souk Madinat. This is Dubai’s second-biggest shopping mall. Ski Dubai, a big ski hill in the park, is best known for the mall. Look here and pick up a lovely picnic for the beach. There is a big Carrefour on the ground floor where you can purchase something to eat and drink, but there is also a takeaway choice for all restaurants. Be sure to get a delicious cake of oreo cheese from the first floor at the Cheesecake Factory. This is undoubtedly the most delicious cheesecake I’ve ever had.

Picnic on Kite Beach

For a fantastic picnic on the beach, take your bought lunch to Kite Beach. The Emirates Mall is a 10-minute drive from Kite Beach. This beach is especially renowned, as the name indicates, for the kite surfers who are often discovered here. The water is bright and intense blue. You have a beautiful view of the town skyline from the beach. It’s the ideal location in the hot water to have dinner or have a dip.

Shop in the Dubai Mall

You can visit the Dubai Mall, the world’s biggest mall if you relax on the beach. Besides shopping, here you can see and do a lot more. Look at the huge waterfall, visit the aquarium or skate on the ice rink, for instance. That way you can’t believe it or see it, do it or purchase it here.

Eat the best burger in Dubai at Five guys

Have you got hungry from shopping around the mall and wandering around? You’ll discover the finest burgers in Dubai at Five Guys and you’ve got a good perspective of the Burj Khalifa. Are you still not so hungry? They have very delicious milkshakes here as well.

Watch the sunset from the Burj Khalifa

It’s time to look at Dubai from above after you’ve eaten a fast bite at Five Guys. The entrance to the Burj Khalifa, the largest tower in the globe, is located on the upper floor of the Dubai Mall. Make sure you purchase your ticket online in advance. It will cost you four times as much if you want to purchase a ticket at the counter. Around sunset is the best time to see the perspective of the Burj Khalifa. The town can be seen in daylight as well as in the dark.

Afternoon/evening: go dune bashing in the Dubai desert

Without a desert tour, a stopover in Dubai is not complete. While you can also visit the desert on your own theory, I recommend that you book a desert trip. This sort of tour is offered by countless organizations. At your hotel around 3 pm, you will be picked up and then drive into the desert. Start here with dune bashed, crossing the sandhills with a jeep. It sounds like a roller coaster sometimes. You stop in the center of the desert at the end of the afternoon to appreciate the amazing sunset. You’ll be taken to a camp in the center of the desert when the sun is set. A buffet with delicious food from the Middle East is waiting for you here. Furthermore, the displays.


Are you in Dubai for more than two days?

You can have a wonderful time even if you have more than two days to spend in Dubai. I was twice in this town for a week and I was never bored for a second. Visit the mosque near Abu Dhabi, for instance. What else can you do in Dubai itself besides the above? Read all of Dubai’s papers and travel reports.

Looking for a pleasant and inexpensive location to stay in Dubai during your stopover? Here you can see the nicest and cheapest Dubai accommodation. I believed staying close to the Emirates Mall was a good idea.


Tarragona – The Perfect Day Trip From Barcelona

It is highly recommended to visit the atmospheric town of Tarragona when you are in Barcelona. Tarragona is just an hour away from Barcelona, making it an ideal day trip destination. It is a comfortable and atmospheric town where Roman remains can still be found everywhere. There are a lot of excellent restaurants and pleasant terraces in Tarragona as well as lovely houses and a lot of history. Yet it’s much less crowded than Barcelona’s bigger one. Are you curious about what Tarragona has to see and do? I’m telling you all about a day journey to Tarragona from Barcelona.

Tarragona from Barcelona

The planks complete of goodies were consumed after about 2 hours and the glasses are totally empty. We appreciate the delicious degustation and decide to order another 2 bottles of the most delicious wine. We opt for another Cabernet Franc bottle and a 5 Puttonyas Aszú bottle after some consultation. Eventually, we walk away with great satisfaction from the Tasting Table. What a fantastic afternoon!

Tarragona from Reus

Not only is Tarragona near to Barcelona. It’s also just a 15-minute drive from Reus airport. You often fly at this airport very cheaply from Eindhoven. With the mark of Hispano Igualdina, you can catch a direct train from Reus airport to Tarragona during the day for € 3.00 from the stop. If you arrive a little later in the day, you should first take the bus to Reus center and travel to Tarragona from there, as the direct bus to Tarragona often only takes about 5 hours. Luckily enough taxis are available at the airport to take you to Tarragona.

Admire the Roman amphitheater

Tarragona’s history breathes. In this Spanish town, there are many remains from Roman times. The amphitheater constructed in the second century BC is one of the most impressive of these. The amphitheater is situated just outside the city’s initial city walls right on the beach. There is now a park next to the amphitheater from where you have a beautiful view of the theater in the background with the Mediterranean sea.

Enjoy lunch at la Pepita

You’ve come to the correct location at La Pepita for a lovely dinner. On the main square of Plaça de Jacint Verdaguer, you will discover this comfortable and beautifully decorated dinner store. The sandwiches are delicious and inexpensive. For two beverages and two sandwiches, the two of us lost less than five euros. It’s a lovely lunch.

Visit the most beautiful market hall in the city

You can also visit the Mercat Central de Tarragona, the city’s biggest market hall, for a delicious dinner. Of course, you can purchase tasty Spanish specialties and other food products, but also worth a visit to the construction itself. Both indoors and outdoors are very spectacular. This lovely market hall is even Tarragona Province’s formally protected monument.

Take a beach walk along the coast

Barcelona’s beaches are often flooded with summer visitors. Do you still want to enjoy a lovely beach without sitting nearly on the lap of your neighbor? Then in Tarragona, you’ve come to the correct location. The ocean here is beautifully transparent blue, and the beaches are much quieter but just as lovely as in Barcelona. Especially Platja de l’Arrabassada is highly recommended, a little further from the middle.

Admire the impressive cathedral of Tarragona

One of the city’s most significant structures is the Gothic Cathedral. The cathedral is at the largest point in the town on a hill. It dates back to the 12th century and inside you’ll find an enormous collection of art. From the cathedral, you have a beautiful view of the town and the Mediterranean Sea’s various neighborhoods.

Look for the best street art

You will find distinctive street art in many locations in the town. On the Plaça dels Sedassos, you will discover the most unique street art. Here a large building’s entire façade is beautifully painted. Created in 1995, this artwork has since been one of the most photographed sites in the town. The painting has so many information that it looks like only the individuals are painted from a distance.

Enjoy a terrace on one of the many squares

Every few streets in Tarragona you will discover a beautiful square. Plaça de la Font is one of the city’s biggest and most gorgeous squares. Among other stuff, you’ll discover the town hall here. The Plaça del Fòrum is another pleasant square. On weekends, a market is often held here. You’ll also discover a portion of the ancient city wall on this square. Whatever square you’re sitting on, colorful structures packed with adorable Spanish balconies will surround you.


Enjoy Tarragona by night

When you’re on a day journey to Tarragona, I certainly suggest you spend your evening in the town as well. The town really comes to life as quickly as it becomes dark. The squares are pleasantly complete and beautifully lit all the houses.

Square in Tarragona at night in TarragonaTarragona Cathedral at nightTarragona I strongly suggest that you visit Tarragona as a day journey from Barcelona or just remain for a couple of days, as there is more than enough to see and do in this atmospheric town. For me, this was the third time in Tarragona and I always like it.


Wine Tasting In Budapest Via Taste Hungary

I enjoy good food and drink and I love to learn more about the origin of our food for a couple of years. My interest in wine has Wine Tasting in this manner. Last month I toured lovely Budapest with eight buddies. Since a big portion of them are as enthusiastic about food as. I am, we decided to go through Taste Hungary for a wine, cheese, and charcuterie. I can inform you that this was an afternoon of great taste.

Philosophy of Taste Hungary

I chose a tasting at Taste Hungary because the philosophy they give their tours and degustations fits precisely in my road. Authentic food and drink are essential and they are looking for the best products throughout the nation to be able to deliver this. The product tale is at least as essential as the taste and without exception, Taste Hungary’s staff have a culinary background. This ensures they don’t just give you a food tray and a glass of wine, but they can tell you the fundamental tale and history of this dish or wine as well. For me, a (wine) degustation is informative, enjoyable and delicious and they understood that.

The wine tasting

We agreed at the Tasting Table, Taste Hungary’s tasting room, at 3 o’clock. A good sign demonstrates us the way down and we end up in the degustation room through a tight staircase. This is fully furnished as a wine cellar, so we feel at home right away. Sommelier Ferenc presents himself as quickly as everyone has taken enough pictures. He first discusses his own food industry experiences and then pours into a glass of bubbles. I believed we’d get half a glass, but it turned out that nothing was less true. A complete glass of sparkling wine is sprinkled and the following 4 glasses are generous. Despite the reality that with the degustation you get a big plate of charcuterie and cheese, I re

Wine Tasting In Budapest

Ferenc says the origin of these tasteful bubbles after pouring a sparkling glass of Classic Brut. He describes in detail how the bubbles get into the bottle, for instance, Prosecco and Champagne, and what the distinction is. Then we get a glass (Termini) of white wine. This is new and fruity wonderfully. It’s a wine loved by many individuals. Ferenc also has a lot to say about this and his friend provides meats and cheese while we enjoy the wine at his leisure. Everyone receives a big plate complete of delicious local snacks. Salami with bell pepper, blue cheese, smoked goose breast slices, and many other unique flavors, we drink 2 distinct red wines

Finally, a deliciously sweet 5 Puttonyos. Aszú wine from the region of Tokaj is served. This wine is very popular with Hungarians and is sweetened. For a certain period of time by putting yellow raisins in the wine to release their taste. There is a number on the bottles with this wine, which shows how many raisin baskets are used. To demonstrate: on average 2 individuals collect raisins for one day for one bottle of wine. So you can imagine that it’s not a very inexpensive beverage. Fortunately, it turns out that this hard work is not for nothing: I never really had such a beautiful, sweet wine. Deliciously fruity and sweet, but you don’t feel the enam meanwhile

Wine Tasting

Do you also want to do a wine tasting in Budapest?

I discovered the wine tasting a very pleasant experience where you learn a lot about local wine and snacks as well as about Hungary itself. Ferenc told a lot about Hungary’s distinct areas and I instantly felt like exploring the remainder of this nation through his tales. Want to have a wine tasting in Budapest as well? Then I strongly suggest the degustation of Taste Hungary!


Doing In Reykjavik: 10 Things You Should Not Miss

Reykjavik may not be the first town that comes to mind when searching for your next town journey to a destination. Still, for me to spend a few days, Reykjavik is a very nice and unique destination. In the city itself and the surroundings are beautiful, there is more than enough to see and do. It is, without a doubt, a very distinct experience from other European capitals. I’m pleased to inform you what to do in Reykjavik certainly.

1 Spotting whales and dolphins

Reykjavik is just a three-hour flight from the Netherlands, but there are many distinct kinds of whales and dolphins living here because the town lies on the Atlantic Ocean. We went on a unique boat journey where several whales and dolphins were spotted. I didn’t really know before I came to Iceland that whales live so close to home. Seeing the whales and dolphins in their natural environment has been a wonderful experience. Are you curious about the looks of such an animal search? Read everything about spotting whales and dolphins in Iceland.

2 Visit the original stores in the main street

The primary roads now look comparable in most European towns. What I really enjoyed about Reykjavik is that here in the primary road you can see many smaller and unique stores. There are several beautiful gift shops and if you’re searching for Icelandic fashion or Scandinavian design, you’re sure to be successful here. Walking into a supermarket, like the Bonus, is also good. Here you’ll discover a complete shelf complete of typical Icelandic sweets, like chocolate balls packed with licorice. At first, this mixture sounds a little distinct, but it’s amazingly delicious. You can also post a letter every day of the year on the primary street to Santa Claus and visit a unique Christmas store.

3 Watch the sunset at the Sun Voyager

The Sun Voyager, one of the best known and most photographed carvings in Iceland, is located on the shore of Reykjavik. You will automatically find this artwork when you walk along the boulevard. Many individuals believe it is an ancient Viking ship, but the objective of the artist was to construct a dreamboat as an ode to the sun. Watching the sunset is the ideal location. This is a lovely image with the amazing Esja mountain in the background. Keep in mind that during the summer months the sun does not set in Iceland. But even then, walking along the Sun Voyager is worthwhile.

4 Enjoy the delicious food

I was quite hesitant about the food before I left for Iceland. I learned from all sides that Iceland’s food was very deceptive and very costly as well. Luckily, none of this turned out to be true in the end. There may be costly and bad restaurants, of course, but you can have cheap and delicious food in Reykjavik. We really liked the city’s nice and comfortable restaurants and I’d like to come back for the food alone. I earlier shared all my tips in Reykjavik for inexpensive and delicious food.

5 Admire the special architecture of Harpa

In Iceland, you will discover a lot of distinctive and modern architecture as well as excellent nature. For me, Harpa, a big concert and convention center close the port of Reykjavik, is the finest illustration of this. For the unique design, the building has already earned several significant awards and awards. You can see when there are concerts and performances on the Harpa website, but you can just walk in to see the building as well. You can also book a tour of the construction if you want to learn more about Harpa.

6 Enjoy the view from the Hallgrimskirkja

The Hallgrimskirkja is Reykjavik’s biggest church and Iceland’s highest building. You can climb this church for 900 Icelandic kronor, about 6 euros. Climbing is a large term because in a couple of seconds there’s a lift that takes you to the top. You have a good perspective of the entire Reykjavik on top of the Hallgrimskirkja. This way, what a colorful town is is is apparent.

7 Walk around Lake Tjörnin

You quickly come across Tjörnin, Reykjavik’s biggest lake, as you walk down the primary road. On this lake there are several renowned structures, such as the contemporary town hall and the cathedral of Fríkirkjan. The lake is surrounded by over 50 distinct species of birds. You can hardly think you’re in the center of the capital when you walk around the lake. It seems you’ve finished in a nice village. You can also skate on Lake Tjörnin when you visit Reykjavik in the winter.

8 Visit the Höfði house

In our history books, Iceland is rarely discovered, but it is still one of the 20th century’s most popular historic structures. Reagan and Gorbachev talked about the end of the Cold War in 1986 in the so-called Höfði house because it was on neutral territory. I knew the Wie is de Mol building, where the candidates had to negotiate in 2012, just like Reagan and Gorbachev, and eventually lost € 10,000. The Höfði is near the middle and you can walk past it readily. We’ve been there very early in the morning, but you can often look inside if you arrive later in the day.

9 Relax in the Blue Lagoon

Would you like to relax on your town journey? The Blue Lagoon is approximately 50 km from Reykjavik. This is a world-renowned geothermal bath in an ancient lava field. At first, when it’s so cold outside, you may not want to think about going out in your swimwear, but you will soon forget that when you step into the wonderfully hot water of about 39 degrees Celsius. Because it is so wealthy in minerals and silicates, the water has a vivid blue light. This would have a healing impact as well. The silica mud is free in the lagoon as a mask, so you’ll see a lot of white faces. We had a great time visiting the Blue Lagoon and I definitely suggest that you visit this spec

10 Drive the Golden Circle route


Although there is much to see in Reykjavik itself when the city leaves you will find the most beautiful places for me. I suggest renting a vehicle for at least one day and discovering the lovely nature of Iceland, even if you have restricted time. For example, the Golden Circle route is a route you can easily drive in a day. First of all, this path brings you to Kerið, an enormous lake with bright blue water. Although this is not an official stop on the Golden Circle path, I advise you to create a brief stop here. You then drive to Geysir, an area complete of geysers that is still active in Stokkur and spray boiling water every few minutes up to 20 meters.

You will also discover the biggest lake in Iceland here, as well as a number of lovely waterfalls and lava fields. As far as I am concerned, during your trip to Reykjavik, you should definitely not skip the Golden Circle route. You will also discover the biggest lake in Iceland here, as well as a number of lovely waterfalls and lava fields. As far as I am concerned, during your trip to Reykjavik, you should definitely not skip the Golden Circle route. You will also discover the biggest lake in Iceland here, as well as a number of lovely waterfalls and lava fields. As far as I am concerned, during your trip to Reykjavik, you should definitely not skip the Golden Circle route.


The Nicest Cities In Indonesia In A Row

While I live just a 10-minute drive from the Indonesia frontier until last year I had hardly seen many of our Nicest Cities neighbors. I traveled frequently to the Belgian forests, and a few times a year I also visited fine Antwerp. It stopped there besides a one-day journey to Brussels. Such a pity, as Belgium’s towns are so enjoyable! Luckily since last year, I’ve produced a large catch-up and that’s why I’ve listed the best Belgian towns for you now.


Gent is my undisputed favorite on the Belgian list of beautiful towns. What a magnificent city is complete of life and fun. Ghent breathes history and culture, but without becoming boring or dusty. The middle of the town is beautifully compact, and you really should go wandering around here. Ghent is a mecca for vegetarians and juice enthusiasts: everywhere you can eat healthily, and many stores sell only organic food. Many Nicest Cities towns can still learn from that!


Antwerp is closely following Ghent. This town is just a 45-minute drive from my Nicest Cities, so in Antwerp, for instance, I’m quicker than in Amsterdam. A few times a year as a kid I went to Kinepolis, a mega cinema just outside the middle of the town. We often went ahead of the primary streets periphery, so we found the craziest stores. I visit Antwerp frequently nowadays as well and it really feels like I’m on holiday for a while. Antwerp is a little bit rarer than Ghent, but that’s why it’s very sweet too. For me, this is Belgium at its best: a bit crazy, a little different, but oh so sincere and pure.


For about 5 years a friend of ours has been living in Leuven and to my shame, we only visited him last year for the first time. It took so long to be such a shame because, at first sight, it was a lot of love with Leuven. This town is full of fun for students. It’s very busy throughout the week, while the weekend is lovely and quiet. During the weekend, many learners go home and Leuven gets to rest for a while. Several beer cafes and inexpensive restaurants can be found here where you can enjoy a good dinner and a drink. There aren’t many sights in Leuven and I really liked that. You really come here to appreciate the good life of Belgium.


Bruges, a town at the top of the Chinese and American opinion bucket list, but I wasn’t really attracted by that. I was pleasantly amazed to find that this is a very beautiful town when I visited Bruges last March. There wasn’t that poor amount of visitors and there was more than enough to do and experience. Bruges has a lot to offer, particularly in the cultural field, and for two days I liked visiting various museums and monuments.


The Belgian town I lately visited is Mechelen. For two days, I was here on a press journey with the theme’ Beer in the hands of women.’ Because of this, I primarily toured areas where beer or beer brewing has something to do. Besides being very exciting and recommending every beer enthusiast to do such a beer trip through the town, I also really enjoyed Mechelen’s town center. In the last 10 years, Mechelen has experienced a significant revision and has transformed from a gray town with a bad image into a comfortable shopping town complete of beautiful locations.


Nicest Cities

I toured Indonesia capital on a drizzly summer day about six years ago. It rained cats and dogs, and for a second we didn’t see the sun. That’s why I’ve got a somewhat depressing Brussels image in my head and I don’t believe that’s correct. I’ve heard enough tales about this city’s hidden treasures and I want to offer Nicest Cities a second opportunity. So this is one of the towns I want to visit in a year and now, so I can form a stronger town view.

Belgium is a beautiful country with many lovely towns. I believe Belgian hospitality, coziness and lovely town centers are fantastic and I suspect that before the end of this year I will visit one of the above-mentioned towns. Are you interested in booking a hotel in these towns? Then see Belgium’s most beautiful accommodation.


Stockholm City Trip – 8 Reasons To Visit This City

I flew over Indonesia this month for the first time in my life. It doesn’t sound insane? I had never seen Stockholm City from the aircraft until now, and it was very unique to experience this secretly. This flight’s ultimate destination? The capital of Sweden, Stockholm city that wasn’t really on my list of must-visits, but that eventually totally packed me up. I offer you eight reasons for going to Stockholm on a town journey. You’re not going to regret it!

In just 2 hours you fly to Stockholm, making it an optimal destination for a long weekend away. Although there are a few significant attractions, for a few days you can enjoy yourself very well. Built on 14 islands, the town has its own identity on each island. This makes it feel like as quickly as you visit a fresh island you are always beginning a fresh town journey. Secretly this is the first reason you should be visiting Stockholm, but let’s go, I’d like to give you a couple more.

Effortlessly hip

9 out of 10 individuals are likely to see before them the Ikea logo as quickly as they think of Sweden. I’m not amazed that this empire’s cradle is in Sweden. All is really hip in Stockholm, but without any attempt. Whether it’s a steakhouse, a jewelry shop or a bakery, literally every location looks nice. The Stockholm citizens also look stylish, but also beautiful and casual. As Lisette put it beautifully: “If I did this, I’d look like a slob, it’s hip and cool here.” It actually sums up that type of thing.

Super friendly

Sometimes I feel at home in a fresh town right away. I can’t describe precisely what it’s like. I discovered after a day in Stockholm City that it was primarily because of the individuals. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. We got on the incorrect hop-on-hop-off bus accidentally. With our incorrect ticket, the driver was kind enough to drop us two stops further because the right bus would arrive there. Great sweetness! In fact, individuals are so friendly everywhere in Stockholm and you will quickly win my heart.

Stockholm City

Great markets

Where am I going to start? We went across a number of excellent fun markets in three days. We went through the trendy district of Södermalm and a very beautiful farmers market surprised us. It was all for sale, fresh vegetables, delicious cheeses, chanterelle sandwiches, and crocheted mittens and hats. It turned out to be a true harvest festival on Djurgarden Island on Sunday, so we really fell in love with it. We were surprised here too: what a beautiful green festival in the center of town! We visited the market in Hornstull as well. This market is held along the waterfront every weekend. There are about 10 food trucks and people selling their stuff. It’s really funny! If you’re on the way to Stockholm.

Kanelbulle at the fika

The kanelbulle must be Sweden’s domestic bakery specialty. You see this cinnamon roll in the showcases everywhere in Stockholm and I couldn’t leave the town without attempting a cinnamon bulb, of course. I know the popularity of this sandwich: it feels like a bolus, but it’s much less sweet and sticky. Yummy! Traditionally, the kanelbulle is consumed with Fika, i.e. a cup of coffee with something delicious.

Cycling the islands

This is Stockholm’s nicest thing: you can cycle very well! It’s not really that I can’t live for a weekend without my bicycle, but it’s so lovely that I can explore a large town by bicycle. I don’t like the subway (because you don’t see anything underground) and it’s too far to walk sometimes. You can take the bus, of course, but the excellent thing about the bicycle is that you are so beautifully flexible. If you see something good, you stop and you get to locations you would otherwise have missed quicker. We used our Stockholm Adventures bicycles to visit the Sunday markets mentioned above. We also cycled across the Djurgarden Park and took with us an ancient town corner.

Nice stores

This goes to the first point, of course, secretly: easily hip. Anyone who likes to visit initial stores complete of lovely home furniture, high-quality clothing, and lovely gadgets can place Stockholm at the top of their must-visit list instantly. You’re almost stumbling over the great things, especially in the trendy Södermalm neighborhood. It’s striking that many shops have a size of just a few square meters and sell a handful of showpieces. Nice that this is still feasible in Stockholm (a building’s lease prices are often too big in the Netherlands to do so). My hands tickled at every shop I went into, but Stockholm is not precisely in an inexpensive nation, sadly. Because of this.


Many parks

Last but not least, there are many parks in Stockholm City. Some areas large as an island, like Djurgarden, while others are at most the size of a tiny square. The sun shone continually on the weekend I was in Stockholm, and it was gratefully used by the locals. Every park had plenty of individuals to enjoy. Great to see and enjoy participating even more! I enjoy it when a town has a lot of green spots, so for me in Stockholm that was an enormous plus.

Stockholm City is a wonderful town I want to come back to in the future. There are so many beautiful areas, hidden places, and lovely stores. For days where you can really appreciate yourself. Wait for no significant attractions, but explore. I bet the town caught your heart in no moment as well! Looking for a town journey that was original? Stockholm is the place to be.


Panorama Route -The Most Beautiful Car Route In South Africa

I was looking forward to riding the Panorama Route before I moved to South Africa. With impressive names like God’s Window and Wonder View, I was very curious about the viewpoints and I couldn’t wait to see the Blyde River Canyon, the world’s biggest green canyon, in true life. This path ultimately satisfied all my expectations and is definitely one of South Africa’s most lovely vehicle paths. I’m going to take you on a panoramic trip!

God’s Window

Officially the Panorama path begins in Sabie’s village, but we leave Graskop. Our first stop is the window of God. We climb the stairs and walk through tall trees in the early morning to provide some refreshment. We finally come at a small point of view. We have a wonderful panoramic view of the valley below us at least 900 meters. Even Kruger Park and Mozambique can be seen in the distance from here on a clear day.


We see a sign to Rainforest after our visit to God’s Window. We decide to follow this sign and climb up the mountain higher and higher. Later a route follows through the thick woods, making it look like we’re standing in the center of the rainforest. We are rewarded with an excellent perspective once upstairs. Personally, I believed that the perspective was even better than in the window of God. You can look for miles and it’s so green all over. You can even see the distance from the Blyde River.

Wonder View

Only two kilometers away is our next stop. We also have a beautiful view of the green mountains at Wonder View. This is the lowest point of view of the path and is at 1730 meters above sea level. I recommend you to visit Wonder View instead of God’s Window if you have trouble walking. Where you have to climb a few steps at God’s Window first, the picture below is only two meters from the Wonder View parking lot.

Lisbon Fall

We drive on to the Falls of Lisbon. This is the highest waterfall in the region with a height of 92 meters. Unfortunately, the waterfall is not nearly as strong as usual because of the enormous drought in latest months, but it is still a very lovely sight. The picture is completed by a beautiful environment. It’s a bit hard to take a good photo of the entire waterfall because of the fences and high vegetation, but believe me, it’s much more beautiful and impressive in real life.

Berlin Falls

Also, the Berlin Falls was much less powerful than normal. Despite seeing only a tiny stream of water, I discovered this waterfall very impressively. The water drops not less than 45 meters directly down. You’ll also see various stalls with souvenirs at many stops, including the Berlin Falls. Here the vendors are very friendly and there are not too poor prices. We thought we’d be detained at such a tourist spot, but ultimately the stall prices around the Panorama route turned out to be much lower than the rest of the places we visited in South Africa. So store them here if you’re searching for souvenirs.

Potluck Bos galley

Potluck Boskombuis, a tiny restaurant encircled by nature, is about halfway along the road.  At South African speed, everything here is going on, but we had a really good meal and I don’t believe we had dinner with such a wonderful perspective before. So don’t go here if you’re in a hurry, but go if you’re in a very unique location to enjoy a typical South African dinner.

Bourke’s Luck Potholes

Our next stop is the Luck Potholes from Bourke. Lying in a canyon of no less than 30 meters deep, these unique potholes, formed by nature. Erosion formed the potholes or holes millions of years ago: here the water stream from the Treur and Blyde went together and made fast circular motions that formed holes in the huge rock formations. Beautiful hiking trails and bridges have been constructed nowadays, so you can stand right above the potholes and waterfalls. Allow for this stop for at least an hour, as there are several lovely paths.

Three Rondavels & Blyde River Canyon

Our last stop was the Three Rondavels viewpoint, three enormous rocks protruding approximately 700 meters above the landscape. They owe their name to the same shaped typical South African cottages, also known as rondavels. I last saw her with my own eyes the Panorama Route Canyon and it was even more lovely than I had thought. The Blyde River Canyon, 25 km long, is the world’s third-largest canyon and the world’s biggest green canyon. On the Blyde River, you can also take a boat journey and navigate through the Canyon. Because you can only board on the other hand of the Blyde River, you have to drive about two hours further.

Panorama Route

Stay around the Panorama route

We remained three days in Graskop and drove from here on the Panorama path. I discovered a very beautiful and enjoyable village in Graskop. It’s pretty tiny, but you’ll discover all you need. There’s a good SPAR to do your regular shopping and at the renowned restaurant Harries Pancakes, you can eat delicious pancakes. We slept in a lovely Havana Nights house. Havana Nights ‘ proprietor is one of the most beautiful individuals we’ve met during our journey and we’ve had a wonderful time here. If you’re still searching for a good place to stay, I can suggest a stay in Havana Nights. Furthermore, in Graskop, there are many more beautiful and inexpensive accommodations. Sabie and Hazyview are also suitable.