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Africa On Foot & Shambo – My Favorite Place In South Africa

Our entire journey to South Africa was a major highlight, but at Foot and Shambo Tree Camp I have the greatest memories of our days at Africa. We spent two nights in the Klaserie Private Game Reserve, part of the Greater Kruger Park, in these beautiful camps. Two meters away, the lions went here next to us and the elephants suddenly came to fill our afternoon swimming pool. Are you curious why this is South Africa’s my favorite location? In search of the Big Five, I’d like to inform you more about this beautiful game reserve and our days in the center of nature.

Classroom Private Game Reserve

Both Africa on Foot and Shambo are situated in the south of the Greater Kruger Park’s Klaserie Private Game Reserve. This implies that there are no borders between this park and the Kruger National Park, so the animals can move freely from the Kruger National Park to the Game Reserve and vice versa. A personal game reserve has the large benefit of being able to get off the beaten path here, so you can see the pets even better. You’re almost entirely alone here, moreover, because only the jeeps of the restricted amount of accommodations in the Klaserie Game Reserve can drive here.

Africa on Foot

The first night we sleep on Foot in Africa You can explore the Kruger Park here on foot, as the name indicates. Africa on Foot, with only 5 chalets and 1 treehouse, is a very small camp. This makes it very personal, and individual desires can also be taken into consideration. The peace and lovely surroundings after the busy Johannesburg are really a relief.

Shambo Tree Camp

A5-minute drive from Africa on Foot, NThambo Tree Camp is a component of Sun Destinations, just like Africa on Foot. The camp comprises completely of lovely tree houses, as the name indicates. With only five treehouses, NThambo is also very tiny. So it’s beautifully quiet and you’re really getting a private experience. There is also a big lounge area and a big dining table with views of the grounds in relation to the tree houses. A ranger brings us to our treehouse in the evening. There are no fences around the camp, so there might be a lion or an elephant suddenly standing in front of your treehouse.

What does a day at Africa on Foot and Shambo look like?

I’ve worked out an illustration of a regular timetable below to give you an idea of a day at Foot or Shambo in Africa. The precise times can differ significantly throughout the year because the sunrise and sunset will determine the departure of the game drives and game walks.

5:30 am: alarm clock, tea, and coffee

There’s a gentle knock on our door at half-past five, followed by a cheerful “nice morning!” The sun is just rising and it’s time to get up because it’s the perfect time to spot pets. Coffee and tea are already ready for us and we eat some South African rusk cookies quickly, which look like Italian biscotti.

6 am: departure on a game drive or bushwalk

Everybody is prepared to look for pets at 6 o’clock. The most significant tip:’ Food goes only.’ So stand still as quickly as you meet an animal, because they see you like a delicious meal when you run away. Honestly, I must say that for a single moment I didn’t feel unsafe and I liked every second of our walk. We have learned so much about nature and the animal’s thanks to our wonderful ranger Greg. We also got a lot of helpful.

9:30 am: breakfast


The table is already beautifully laid for us when we go back to the camp. We get some time from the walk and game trip to freshen up and afterwards, we enjoy a delicious breakfast including fresh fruit, yogurt, and muffins. Then we will also have a warm breakfast with crispy bacon, egg, and feta. We instantly realize we’re not going to go hungry here. The slogan is that it’s better for them to fill us in, so we’re so complete that the rangers can always run quicker than us.

10:15 am: time to relax

It is time to relax after breakfast. It’s not just very hot for us in the center of the Greater Kruger Park in the center of the day. The animals are also looking for shelter around this time, so going on a game drive now makes little sense. We love the swimming pool, read a book, relax and socialize with the other visitors.

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Lake Bled – A Fairy-tale Destination In Slovenia

Maybe Lake Bled is Slovenia’s most popular landmark. I fully comprehend why after looking at the lake and the surroundings. A beautiful lake in the center of a super adorable island lies in a mountainous landscape. An impressive castle towers on the coast over Lake Bled and several swans are floating on the water. Yes, Lake Bled is a lovely fairy tale. Look at Slovenia’s unique portion.

Cycling in Bled

Lake Bled’s city is completely focused on tourism. You’ve got beautiful restaurants, stores for souvenirs and a little beach. I was on a bicycle around the lake and I liked doing it. Don’t believe you’re doing this for a day: you’re going to be around the lake in an hour if you cycle without stopping. Luckily, the hinterland is also lovely, so spending a day cycling is definitely worth it.

Viewpoint of Bled

On Lake Bled there’s a fantastic viewpoint you shouldn’t miss. The perspective is west of the village when you arrive in Bled. If you’re walking (or cycling) around the lake, at some stage you’ll come to a tiny beach and campsite. Go past this and you’ll automatically see a sign on a grass patch on your right with a trail behind it. This is the route you need to follow. I suggest putting on good shoes because from time to time the pad can be harsh or slippery. It is also helpful to download the map in advance via Google Maps, as there are several upstream routes. There are no more signs along with the manner, so I continued to walk on the gamble.

It requires about half an hour to climb to the top, provided, of course, that you walk well. The path sometimes climbs quite steeply, so I believed it was a hard climb. Fortunately, more than made up for the attempt, the amazing view from the top. You look down from here on Lake Bled and in the center of the island. Really a photogenic location! Luckily, there is a bench above which you can also relax from the ascent at your leisure.

The castle of Bled

You can choose to walk to Bled Castle if you’re not tired after this hike. The castle dates from the 11th century, according to ancient sources, making it the oldest castle in Slovenia. Besides a lovely perspective, you also have a museum in the castle. You can learn more about this unique building’s history here. For this, the entrance fee is 10 euros. Can’t get the perspective enough? You can then choose to eat at the appropriate restaurant.

Sailing a boat on Lake Bled

There are several areas around the lake where you can rent a (rowing) ship. During a warm day, going out on the water and taking a cooling dip in the center of the lake is great. In addition, SUP on Bled Lake is also feasible. This is a great way to relax and explore the lake. If you don’t like being on the water, spending a day on the coast along the water is also good, of course.

Stay in Bled

I’m not the only one who enjoys Bled’s beauty. Lake Bled is a busy tourist destination that makes it busier than Lake Bohinj, for instance. Still, I didn’t think it was too bad. I was there in June and it was a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Although there were a lot of tourists, I wasn’t bothered. This implies, however, that I would advise you not to linger too long in Bled. For the lake and the city, one or two days is really enough time.

I myself stayed at the Hotel Golf, an excellent water hotel. The breakfast here, in particular, was fantastic and beautiful and comprehensive. Do you prefer a campsite stay? Then it is suggested to camp Bled. You’ll discover here both glamping and a traditional camping site. Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep here myself, but I’m sure I’ll spend the night in one of those excellent buildings if I ever return to Bled.

Lake Bled

How do you get to Bled?

You can drive directly to Bled if you’re going to Slovenia with your own vehicle but bear in mind that it’s very busy in high season. Bled is the only location I was in a tiny traffic jam in all of Slovenia. You can read all my tips in this article to go to Slovenia by vehicle. You can also choose to travel by plane to Slovenia.

Bled is wonderful to visit in one day from Ljubljana. You can take the bus from downtown Ljubljana and then in just over an hour, you will be at Lake Bled. Are you going on a Slovenian road trip? Then choose a vehicle for rent. At Sunny Cars, I always rent these. Sunny Cars operates with different partners and you are always insured when you book through them.

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The Cape Peninsula In South Africa: Roadtrip In One Day

The Cape Peninsula is a lovely region under Cape Town, also known as the Cape Peninsula. Although here for several days you can readily enjoy yourself, in one day you can also see the highlights. I’d like to demonstrate to you our path along with the Cape Peninsula’s most lovely locations.


Muizenberg’s beach is the first stop of our road trip around the Cape Peninsula. The many colorful beach houses are best known for this beach. We came across regular postcards depicting this cheerful scene, so we were ready for quite a few individuals who wanted to see this beach as well. However, we had the whole beach for ourselves when we came in the morning. So I recommend you to go early in the morning to enjoy this lovely beach in peace.

On the way to Simon’s Town

You will pass the tiny town of Simon’s Town if you continue your way to the south. In the bays around this town, whales often swim, so keep your eyes open. There are several parking spaces along the highway where the whales can be stopped for a closer look. We were fortunate and along with the manner, we saw several whales. I’m always amazed at how enormous they are. Very spectacular!

Boulders beach

Boulders Beach is our next stop. This is a closed and protected beach stretch best known for the hundreds of penguins living there. I think of cold fields with penguins rapidly, so I believed it was very unique to see them in the sun on the beach. Even though I discovered Boulders Beach lovely, I have to say I found the Bettysbaai Stony Point Nature Reserve even more impressive. Still, I believed visiting Boulders Beach was definitely worthwhile. I don’t believe it ever gets boring to watch these fun and funny creatures, definitely not in such an excellent setting.

Cape Point, Table Mountain National Park

We drove to Table Mountain National Park from Boulders Beach. This national park’s name is somewhat confusing. Table Mountain has little to do with this region. It’s miles of lovely nature that you’ll find here. One of the highlights of the park is Cape Point, the Cape Peninsula’s southernmost tip. Before you’re on Cape Point itself, it’s quite a climb to the top, but what a breathtaking view! There’s also a little train you can take to the top, but it’s actually too nice to skip the walking path to the top.

Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope, or as the Africans call it, is close to Cape Point: Cape of Good Hope. This is continental Africa’s south-westmost point. While the well-known sign is urgent, I believed it was very special to be in this location that nearly everyone understands from history books. There’s a lot more to see in Table Mountain National Park beside the Cape of Good Hope. All-day long, you can have a wonderful time here. If you have restricted time like us, visiting Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope will give you a good feeling of all the beauty of nature. You need to drive through a big portion of the park to get here, which means you can see a lot on the manner.

Chapman’s Peak Drive

Cape Peninsula

We’re continuing to Chapman’s Peak Drive from the Cape of Good Hope. This path is regarded as one of the world’s finest highways. Therefore, the Peak Drive of Chapman appears frequently in different vehicle advertisements. Secretly, I sometimes find driving along these huge cliffs and abysses frightening, but it’s really a beautiful road. There’s a breathtakingly beautiful view behind every bend. Keep in mind that to drive on this highway you have to pay the toll, but the opinion is more than worth it. A lot of Clarence Drive reminded me of Chapman’s Peak Drive, which we drove a few days ago. I certainly suggest that you drive both streets if you have the time.

Twelve Apostles

From Chapman’s Peak Drive you can already see them: the Twelve Apostles. There are twelve peaks in this big mountain range, hence the name Twelve Apostles. You have a beautiful view of the Twelve Apostles along the whole road on the west side of the peninsula. There’s not really one stop at the Twelve Apostles themselves, but we stopped to take a picture and enjoy the perspective several times along the manner.

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10x To Do In Kuala Lumpur

You don’t have to ask if in Kuala Lumpur you can do something cool. You feel it’s full of energy and liveliness as quickly as you arrive in this metropolis. In Kuala Lumpur, there is always something going on, from early in the morning to late in the evening. I list my greatest tips: in Kuala Lumpur, you should definitely do this!

1 Drink cocktails in the Heli Lounge Bar

Kuala Lumpur is renowned for its lovely sky bars where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the town. Unfortunately, this lovely view has a price tag. For example, you pay for a bottle of Tiger Beer at the world-famous Traders Bar, from where you have a view of the Petronas Twin Towers, converted € 8. In the Netherlands, this is already a lot of cash, but this is unprecedentedly costly in Malaysia. An ideal alternative to the Heli Lounge Bar’s costly bars. This sky deck is, yes, a platform for helicopters during the day. The platform will be converted into an open-air bar at 6 p.m. No dress code is available until 9 p.m. And everybody can come here for a d in their regular coffee

2 Do the canopy walk in the Forest Eco Park

Forest Eco Park was Kuala Lumpur’s large surprise to me. We decided to visit this park on our Airbnb host’s recommendation. Ultimately it took more than an hour to get to the park itself, as we had to get a (free!) ticket from the super touristy Menara Tower first. Then we went back to the park and our ticket was shown to security on the manner. We were lastly permitted to enter the park after this unnecessary hassle. We haven’t really met anybody here, which isn’t surprising given the effort it takes to get in. The park itself is the world’s only jungle piece in the center of a town. I discovered it a strange feeling that the town absorbed almost entirely.

3 Shop in the Central Market

Fair is fair, a relatively touristy place to purchase souvenirs is the Central Market. Still, I believed wandering through it was a very beautiful, covered market. In general, the trinkets are of greater quality than in the average tourist store and there you can eat a wonderful dinner. I purchased nearly all of my souvenirs at home in the end.

 4 Enjoy Lake Symphony Water Fountain Show

Of course, you should do a trip to the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. I recommend you, though, not to visit these giants during the day, but at night. First, the towers themselves are much more spectacular as they stand out nicely against the black night with these silver skyscrapers. Second, in the evening you can immediately combine your tour with a few times a day’s Lake Symphony Water Fountain Show. During the day you can go as well, but at night this music and light show is much nicer. You can enjoy this beauty on weekdays from 6 pm to 11 pm and on weekends until midnight.

5 Visit Butterfly Park

Butterfly Park is truly a big butterfly terrarium. In a lush garden complete of tropical flowers and plants, thousands of lovely butterflies fly around. On the big hand is the Asian entry fee of 4 euros, but I personally believed it was worth it. The cost of keeping the garden is not weak, and I am pleased to contribute to that. Butterfly Park is a special park in Kuala Lumpur that you can’t skip.

6 Sleep through an Airbnb in one of the many condos

Anyone who comes after me understands I enjoy Asian Airbnbs. There are plenty of affordable, luxurious Airbnbs in Kuala Lumpur and I highly suggest booking an Airbnb for at least one night. We slept in Yamin’s apartment for 2 nights, which was truly furnished with every luxury. Two bedrooms, a lovely view, a lovely swimming pool and a key place for an unforgettable experience. We remained in two other Airbnbs later, both of which were just as nice. For an Airbnb in Kuala Lumpur, you only pay a little more than for a basic hotel, and the money is well worth it.

7 Go on the roller coaster at Berjaya Times Square

The Berjaya Times Square shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur is a household name and that implies something! More than 1000 shops, several cinemas, and many restaurants can be found here on 7.5 million!) (square meters. There is also a true amusement park on the big department store’s fifth and seventh floors. You can find yourself in a true roller coaster right in the mall. Weird, but so beautiful!

8 Dede into China Town

Kuala Lumpur also has a China Town, like every significant metropolis. You can buy quirky souvenirs, delicious meals or inexpensive clothes here. China Town is busy, chaotic and intrusive, but I still enjoyed walking about it. Don’t you negotiate well? Then China Town is where this can be practiced. There is a true must here to bargain for things. It’s great to sit on one of China Town’s terraces for a true hotpot dinner at night.

9 Wander through Bukit Bintang

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur’s most popular region is undoubtedly Bukit Bintang. A pleasant afternoon or evening is guaranteed by this messy but comfortable portion of town. There are lots of well-known stores, delicious places to eat and numerous hotels to be found. Personally, I wouldn’t choose to stay at a Bukit Bintang hotel just because it’s a little too busy for me. It’s a very nice neighborhood for a day, though, where you can have a wonderful time.

 10 Eat on Jalan Alor

Malaysian food is really delicious and I ate soup, dumplings and nasi lemak sick with noodles. On Jalan Alor, you will discover in one long street all the best that Malaysian cuisine has to deliver. There seems to be no end to it, terrace after terrace, stall after stall. For the first time, I drank fresh coconut juice with lemon water and was marketed instantly. I ate delicious noodles, ice cream gnocchi, and dumplings here as well. Yum, when I think of it, the water is already in my mouth.

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Swimming With Sea Turtles In Akumal, Mexico

You’ll discover the world’s biggest amount of Sea Turtles in Mexico. You can swim with the protected green sea turtles in the small town of Akumal on the Yucatán peninsula. Here the ocean’s bottom is littered with seagrass, so sea tortoises live near the shoreline. Seeing these lovely pets in true life, I discovered it very unique and I liked it every minute. I’m sharing my sea turtle swimming tips in Akumal.

Where is Akumal and how do you get to the beach?

Akumal is 27 km north of Tulum and 35 km south of Playa del Carmen. In Akumal, there are several parking spaces where you can park your vehicle for a fee. I recommend that you park your car at Turtle Bay Cafe if you want to eat something here. You will receive a discount on your parking costs if you eat or drink something here. You will see a large white arch once you arrive in Akumal. If you walk below this, you will reach the beach automatically. In contrast to what some tour guides are trying to make you think, this beach is accessible to the public and therefore free to visit.

Snorkeling in Akumal

Chelonia Mydas, the green sea turtles, is a protected species. You could swim freely here before, but Akumal Bay is officially a protected nature reserve from March 2016 onwards. As a consequence, there is a lot of uncertainty about swimming in Akumal with the sea turtles, and there are more and more reports from visitors who are being scammed by the regulations of making up. Luckily we had little difficulty with this ourselves, but here are the guidelines (as they were told in February 2017) and our tips at a glance:

Respect nature and the sea turtles

If you go with a local guide in search of sea turtles, he or she will inform you obviously what is, what is not permitted, and what to look for. Many local guides, however, talk only Spanish, so it’s also essential to immerse yourself in the laws of swimming with sea turtles. Stay at least two meters away from the ocean tortoises, for instance. You’re disturbing them as little as you can. Furthermore, touching sea turtles or other aquatic animals is illegal. Follow both of these laws. You would prefer to get very near, of course, but it is essential to interrupt as little as possible their living environment. Moreover, when you swim back these, it is particularly enjoyable

Visit Akumal in the morning

I recommend that you visit Akumal during the day as soon as possible. Many individuals are swimming in the ocean at Akumal every day because of the enhanced consciousness. A lot of sand is distributed in the water by walking and swimming. Therefore, the morning’s beautifully clear ocean is often quite cloudy in the afternoon. So go and make sure you’re in Akumal before midnight as soon as possible. So you can admire the best of the sea turtles.

Eat-in Akumal

Sea Turtles

You’ll discover Turtle Bay Cafe & Bakery close to Akumal beach. Here we had a delicious meal and drink and I fully comprehend why on TripAdvisor this restaurant is number 1. The parts are quite big, but after a morning in the water, you’ll likely be hungry. They have delicious home-made ice cream here as well. You can park in the unique parking area of the restaurant when you visit Akumal by vehicle. The other parking spaces close the beach are quite costly, but if you’re eating or drinking something at the Turtle Bay Cafe you’ll get a discount on the parking space expenses.

Spend the night in Akumal

Akumal is a beautiful place to spend the night, relatively quiet. There are several lovely accommodations close Akumal beach. In general, Akumal is pretty expensive, because in specific resorts can be discovered here. We slept in Tulum, a comfortable half-an-hour drive from Akumal hippie city. There’s a little more option here in terms of housing and there’s more to see and do in the city itself and the surrounding region. I really enjoyed Tulum, and quickly I’m going to inform you more. Do you want to spend the night in Tulum as well? Then look at Tulum’s loveliest and cheapest accommodation.

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Round Trip Mexico: Our Route Through Yucatán In 8 Days

Put on your bucket list a tour of Trip Mexico. In 8 days we made a road trip over the peninsula of Yucatán and we had a wonderful time. It was the perfect mix of culture, nature, relaxation and delicious food for us. Why do you believe Mexico is so wonderful? I’m going to show you the most beautiful spots in Yucatán.

Arrival in Trip Mexico

We arrive at Cancún airport late at night. We’re going to pick up our rental car here because it’s cheaper to rent an extra day than taking a taxi. We sleep in Smart Cancun by Oasis, a beautiful hotel near the airport with free parking. Our adventure in Mexico can really begin the next day.

Day 1: Las Coloradas & Izamal

We wake up early on day 1 due to the jet lag. Therefore, the first thing I see in Trip Mexico is the huge Cancun Walmart open 24/7. For the rest of the trip, we buy a large supply of food and drinks. We then drive to the village of Río Lagartos, where we have a delicious breakfast with very friendly owners at Macumba, a colorful and cute Mexican café. We walk along the coast when I finish my first quesadillas from the trip. For a boat journey to the flamingos, we are approached several times, but we decide to proceed to Las Coloradas, where we will definitely see a number of flamingos.

We already see the big salt mountains of Las Coloradas after a few minutes drive. It’s more like a snow landscape, and I can’t think it’s all really salty. A little later we arrive at Las Coloradas ‘ lovely pink lakes. I can hardly think my eyes here as well. I had already seen the lakes on pictures, of course, but in real life, I didn’t expect the water to be that pink. In this lovely region, we drive a little further and see different salt plains and flamingos. A couple of times we make our way to the coast and end up on the most beautiful deserted beaches. I am very pleased that we visited Las Coloradas despite the considerable detour on our route. Please see all my tips

Day 2: Mérida

The rain comes down from the sky when we wake up the next morning. Either way, we decide to explore the city, as we’re here just one full day. We visit the beautiful Governor’s Palace and walk on Montejo’s Paseo. Luckily at night, it’s dry. In the atmospheric garden of Amaro, we enjoy a delicious dinner and walk to the central square. Here it’s full of stalls now and everywhere there’s cheerful music.

Trip Mexico

Day 3: Chichén Itzá & Cenotes

We get up the next day early and fortunately, the sun is coming out soon. We drive to Chichén Itzá, one of the world’s seven fresh wonders, in about 1.5 hours. We opt for a guided tour and that’s a very good move. All come to life so much more and we learn a lot about the Mayan culture and the various structures.

We drive to the nearby Cenote Ik-Kil after a delicious lunch in Oxton. This is a kind of cave with various plants overgrown and filled with clear water. There are over 1,400 cenotes throughout Yucatán, but Cenote Ik-Kil is undoubtedly one of Trip Mexico most beautiful cenotes. I think this is the place I’ve ever swum the most special. In the small village of Uayma, known for its beautiful unique church, we continue our way to Valladolid and make a stopover.

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Fewer Tourist Counterparts In Major Cities

Since we can fly with budget airlines like Ryanair and Fewer Tourist, visitors are flooding well-known European towns. Add to that the increasing flow of Asian vacationers and you’ve got a town that’s bursting at the seams, particularly in the summer. This secretly takes some of the pleasure away from me, and that’s why I often try to find fewer tourist destinations for my trips. I think this applies to more individuals, and that’s why I gave an overview of fewer big city tourist siblings. Just as beautiful but much less busy!

Lisbon? Postage!

Lisbon’s popularity has risen explosively over the past few years. Logical, because Lisbon is a lovely town with lots of lovely sights. Moreover, the town obviously has a fantastic climate and, for instance, you can go on several pleasant day journeys from here to Sintra or Belém.

Yet my heart lies with Porto, northern Portugal’s wonderful town. Porto is (yet) comparatively silent and the atmosphere is amazingly relaxed. There are a few significant sights to wander around, so you’ve got extra time. Porto feels like a village, and I like that precisely.

Athens? Thessaloniki!

Athens is such a town that in your lives you must have seen. The origins of our civilization lie here, and the Acropolis is naturally bucket-worthy with the amazing Parthenon on it. Athens ‘ large disadvantage is that it feels like this to more individuals and it can be quite busy. Moreover, air pollution is a major problem in the Greek capital, so I didn’t wander around quietly. When I left my hotel, it smelled of smog literally. Not sound and not enjoyable.

Rome? Bologna!

Rome, one of Europe’s favorite towns. I was there for the first time 9 years ago, and the main sights were crowded in particular. I came back five years later and the crowds had grown tremendously. You had to stand in line at the Trevi Fountain in order to throw a coin.

Barcelona? Valencia!

Another beautiful town in my core that has a hot spot: Barcelona. I visited Barcelona for the fourth time last June and I’m not bored yet. Unfortunately, the town is flooded with visitors and this does not satisfy the inhabitants themselves. In reality, protests against the arrival of even more visitors have even been taking place recently, and the mayor has prohibited the construction of new hotels.

Krakow? Wroclaw!

Fewer Tourist

Vrotslow, Vrotslaf, Vrotslove, when I booked a plane ticket to Wroclaw, I didn’t even understand how to pronounce this city’s name. I came here by accident when my friend and I were looking for the cheapest ticket to a nation we’d never been to. Although we had never heard of Wroclaw from both of us, we decided to go.

Bruges? Ghent!

Bruges seems to be among Asian visitors a sort of holy grail. They come to this Belgian city in big numbers. Because Bruges has a tiny town center, it feels very full rapidly. I comprehend. I comprehend. Bruges is really lovely and it feels like you ended up in a fairy tale from Anton Pieck. Unfortunately, this romantic atmosphere is diminished by the crowds.

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The Most Beautiful Regions Of Slovenia

For me, Slovenia is one of Europe’s most diverse Beautiful Regions nations. It’s all there from elevated hills to flat farmland and from atmospheric cities to green primeval forests. I’ve been there twice in the meantime and I can’t wait until I can get back that way. I toured separate regions during my two country tours. I’ll demonstrate to you what I believe is Slovenia’s most lovely areas.

The unique Soča valley

Visitors to ask me regularly which region in Slovenia they definitely shouldn’t miss. An impossible option if you ask me, but I’m telling the Soča Valley if I really have to choose. Here the landscape is phenomenally lovely and I can look at the nature around me breathlessly for hours. The Soča river is similarly lovely with its emerald green color, the Julian Alps with its amazing snowy peaks and all around it. In this region was one of the most unique accommodations I’ve slept in the last few years. If you want to sleep in a distinctive place, take a look at Nebraska, which is also called Slovenia’s’ heaven.

Brda wine region

Perhaps the greatest surprise for me was the Brda wine region. Tuscany is in miniature here. There is also a good representation of the hilly landscape, the lengthy cypresses, and the charming villages. It’s bursting with vineyards, moreover. I believe Brda is Slovenia’s great component and maybe it’s my favorite region. Like me, you enjoy wine? Then choose to remain on a true farm for tourists. Here you sleep in or near a farm family’s home and you often get a glimpse of the kitchen. Therefore, in Brda’s situation, opportunities are you can look around the vineyard and do your own wine tasting. It’s really funny!

Traditional Bella Krajina

The traditional Bella Krajina is a totally distinct kind of Beautiful Regions in Slovenia. It can not match the Soča Valley or Brda in terms of natural beauty. No, Bella Krajina has to depend on her extremely sweet population and initial activities in particular. Furthermore, I believe visiting an area where hardly any visitors come is super great. We walked with a local SUP’pen (Stand Up Paddling) and hunted for local delicacies. If you have more time to spend in Slovenia, definitely suggested!

Unspoiled Kočevje

I don’t know how to pronounce Beautiful Regions Kočevje yet, but it doesn’t matter. The reality is that this part of Slovenia is lovely, undiscovered. Even so, enthusiasts of nature should not miss Kočevje. You will discover the country’s only primeval forests here. Strictly protected forests that you are not permitted to enter as an individual. Only through obviously specified limits can you walk past it. Here live wolves, bears and other wild animals, and the state intends to safeguard as well as possible these primeval forests. We set off with guide Petra Draškovič, strongly suggested for exploring these forests on your own.

Beautiful Regions

Water and mountains in Bohinj

I believe Lake Bohinj is Slovenia’s best-known region after Lake Bled. There’s no reason for this: Bohinj is lovely. In conjunction with the blue lake, the amazing mountains leave a profound  impression. You can go kayaking and kayaking on Lake Bohinj. In addition, in this region, you can walk very well and in excellent weather, there is a chance of paragliding. You shouldn’t actually leave paragliding if you have the opportunity. Viewing the hills and Lake Bohinj from above is so cool. If you come by vehicle, you must bear in mind that there is no free parking here. If you also book an overnight stay at Lake Bohinj, choosing a parking hotel like Hotel Jezero is an intelligent option.

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Holidays & festivals in Indonesia

Also reflected in countless thrilling and interesting activities, both religious and popular Holidays, that take place throughout the year, is the broad range of distinct cultures and traditions across the nation.

Chinese New Year, Jakarta Examples of this are the colorful religious.  The processions during Sekaten in Yogyakarta, Java, prior to the birth date of Prophet. Mohammad or the Tabot Festival in Bengkulu, Sumatra, a ceremony. Celebrate the role of Prophet Mohammed’s grandchildren. Hasan and Husein in spreading the faith. There’s also the thrilling simulated tribal wars in Papua’s Wamena Valley. The festival of full silence during’ Nyepi,’ all l


In the past, however, Indonesia is not living alone. There are also some famous rock and pop bands and singers in Indonesia like Nidji, Ungu, Slang, Peter Pan, Rossa, Agnes Monica, Kris Dayanti, Pasha, Ari Lasso, and many others. The beginning of the West Gregorian New Year is Indonesia’s domestic holiday. This day’s local name is Tahun Baru Masehi. In Indonesia, the Chinese New Year is known as Imlek Day. Some sections of the nation are celebrating this with great celebrations, like Singkawang in Kalimantan, Sukabumi, Semarang, and others. Chinese New Year is Indonesia’s domestic holiday.


Maulid Nabi falls into the Islamic calendar in the month of Rabi ‘al-Awwal and commemorates the birthday of the prophet Mohammed.


Good Friday is also known in Indonesia as Holidays Friday, Black Friday, or Great Friday. Christians in Indonesia, particularly in the Christian-dominated areas like Toba, Manado, Ambon, and Flores, observe the day. At Larantuka Flores, locally known as Semana Santa, a special commemoration of this religious day can be observed.


Labor Day is seen as a day off in most of the private sector.


Israel and Mi’raj are the two sections of a nightly journey that, according to Islamic tradition, Prophet Muhammad took during the night around 621. The celebrations around this day, commemorated in 27 Rajab according to the Islamic calendar, concentrate primarily on kids and youth. In a mosque, children hear the tale of Israel and Mi’raj.



Vibrant parties are taking place and formal ceremonies are also taking place at the president’s Merdeka Palace in Jakarta. Eid ul-Fitr (or Id-ul-Fitr Holidays) is the biggest and most significant Islamic holiday celebrating Ramadan’s completion, the Muslim month of fasting. Eid’ is the Arabic term for’ feast’ and’ Fitr’ means’ breaking the fast,’ so this vacation symbolizes breaking the quick period. In rural villages, particularly in Java and Sumatra, many Indonesians from the large towns retreat to their families during this festival


Eid al-Adha falls annually on the Islamic calendar’s 10th day of Dhul Hajj’s month. These days arrive about 70 days after Ramadan’s month-end.


The Islamic New Year is a cultural event that Muslims celebrate on the first day of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar.

Life Style

The jobs which are liable to lie

The jobs which are liable to lie – I have to admit: I lie. I say a lot. To start or stop any discussion – in two cases, to say that every day. Thousands of minor lies lie to protect others and their feelings from hurt, and above all. To make social and professional life easier.


We can understand if any of our colleagues lie at work. Everybody can not always be good all day, no one is happy every day, or one person can not be satisfied with the promotion of a colleague. But if someone is not concerned about mood if it is a lie, is it the inevitable condition of the job?


Workplace view of liars where liable to lie

In the workplace telling lye at work is negatively seen. If anyone has to resort to lies every time, then there will be questions about his competence. At the same time, in the beliefs and teamwork, the co-worker’s lies create problems.


But what is the case of those who are part of their profession, which are small lies? It is seen in the case of such occupation that the number of placards that can be trusted to tell lies lies in the face, the better.

For example

For example, a salesman or air hostage, people of these professions will smile a little bit of their product. Or if you are in a storm, the air hostage will never tell you without a smile.


An analysis of the data found in a new study found that, in some occupations. The survival will be sustained because of the good reason. Because there are some occupations where workers have to be called a little liar.


A marketing survey found that those who work with customers, say they do not want to buy products that the buyers want to cheat. 500 peoples are studying or working in sales or investment. They told, who are more likely to lie in their view.


Most respondents believe that they can show more hypocrisy or they can say they succeed. For example, 80 percent of respondents wanted to choose people who can lie for big marketing purposes. Again, for the sale of less or smaller things, 75 percent of the people have chosen to choose a decent person.

The jobs liable to lie

What is the main advantage of the lie?

It is normal to say a lie in some cases. Many philosophers can tell how much is hidden in nature. Professional Career Coachrao mentioned that when writing a job application, who did not increase the eligibility of two! And the employers know it well.


However, hold a flight attendant, Bartender or psychologist, they do not give any bad news directly to anyone. The main purpose of what he says is to make sure the questioner is not injured.


Sweet laughs liable to lie

There are some lies that do not harm us, but this is not true either. The survey found that employees have a belief that they can not implement the proposals, and see if colleagues are not able to put them on them.


Again a bad report is actually oncologist or tumor or cancer doctor will tell you not to do it, it is a good report.


What is the reason for social lies?

The main purpose of seeking such social lies or deceit is to help others. One of the reasons behind this is that there is a cultural influence in society in the society. People from different stages and places of the society have often lied about keeping a peace environment in order to keep peace.


As one study found, the large part of the participants who came from South Korea and Greece are more liars. This is because they have come from a collective society, that is why they have to conform to many people.


Again, more than a single family is more hidden in a society such as people from Germany and Australia. Again, many psychologists say that those who have different eyesight, or those whose imaginations are very strong, have a habit of lying. But he is not a serious crime in lieu. Source: BBC.