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Non-stick frying pan feared fearsome danger

Non-stick frying pan – Bengalis and fried vegetables are allergic, it is difficult to think. Cholesterol is exposed to danger, but the fatigues in Bengali are showing the old finger to him.


The non-stick trunk hanging in the kitchen itself does not know how many times the drafaraf will be in the day.


The hygiene conscious Bengali thinks that non-stick frying pans will be of great help as the oil will be eaten less. But what is the consequence of eating this non-stick gram is probably not our idea. Experts are watching the cloud in our house at Sirindura.


According to the researchers, non-stick utensils were made by the ‘Perfalvoarual Compound (PFC)’. They have identified this compound as the reason for fear.


The US Environment has already identified this compound as ‘carcinogenic’. That is, the use of these compounds increases the risk of death of cancer like cancer. Not only cancer, doctors believe that thyroid, infertility, is also the cause of this PFC. Although nonstick coatings are made, they claim that this compound has not been used for the last ten years.

Non-stick frying pan feared

This is not the end here. Researchers have drawn attention to another danger in a research paper published in ‘Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism’. They report that this danger is coming from non-stick fries pan. They run a survey on 383 students of Italian High School in Italy.


Of these, 212 people have been tested for blood tests, where PFC men are harmful to male hormones. This changed their genital shape. Their reproductive powers have also been affected. Not only the non-stick fries pan, this danger can also happen from the fast food wrapper.


The non-stick fries pan is used all over the world right now. If such a disaster is born from such a habit, then where will it stand? Researchers are skeptical. But there is also easy diagnosis.


To avoid danger, you have to go back to the old habit. Stencils Steel back in the house Ceramic or cast iron can also be used. Pure habit to remain healthy today.


According to the doctors, non-stick is not an excuse for eating low oil, but instead of cooking oil, oil, iron or ceramic food, take a little oil. The body will be healthy in it.