Brain-Computer Interface | How is computer control possible by human brain?

If you were to imagine the future of technology, what kind of images would come to your head? – Changing the TV channel without doing anything (not even remotely)? Play computer games with the help of the mind? Or display the gameplay directly in the head without playing the game on the monitor? Moving into the world of computer games? People’s minds fall? Your imagination seen on a computer screen? – While all these thoughts are insane, it is possible to make them busy with Brain – Computer Interfaces or BCI technology.

Modern computers are getting more and more sophisticated as they try to understand the human brain. And as a result. we can turn our imagination science fiction into a busy one. In this article, I will know how BCI works and discuss the feasibility of this technology. so let’s get started…

Brain’s electric signal

Why do we compare the human brain and computer and why we want to connect two or more? See computer is an electronic device made of plastic, transistors, IC, etc… but the human brain is a living thing. That is, made up of billions of tiny tiny cells called neurons. each nerve cell is connected by dendrites and axons.

Computers and the brain are completely different things. But Brain’s working style is very much like a computer’s. When we talk, act, think, or do anything – neurons work to complete the data. And while doing this, the neuron generates an electric signal that is shared from neuron to neuron. And, you know, electronics also works on electric signals. It is possible to connect the brain to the computer or the computer to the brain, based on this electric signal. Artificial neural networks and mind uploading technology work on this concept.

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However, the electrical signals created by the brain can be read by scientists. that is, the various types of signals that are produced in our brain during different tasks, the scientists can capture that signal and understand what is produced for a task. For example. if you see red or green colors in front of your eyes. now the optic nerve will send a kind of electric signal to your brain.

And the data is zipped between those signals, exactly what color your eyes saw. Now if you can read that signal and send the same signal directly from the camera and send it directly to the brain, your brain will see the same color. thus making it possible for the camera to make the signal back to the blind. Because no matter how blind the eyes of the blind, their ability to recognize the signals in the brain is lost.

Brain-computer interface

Brain-computer interface is a direct connection between the computer and the human brain. This is one of the most recent developments in the Human-Computer Interface or HCI. Mouse, keyboard or other input device is used to provide some input to the computer. but it is possible to input the computer directly from the brain at BCI. You don’t have to write anything, just bring it to the head, and everything on the screen will be typed. even with the mouse, you can move the mouse cursor. BCI has thousands of possibilities and applications. Everything possible between humans and computers can be done by upgrading this technology.

Think about Next Generation Gaming, where you don’t have to game from any keyboard or console. The head may have a wireless chip attached to it. and it will be connected directly to the computer. controlling the game from the direct brain. Think again about patients with disabilities who don’t hear. or don’t see. They can create and send electronic signals directly from the camera and mic to the brain for viewing and listening to them – tell us what could be greater discovery on the human-computer interface?

Moreover, more details about the brain’s activities and neural network will be revealed through BCI, which will enable further improvements and accuracy in artificial neural networks and mind-uploading technologies. Conona can make the computer more like we know the human brain.

Think about it, a social media post where you can post your photos, your memories, memories, and photos after uploading photos and others will feel the same way. In this way, as we begin to understand the brain more and more. the application can be improved. The BCI application system works on a complete brain operation. The input and output of BCI are discussed below.

BCI Input / Output

The basic idea of ​​making this technology work properly has left many researchers in trouble because our brain is not such a simple thing, it contains cortical neurons and generates cortical signals all the time.

The human brain works in the most complex manner. To read the signal from the brain, it is necessary to put something on the head that captures the signals and sends them to the computer. For this purpose, electrodes are used. the device name is Electroencephalograph. And it needs to be applied to the skin of the head. The electrodes can read the electrical signals in the brain, but the problem is that many weak signals come from the brain and most of the signals block the skull.

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Therefore, to get better signal quality. the researchers burst the skull and plant the electrode directly on the gill. [Click here to view the real picture of the electrode planted on the brain (1) (Figure 1 | Image 2). Poor: Pictures of weak-hearted people will be recommanded] By installing electrodes directly on the brain’s surface. the signal quality is much better than ever.

By the way, it is not a matter of having four electrodes placed on the very top floor of the gill with a burst of skull. which requires huge surgery. Once successful surgery is possible. the electrodes begin to capture the electrical signals from the brain since the signals are very weak so the signals are filtered and amplified to work properly. The pattern of these electronic signals is saved through a computer program. just like the audio waveform to see these signal patterns.

The signals are first read in a brain for some purpose, and then the actual reverse signals are generated from the BCI program on the computer and then planted in the neuron of the brain. Suppose your eyes are looking at some object. it must have some kind of signal approaching the brain. understanding the pattern of that signal. after taking a picture from the camera can be made to the same signal and planted in a neuron. but of course, the brain can see it. the visual image will be created in the brain.


Brain-computer interface As I said earlier. the possibility of BCI is not over. A lot of your imagination can be shaped into reality. However, after reading a lot of articles in this regard. I found that this technology is mainly being developed to help the handicapped, although there is much more that can be done. Yet there can be no greater purpose than this. With the camera, it is possible to give back sight energy to the blind. Moreover, this technology will be a blessing for those who have lost their hands or feet due to various accidents. They can be fitted with robotic hands and feet. which will work by receiving signals from the brain. but those whose robotic organs are implanted will need practice to function properly.

Besides, it would also be possible to move a computer cursor by thinking of moving an object in the brain, everything will become mind control. Moreover. it is possible to read the brain in more detail, maybe using the Mind to type something. and there will be the benefit of changing the TV channel without doing anything. It is important to note that once all the processes are done properly, there is no limit to the possibility of a brain-computer interface.

How far are we from BCI?

Having understood all the basics about the brain-computer interface by now, the most important question is now; Brain-computer interface How far is it before our eyesight technology? See the brain-computer interface is no longer science fiction, it’s living science! But it has not yet been possible to make the BCI perfect.

See, our brain is not that simple. our complex is more complex than any other complex machine in the world; It contains billions of neurons that continuously send and receive electric signals with each other. and the electrode has not yet been able to capture the signals so precisely. Moreover, not only the electrical signals in the brain but also the chemical matter there, it is impossible to capture by electrodes.

Moreover, a lot of weaker signals come from the brain. which is like capturing a story with someone standing ten feet away in the fish market. And the biggest problem is that the cable is still used on the Brain-Computer interface. as well as the size of computers. if the portable and wireless technology can be integrated here, then this technology will expand. But I’m sure we can.

The last word

Where it talks about something so extraordinary, it does not intend to pull it off. Even then, the article has to be very long because of this. So what do you think about such amazing technology? -What is the possibility? Can it be improved at all? – Tell us everything below.


Smartphone Technology

The time of smartphone removable batteries is over

From the very beginning, Apple chose not to remove the batteries in the smartphone. On the other side, there were quite a few Android phones with removable batteries. However, this has reduced significantly in the latest years and it actually results in some budget models still being available, from which you can remove the batteries. While removing the batteries from your phone can be extremely helpful, more and more smartphone manufacturers are choosing to seal the batteries in the phones. This is why.

Removing the battery easily has many advantages

Removable batteries have many user benefits. For example, if the old one is broken, you can simply buy a new battery and replace it on your own. You don’t have to be hard at repairing and your warranty won’t expire because you began settling in your machine. Another advantage is that if your battery runs out and you can’t charge anywhere, you can always have an additional battery in your pocket. When your battery begins to operate less well, you are not willing to purchase a fresh phone instantly.

Removable batteries take up more space

A removable battery has a number of disadvantages for smartphone manufacturers. First, if batteries also need to be removable, they take up more room. To protect the battery, an extra layer is required and the device’s limited space can not be used optimally.


We see batteries appearing in all types of shapes nowadays, so they can be just a little bigger for additional battery capacity. For instance, the iPhone X has an L-shaped battery and the LG G2, for instance, comes with a battery that is optimized to fit into the device’s curved edges. For a removable battery, which should be just rectangular, the individual forms are not optimal.

Less resistant to water and dust

Secondly, if you want a watertight device, removable batteries are also difficult. If in order to reach the battery, the back has to be easy to remove, it can not be sealed as well as if it is closed. In addition to water, the additional openings can cause dust to enter, which can harm your device at any moment.

No premium materials

When you want to create a device with premium materials, removable batteries are also a barrier. At the back, a lot of glass is used nowadays, so it is feasible to charge wirelessly. However, it’s simpler to use plastic for this if you want the back to come off readily. However, the smartphone manufacturer got quite a lot of criticism about the material when Samsung gave the Galaxy S5 and Note 4 a plastic back to readily access the battery.

The appliances would not go with the metal and glass enclosures time and would not be sufficiently premium. Naturally, using glass and metal in conjunction with a removable battery is not impossible. The LG G5 is a case in point. However, LG decided to lock the LG G6 battery.

It is over

Therefore, it is quite logical for smartphone manufacturers to choose to simply secure batteries in their phones. The more consumers can access the pieces, the more things can go wrong and break down. If you’re a fan of removable batteries, you’ll need to search more and more in the future to locate a phone. Unfortunately, all significant flagships have already turned to batteries that are not removable.

Smartphone Technology Tips & Tricks

Unveiled Samsung Galaxy S9 chipset follows iPhone X

As we understand, some Samsung Galaxy S9 phones.  Chipset but we get Samsung’s own Exynos 9810 processor here in the USA. Samsung recently announced a little more about its fresh chipset and plans to be something. The chipset enables advanced features.  Among other things.

3D hybrid face detection

In the lecture on the Exynos 9810, Samsung lets the processor know which characteristics will be feasible. For instance, the Exynos 9810 would make it possible to correctly recognize individuals or objects on pictures, for instance, to conduct searches or categorize pictures rapidly. It would also be feasible to use 3D hybrid face detection through hardware and software. This would allow realistic filters that fit completely over your face and also boost device safety. In principle, Samsung tells us in other words that a TrueDepth camera with Face ID is feasible and that items like animojis can be programmed.

Face ID ready for Galaxy S9?

The issue is whether the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + will see this. The system may not be prepared for these appliances. But it could benefit the Galaxy Note 9. It doesn’t necessarily imply certain things. Are feasible that they are performed instantly. Moreover, the characteristics of all the same model machines must, of course, be prepared to do the same stuff as well. Therefore, it is also necessary to look at what the Snapdragon 845 can do, so there is no difference between a Snapdragon Galaxy S9 or an Exynos chipset. But generally, the Snapdragons from Qualcomm are okay.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Exynos 9810: more efficient and faster

In addition, the new Exynos is built on the 10 nm FinFET. Method of Samsung’s second generation, which should make sure the chip is much more effective than its predecessor. According to Samsung, compared to the Galaxy S8 smartphones, at least the efficiency of the S9 phones would have enhanced significantly. Single-core performance would be twice as high and multi-core performance would be 40% better. Furthermore, 1.2Gbps LTE speeds would be feasible, which also matches the efficiency of the latest X20 LTE modem from Qualcomm.

Separate unit for delicate data

The processor is fitted with a unique distinct unit for processing and storing delicate data, such as face scans and fingerprint data, to improve safety. There is also a special section dealing with the processing of images. We can also start with a fresh image codec for multi-format (MFC), which should operate quicker and more effectively. Also, the MFC format makes pictures possible with 1.07 billion colors, which should produce beautiful graphics.

We’ll have to see how all this translates into a true working machine, of course. Luckily we just have to wait for a little over a month. Then, during MWC 2018, the Galaxy S9 and S9 + will be disclosed.

Technology Tips & Tricks

Variants of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + leaked through the Chinese social media platform

As the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + unveiling methods, more and more posts are beginning to emerge about possible device requirements. A lot of emails seem to have come from Weibo and a fresh report, leaked through the Chinese social media site, would indicate precisely which smartphone RAM and storage variants we can expect this year.

Galaxy S9 gets stuck on 4GB RAM

We take the message with a grain of salt as usual, but there might also be some truth in it, of course. If the data is right, it appears that for the Galaxy S9, Samsung has gone for some more fundamental variants. This would occur in a 4 GB RAM version and 64 GB storage room or a 4 GB RAM variant combined with 128 GB storage space. If you’re going to the S9, you’re still stuck on 4 GB RAM. That’s a bit of a shame because this year we secretly hoped for a boost from working memory to 6 GB.

Three storage options for the Galaxy S9 +

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ seems to be your only option for now if you want a 6 GB RAM Galaxy phone. According to the Chinese report, the larger brother would come with 6 GB of memory and no less than three storage room choices. You can choose from a 64 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB storage room Galaxy S9+. In any case, this is an extension compared to the Galaxy S8+, which came with a storage space of 4 GB RAM and 64 GB or 6 GB RAM and 128 GB. As we see, for the plus version, there is no longer a 4 GB RAM version available, but there is also no boost to working memory for, for example, 8 GB RAM.

How expensive?

The report also shows that Samsung is taking into account the demand for certain features and will therefore not for the time being develop a Galaxy S9 + with 512 GB of storage room. Apparently, that’s not waiting for anyone? Unfortunately, the report does not mention the cost of the various models. The versions of the Galaxy S9 + will, of course, be more costly than the conventional instruments of the Galaxy S9, but how much more costly is still unknown.


Google maps react native

Google added new features to Google Maps in Bangladesh

Google has introduced a number of new features in the Google Map for riders in Bangladesh. The new action was inaugurated at a ceremony at the Lakeshore Hotel in the capital Gulshan on Tuesday.

At this event State Minister for ICT Division Junaid Ahmed Palak was present as the chief guest. Also present on the occasion was Chris Vitaldevara, director of product management for Google Maps. Also Google Maps Senior Program Manager (South Asia) Online Ghosh; Vicky Russell. Also Google’s Business and Operations Lead, and Jessica Byrne, Google’s Business Development and Operations.

Speaking on the occasion, State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Polak said, “We have already been able to make significant progress in the implementation of digital Bangladesh.” Due to the development of our IT sector and the growing growth in this sector. Bangladesh is being regarded as the leader in the IT sector all over the world.

Bangladesh Government has been working relentlessly to create an ecosystem suitable for the development of the IT sector. As a result, domestic and foreign investment in the IT sector has increased significantly.

He said Millions of citizens across the country are now choosing to find destinations, get directions and avoid traffic, a service like Google Maps. This service has already become an integral part of our daily lives.

Technical excellence is reaching by Google

Polok said, “I applaud Google’s relentless effort to map Bangladesh,”. With the introduction of a special motorcycle mode in Google Maps for voice communication services in our native language. Also connecting security systems and developing the country’s Ride-Sharing sector. The benefits of technical excellence are reaching the hands of everyone in the socioeconomic position.


Junaid Ahmed Polak expressed hope that the government and Google will work together. They will develop various services capable of adding a new dimension to the development process of Bangladesh.


Riders will not only know the approximate travel time from now on. They also get the best bike paths. In addition, Google Maps users will be able to hear voice navigation or guidance in Bangla.


Since ride-sharing is so popular now, every traveler will be able to confirm their destination by double-checking. That route is best and can share it with family and friends.


Audible alerts are available to ensure the safety of passengers only when the route is 1.5 km out of the selected route or route.


Director of product management at Google Maps Chris Vitaldevara said. We are committed to providing the best possible experience for the local people on demand.


And so related features like Bangla voice navigation and feature commuter safety to reach and share the destination with the appropriate route. This will make it easier for commuters to travel all over Bangladesh.


Google Maps has introduced a new navigation mode for motorcycle riders. Motorcycle riders also have some specific needs. Motorcycle riders will be able to reach the destination through the narrow lanes of the car with the new features of Google Maps.

Highways in which two-wheeled traffic is prohibited

There are many roads or highways in which two-wheeled traffic does not allow. Because there are many differences in the speed of cars and motorcycles in those streets. Google Maps will also instruct you not to take these roads.


Previously, motorcycle riders calculated the approximate time to arrive at the destination, with a combined probability of walking and driving the car.


But now, with the new machine learning feature of Google Maps. The ride will be more accurate for motorcycle riders, which will have an impact on the speed and route of the motorcycle.


Note that by using the new version of Google Maps all android users in Bangladesh. They will be able to enjoy all the new features. Google Maps said in a news release.



Cyber ​​criminals use technology that hacks accounts

The current cybercriminals are using technology to violate the secrecy of users and also get new technologies and results.

In the year 2017, two billion saved data was merged with cybercriminals. In the first half of 2014, cybercriminals attacked more than 4.5 billion social accounts.

According to the World Economic Forum report, there are cybersecurity issues that increase the trend of growth in the cyber world of 2020 as well as in the year 2019.

Advanced Phishing kits

With this kit, four new malware samples are creating every second. Considering the speeding of phishing at its speed, it is considered as the most successful attacker. Most of the phishing sites are active online for only four to five hours.

Only 17% of users know about the phishing attack to the senior authority. The name ‘phishing’ is a nominal risk name for most users. As a result, today only 65 percent of URLs are trustful.

Remote Access Attack

Remote access attacks are increasing every moment in the development of technology. In 2011, the main type of remote access attack was cryptogenizing, which is the target of cryptoconcenary owners. Cybercriminals hit Smart Home Appliances by remote access.

The primary attack of hackers is on computers, smartphones, Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, and network-connected storage (NAS) devices. Because the common ports of these tools are open and data inputs require external networks.


Smartphone Attack

Smartphones fall prey to the most common attacks because they are not aware of browsing (phishing, spy-fishing, malware) or security concerns. According to RSA, 60 percent of frauds have occurred using mobile platforms. 80 percent of mobile handsets are using instead of mobile applications.


Craft President Jennifer Alam said that most people use smart mobile to manage their financial activities. Altho use their home network to exchange sensitive information, which is a special threat to personal safety.

Users also usually store all their data on their phones and use two-factor authentication on the smartphone for security. This is not a safe way, because if you lose your device, your personal information is in danger.

There is also a special threat nowadays IOT or Internet of Things. Cybercriminals can attack technology Using the Dark Web

Only the awareness and alertness are yours, my, the only tool to protect everyone. Be aware of cybercriminals.



Finally, many wanted S-400s in Turkey

S-400s – In spite of the opposition to the United States, Turkey finally reached the Russian-made missile defense system S-400. The country’s defense ministry said they found the first shipment of this missile defense system.


Its first operation came to the capital, Ankara, on a military base. As a result, the US dispute with NATO member Turkey is expected to increase further.


The Turkish Defense Ministry said in a statement Friday. He said, the first phase of the equipment of this sky defense system came to the outer Muruted airport base in Ankara. In the next few days, more of its shipment will arrive. The missile system will then be ready for use.


Al jazeera’s representative from Istanbul said that since October this year, the missile defense system will start working full-time.


Turkey is the first country to be made as the first country in Turkey. The United States has been strongly opposed to Turkey’s agreement with Russia for the past two years. But Rajab Tayeb Erdugan’s country did not follow.


The United States-led NATO alliance does not like the Russians to buy this latest weapon. That’s why the United States’s new tension has started with Turkey. The United States announced that they will impose sanctions on Turkey if they buy these weapons from Russia. But the Turkey will be able to prevent the threat.


Why the S400 missile system in discussion

In recent times, the world more discussing about the S-400s missile defense system. This Russian-made weapon is the latest version of the missile system. Many countries have expressed interest in purchasing this new weapon, including those who are also ally of the United States. That’s because of the angry Washington. The US-Russia equation is being created in the international arena, so that the weapon is being built.


Russia is one of the leading countries in the world to create arms. After the oil, the country’s second largest source of arms sold. The new S-400s missile defense system is a ‘product’ discussing in the Russian arms industry. After the innovation, the multifaceted missile defense system has developed the multifaceted missile defense system.

S-400s in Turkey

Several countries, including China, Saudi Arabia, India, Qatar, have already expressed interest to buy Russia’s weapon. Turkey has already signed a deal with Russia about it. They face the strong opposition of the United States.


But what’s the S-400s missile defense system – which is why it is so important to everyone? Experts have said that this weapon has created so much discussion for two reasons – it is technically the latest, two. Now it has become a threat between long-term alliances of many countries.


S-400s is the most advanced sky defense

“The S400 is the most advanced sky defense, far ahead of what the West has made,” said Simon Wazeman, researcher at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. It has a lot of radar, missile or other sensors. Its radar can monitor the area up to 600 kilometers. Its missile range is up to 400 kilometers. It is also very accurate in determining targets. ‘


Another thing is that this weapon can configure, prepare and fire in just minutes. It is easy to carried from one place to another


Kevin Brand, the military analyst at the Council on Foreign Relations, said, “This missile system is very rich in one and the other. With this, it is possible to throw away the long-range rockets of the medium-sized, low-level rockets. It will depend on user’s wishes’.


The expert said, ‘The biggest advantage is that it can take from one place to another on the road. This is just like most countries want’. At the same time, he warned that this weapon might lead the world into a dangerous situation. One of the reasons is that the US allies are now risking Russia’s weapon. Washington does not like that


The S-400s can hit 36 ​​targets at the same time and can carry 72 rockets at the same time. There is a war control post in the sky defense missile system. It have three co-ordinator jam-resistant periodic array radars, aerial targets, eight aircraft defense missile complexes,(12 transporter-launchers, a multi-functional four illumination and detection radar). It is also a technical support system, a missile transport vehicle and the same as the training system.



Five G network increases the risk of cancer

Some UK cities have recently launched Five G network for mobile. Now the question is how far the 3G network is harmful to health. There are already five G networks in the world. These countries include South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and parts of America.

In the next few years, many more countries will have five G-Networks. So why are you so anxious about five g? Is there any evidence that the Five G network is good for health?

Like the old mobile phone network

Like the old mobile phone network, the Five G network also depends on radio waves signal. The electromagnetic spectrum flows between the antenna and the mobile phone set.

We are always living in electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic spectrum spread through television and radio signals, mobile phones and other devices.

Even the sunlight contains electromagnetic spectrum. Many high frequencies are used in the Five G mobile network. Through this, many mobile phones can be used at a faster speed at the same time. The wave in the fifth network is not too far in the urban areas.

To transmit this wave, more transmitters have to be used and their location is close to the ground.

Five G network

Where’s the concern?

There are concerns that some types of cancer may be due to the use of electromagnetic radiation in mobile phone technology. In 2014, the World Health Organization said that the use of mobile phones has not proven a negative impact on health.

Although the World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer jointly classify all types of radiofrequency radiation, there is a possible risk of cancer through it.

Radiofrequency is a part of the mobile phone signal. The reason for the classification of radiofrequency radiation is that this can be caused by human radiation by radiation – there is no complete evidence. There are equal risks in the use of synthetically treated vegetables and talcum powder.

In a report published in the US Department of Health in 2018, the male rats who reached contact with high-frequency radiofrequency radiation have cancer in their heart.

For the research, some mice are keeping in touch with the radiation of the high-end mobile phone network for nine years every two years. It was done before their birth.

In this case, there was no relationship between cancer of the female rats and radiation. Studies have shown that the rats that came in contact with radiation were much longer than other rats.

But a senior scientist said that the radiation is using in this study can not directly comparable to the type of radiation that comes with the use of mobile phones.

A group of scientists and doctors sent a letter to the European Union to stop the 3G shutdown.

Where is the exception of five G?

Cancer researcher David Robert Grimes said that the type of radio waveband is using for mobile phone networks, which is not strong enough to break the body’s DNA and destroy the cells.

The higher the amount of electromagnetic spectrum used in the mobile phone network, the greater the risk. Sun’s ultra-violet rays are included in the harmful parts. This can lead to skin cancer.

What is the radiation level for the treatment of pricing for the treatment of the same? Radiation of radiation or radiation of the X-ray machine can cause body damage.

Researcher said. Grimes said there was no evidence that health-risk is creating with mobile phones and wireless networks.

There are concerns about the five G transmitter?

There will be a lot of new stations in order to start the Five G. technology. There are many new towers for sending and receiving mobile phone signals. Since there are already transmitters for old mobile networks that can run less power than 3G technology, there will be fewer radiation levels than the five g antennae.

According to international guidelines, a portion of five G-network is including in the microwave band. The microwave produces heat in various materials so that it can be easily transported.

The microwave band used for the Five G-network is not harmful, says Professor Rodney Croft. He said that the radio frequency of the five G mobile network is so small that the temperature does not increase. Source: BBC